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February 5, 2017

The Annual Ceremony Commemorating the “Big Event”

A sample of a Native American "Medicine Wheel", and its symbology

A sample of a Native American “Medicine Wheel”, and its symbology

It didn’t dawn on me until a couple of days after my latest post about the arrangement of laundry on the bed, that it was probably a ceremonial event. If you have read this blog from the beginning, then you know that most of the first 3 years of it (2010 -2013) were leading up to an event that occurred in January of 2013. And then in subsequent January’s after that event, there was usually some kind of ‘acknowledgement’ of that event, in the form of a celebration or ceremony. I am learning that ceremony was critical and essential to the Native American way of life.
So since we believe that the key event happened on January 3, 2013 or thereabouts, I should not have been surprised that on January 6th of THIS year, 2017, there was a visit from Nuttah and that she left a sign. I think the clothing on the bed the night we came home on Jan. 6 was a symbol; the ‘Healing Circle’, ‘Ceremonial Circle’ or the ‘Medicine Wheel’. Is it too much of a stretch that I think the clothing arrangement has the ring (so to speak) of a Medicine Wheel? I don’t know, maybe so, but I think no coincidence.

The rotated and manipulated (more or less flattened) picture of the laundry arranged on the bed

A 'live" version of a healing circle or medicine wheel. Was the clothing on the bed supposed to indicate one?

A ‘live” version of a healing circle or medicine wheel. Was the clothing on the bed supposed to indicate one?  From the site:

Here is a little bit of the history starting with this post from Christmas Day of 2012:

Then shortly after the strategy post, there was this one called “The Day it Happened”. This was dated 1/3/13:

Here’s an excerpt from that day:

“It has taken me weeks to figure out how to properly portray this scene, because it was easily the most significant, most terrifying and most life-changing of anything that has happened thus far, and that is saying a lot. Suffice it to say, Niko is alive and still with us. Bob returned unscathed as well, thankfully, as it was not lost on me that if Niko might not survive the venture, it was possible Bob might not either. But they are both back. There were only two minor injuries amongst the strategizers; neither was Bob or Niko, it was the two other braves/warriors that were helping them. The one Bob calls the “buddy”, the “evil one”, who is the leader of the Central American marauders was “taken out” as it were.” He is gone. Done. Annihilated.

And here, from January of 2014, a year AFTER the “EVENT”:

And then on January 6th of 2016, 1 year ago:

As a side note, I think the only reason that 2015 is missing, is because that falls in the period of “lost months”, about 18 of them, when I kept track of events, but couldn’t find the time to form them into posts.

Here is a description of the meaning of a Native American “Medicine Wheel”:

2017-01-sacred-number-4“All Medicine Wheels are tools for teaching people about their place in the Universe and their relationship to all things created by the “Sacred Mystery”.
And this quote from” Most of [the] festivals and celebrations had symbolical or direct allusions to the four points of the compass. The ceremony of smoking, without which no treaty could be commenced or ratified, was usually begun by the chief of the tribe exhaling tobacco-smoke toward the four quarters of the earth. Among some tribes other points were also recognized, as, for example, one in the sky and one in the earth. All these points had their symbolical colours, and were presided over by various animal or other divinities. Thus the Apaches took black for the east, white for the south, yellow for the west, and blue for the north, the Cherokees red, white, black, and blue for the same points, and the Navahos white, blue, yellow, and black, with white and black for the lower regions and blue for the upper or ethereal world.

And then this quote from the same site where I got that picture of the stone Medicine Wheel above:

What is a Medicine Wheel?
“Forms of ceremonial circles exist all around the world, from the great stone circles of Europe to Hindu mandalas.  A Medicine Wheel is an ancient form of ceremonial circle used by Native Americans for teaching, meditation, prayer, healing, and celebration.  Just as stained glass windows and mosaics in ancient Christian cathedrals were used to teach Bible stories to people who could not read, so too were Medicine Wheels used to instruct The People.  From stories and oral history associated with the quadrants and individual stones of The Wheel, they learned about their relationship with Nature and the Spirit World, the cycles of life, connection to their past, and the interconnectedness of all things.  They were also used as gathering places for ceremony and celebration and acted as connection points to contact the unseen world of the “Grandfathers” or Spirit Beings.    In that respect, a Medicine Wheel also functions as an altar.  In her book about altars, Beautiful Necessities, author Kay Turner writes, “Altars mark the potential for communication and exchange between different but necessarily connected worlds, the Human and the Divine.  They make visible that which is invisible and bring near that which is far away.”  Wheels were designed to meet the needs and beliefs of those who created them and are still used today.”

And here is an assortment of ‘wheels’ that involve the turtle:

 medicine_wheel_by_my_little_native turtle-medicine-wheel-2  turtle-medicine-wheel-3
 turtle-medicine-wheel-5  turtle_border 2017-01-sacred-number-4
December 5, 2012

And now, back to our Events

Hard to believe that we are already in December. I now have to go back to June and pick up where I left off before we were so rudely derailed by that hurricane and the subsequent power failure. We’ve already covered all that ground, so now I go back to focusing on where I left off, and catching us all up to current events.

4 stalks of wildflowers are placed pointing in the 4 directions - N/S/E/W. Also in the picture, Nuttah, the silver heart charm, a turtle that is also a container, a Dogfish Head beer coaster, and a camera card.

4 stalks of wildflowers are placed pointing in the 4 directions – N/S/E/W. Also in the picture, Nuttah, the silver heart charm, a turtle that is also a container, a Dogfish Head beer coaster, and a camera card.

So in case you forget where we were, here is a link to the last post before the hurricane intruded. That post was back on October 24, 2012 which at this point, seems like an eternity ago. In the meantime, Bob and I had experienced the longest power failure of our lives (8 days), the worst wind we’ve ever heard on 10/29, and on 10/30 we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, sitting by the wood stove in candlelight with no power and playing a game of Monopoly. It’s been quite a season. So back to blog posting.Here is my follow-up email to Bob’s “Time Travel trip for the Lenape Ritual”, which, even though I posted it on 10/24, it actually happened on 6/29. This was my email back to Bob the next morning, after he wrote me about it:”Well, that was certainly an interesting night. Much more so than mine, all I have is a dream I can’t remember. Also, when I came in last night, I had 2 displays of flowers; one on my desk in the “4-points” arrangement, and one upstairs on the bedside table, kind of arranged “around” and behind the rabbit that is still on my table. These are a sort of small yellow flower. The other day they were thistle. I found the email and forwarded it to you from April 4.”

Nuttah decorates our Oaxacan rabbit draping it with yellow wildfowers

Nuttah decorates our Oaxacan rabbit draping it with yellow wildfowers

You went on a journey for some kind of ceremony that day too. Tell me if you find any significance in it to what she told you. Our daily working lives just seem so mundane. Probably cause they ARE. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you, having that experience last night and then just getting up and going in to work like everything is just normal. Any sightings lately of “your buddy”?I’ve inserted here the 2 pictures that I spoke of — there is a significance to her displays in the arrangement of the Cardinal points- pointing to the 4 directions, and it echoes the experience in the ritual that Bob was part of. There is a connection to the “Medicine Wheel”, that I posted here.