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July 6, 2011

Event #234a: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Then after Bob’s travel event of the evening, I made these notes from a phone conversation we had about it afterwards. We had both wondered if it might be possible for Bob to bring a wolf puppy here, and he had somehow imparted this question to Nuttah:

“It was very humiliating. They seemed to react like I was asking for a pet ‘human’, or worse. That was clear from everybody involved.” Bob stated dejectedly.

“Oh. I guess that was an improper question. Why does she ignore Stupey [our one female dog]? She never gets to go, and she always brings the other 2.” I asked Bob.

Does Stupey not look like a DOG?

“I don’t know if they know she’s a dog!” was Bob’s humorous response. Stupey is the least ‘wolf-like’ of the three dogs we have. Her ears hang instead of standing up, her hair is short, she’s brown, and her build is more like a… well, not a dog. Of course many of our breeds today don’t look like wolves, and maybe they DON’T know that Stupe is a dog!

“Oh, and there it’s the same year as our year” Bob stated. “There were no incursions by Europeans. Things did not develop in this ‘parallel universe’ the way things did here [in ours].” Bob continued.

“You mean in their time-line they [the Europeans] never came?” I wondered.

“No. There are probably many outcomes that are being played out, not just theirs and ours. And it’s the same year as our year here. They are in the present. But whatever time it is really is irrelevant.” Bob tried to explain.

” The sound is different too, everything is so clear sounding. And I have clear vision too; I don’t have the same vision problems that I have when I am here.” Bob continued.

“And regarding the plants, Nuttah says: ‘tell An’na to pay attention, give more attention to all of it – all the medicinal plants. Learn what you can’, she says.” Bob told me.

On Monday, July 4th, Bob walked out to our shed, and he told me later that he had a sense of walking through something and had this concept of everyone standing around looking at the long-house, like I was ‘walking into a scene’.

July 6, 2011

Event #234: Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bob wrote this email on July 6th, 7:20 pm:

Their fields are WAY ahead of our stupey garden. Corn is at least 4 maybe 5 feet tall. Beans are wrapped around almost to top of corn. Squash is much larger, all around the plants. DUPS have GROWN. Almost Waffle size! Great noses! Got to play with them again by the field. Got humiliated by “asking to have a puppy”. I guess I should have known this. They are not “pets”, it is insulting to think you can possess them. They are revered, I should feel honored and I (her Father) did feel honored that THEY chose him to befriend. I tried to explain that I do feel that way, I do actually. They don’t understand that our Dups are pets, they see them as having chosen us, not the other way around, the Whoosh brothers explained this.

One of the long houses is being rebuilt, just saw that in passing on way to field, sweat lodge has been redone too. You need to find out more about all the plants that have been left, they MAY be needed. Same with our stupey garden.
I was asked “to stay with us” again, first time in awhile. I said, maybe in time and only if Nuttah can get An’na here too. I got a very frustrated response, but very clear, Nkwhechi or ey, that is phonetic, but it is something like I’m trying or I try, I remember that word, which is unusual, but there was so much passion and emotion in her when she said it, it imprinted on me. She is extremely frustrated. If it ever happens you may not come back. I shouldn’t say that, might make you more resistant, but that is just me thinking that if Nuttah is ever able to get you tuned in she may just, out of desperation, keep you there. Not her thought, mine. History class may start again, we’ll see, that is my call. They are playing on my pride (they don’t know I have none). Geez, I just reread this, something I don’t normally do, do you think I’m fucking nuts?!
That was it, gone in a whoosh. Back in a flash, at least I’m still on the deck.

I later looked up the word that Bob had heard, that he said he was spelling phonetically, but he got it really close. It is “nkwëchi”, and means “I try”. [Hear it].

June 30, 2011

Event #232: Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob wrote this email on Thurs., June 30th, 8:45 am:

I know now why I didn’t see two pups last time I went to see Nuttah and family. The pups have pups! 3 to be exact, at least that is what I saw. They are duppies. Nosing about just upstream of the “village”. They are beyond cute, unbelievable.  Mom pup is extremely attentive. Could only see them by torch light, really soft gray/black puppy fur. I wanted to bring them home (Joe T. Cat replacement)! It was so cool to see them and to see that mom was okay, I had been concerned. I could see the fires burning outside the long houses and I could see silhouettes of several small huts in front of the fires, a very serene feeling looking at the whole scene. It was quieter than even what I have seen in the past, I think because the water was lower and the riffles were softer. Amazing how different it is at our place just regarding noise levels. It was fun, that is the first time I can say that, being at her place. All the other times it was overwhelming. I think because of the pups and knowing mom dup was ok.  DUPS. They were so funny to watch. Crashing about. Anyway, it was all there was to it, Nuttah played with the pups, she is the only one that Mom will let near them, and me I guess, but I don’t know quite how I manifest to them. Btw, Nuttah had her hair up and back, never saw that before and she was wearing different clothing, almost like cloth, but not quite, not much of it either. Maybe plant material? I don’t know. I guess because it was cooler. Never saw anything like it.

Me: Wow, the dups had pups! That is so cool. Also, that you got to go there — how old do you think they are? And where in the camp do they keep all the pups? Were you able to touch them or just observe them? What were you wearing? And what time was this? Were you awake when you came back or was this more like a dream one? I was writing up the latest entry about the flower sprigs last night, but I ran out of steam, so it didn’t get posted. I know I proposed an idea that perhaps I was being ‘trained’, or she hoped to train me in the use of medicinal plants. Knowledge I may have to use at some point. Wonder why the characters moved upstairs.

Bob: I was able to play with them. I was wearing a longish hide cloth type thing, no top. Very tan skin too. The pups do not stay in camp. They have their den somewhere else. No idea where. Dups. Time was around 10 something, I believe. I was awake. Same sort of thing as on the deck, just there I am. I wouldn’t forget about the medicinal thing. Dups. More noses!

June 24, 2011

Event #230a: June 24, 2011


I made a discovery about the latest flower sprigs that appeared on June 23rd. I had hoped to find some time to page through my flower books , and  I am going with “Indian Hemp”. It is a member of a family of plants called Dogbane, loosely related to Milkweed. And of course, once I made a positive ID, I then went on the internet to see if I could find Native American uses for the plant. And guess what they used it for? Fiber. Indian Hemp has a fibrous stem that can be cultivated and twisted into fiber: “The tough, fibrous bark of the stalks of Black Indian Hemp was employed by the Indians as a substitute for hemp in making twine, fishing nets, etc.”

The Indian Hemp plant growing in the "wild"; credit ""

I even found a site that described how to do this, an article called “Making Cordage from Natural Fibers“. On a later search, I found an even better one. In fact, using this site, I could go out this fall and actually start making some cord, if I see the plant.  Bob said that the last time he ‘went there’, she was wearing something made of fiber this time, not from buck-skin as she has always been on previous visits. I asked what this fiber was like, “Burlap?”, I wondered. No, it was a finer weave, stated Bob. The question remains though, why leave me a sprig of this plant? The medicinal value of Indian Hemp (Apocynum cannabinum L.) seems to be secondary to its value as a fiber, in fact some sites say that it is poisonous. Uses I could find were to slow the heart rate, stimulate circulation and a diuretic. In large doses it can cause cardiac arrest (a risk to livestock that might chew the plant on the edge of farm-fields).

“It is used to treat congestive heart failure as it contains cardio- active glycosides This herb doesn’t have an edge over digitalis and hence is not advisable to be used by any human.”