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July 17, 2012

Bob and a Guest Have a Mutual Sighting

I came home the night of July 16, 2012 to a new arrangement on Bob’s side of the bed. It would be morning before I found out if there had also been some communication with Bob.

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob's bedside table

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob’s bedside table

Bob wrote me this email the next morning:
Woke at 12:12 briefly last night, then woke at 1:15 AM in a total sweat. My fan was off…..Nuttah had been there earlier in the evening, just visiting. She sat on the bed.  I guess she could have turned it off,  but I dont know why she would. Either way I was drenched, really don’t like summer.

My email to Bob: I figured Nuttah had visited, she left an arrangement on your side of the bed. It’s herself, a heart and the pewter turtle.

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

Then later that evening, Bob called me at work, our usual nightly phone call before he goes to bed. What he was to tell me gave me chills every time I thought about it after that. We’d been having some work done on our house for the better part of the summer. This is all still the fix-up work of that hurricane in August of 2011 – Irene, which is the 2nd hurricane that flooded our house. The contractor (name is “Dave”) that was doing the work had stopped over in the early evening to pick up a check to get paid. Bob invited him to sit outside on the deck and have a beer with him. Dave accepted, and they sat out facing the creek and drinking their beers. They were chatting about this and that, both of them like to fish, and that is the usual topic. Bob told me that he was just casually gazing at the woods across the creek, and suddenly, out of nowhere, he spots a line of Lenape braves in the woods, cruising along as they are hunting. He starts, alarmed, stops in mid-sentence, and glances over to see if Dave might have seen them too. Dave is as white as a ghost, and suddenly gets up, saying, “Geez, think I better go get something to eat, this beer is going right to my head.” He departs without saying another word, his beer only half finished. There was no doubt in Bob’s mind that Dave saw the hunters too. I wish there was some way that I could tell Dave that he wasn’t just imagining it, that he is not crazy, that he saw what he saw. But how do you bring that up? I can’t. I simply must stay mum about it, course I pretty much announce it to the world here, but Dave lives on our street and knows a lot of people we know, so it just isn’t possible. I’m sure Dave by now has found a way to rationalize what he no doubt saw.

August 10, 2011

Update: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I’ve finally finished updating all the missing entries from June & July. It took awhile to get it all sorted out and organized, and the missing events are listed as follows. If you read June and July after August 10, it is not necessary to follow these links as you probably already read them. Also, if you subscribe to the updates, you would have gotten them in your email, but if you want to read them in order, go here. (and I promise I won’t get this far behind again, it’s way too confusing for me, and for you too, I’m sure)

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Non-event, July 31, Lenape Village Tour

July 19, 2011

Event #236: Tuesday evening, July 19, 2011

Until tonight, it has been awhile since there has been any “activity”. I’m in the process of filling in the “holes” in late May and early June, so if you are a regular visitor to the blog, please make sure to scroll back and check up on those updates, as they will be dated the days that they occurred (and might not appear at the ‘top of the blog’ if you know what I mean). There were a number of events that Bob had to cogitate on before I could post them. But then tonight, I spoke to Bob on the phone from work, and he told me that he’d been sitting outside having a beer with our friend and neighbor, Dan. He related that while they sat, there was a “fly-through”.
“Did Dan notice it?” I wondered.
“Well, I wasn’t sure, I purposely didn’t say anything to see if he would notice, and I guess he didn’t.” Bob said.
“Huh.” I said. “And what else, did anything else happen?” I wondered.
Bob said that was it. But as I’m driving home, I thought maybe — just maybe — there might be a change somewhere in the ‘objects’. And I was right. I went upstairs to change, and I noticed that on the dresser, there were now 2 hearts pointing at Nuttah’s and my own character. The thing about these hearts though, is that they were downstairs in my office, in kind of a messy pile of paper clips, matches, odds and ends and such… and she filtered them out and brought them upstairs. Another heart from downstairs is on the back of the Father duck, which still sits on the floor because I never put them back on the closet. And then lastly, Bob’s stone, which has been on his clock radio since the last change, now is on the back of the turtle. So, a number of curious changes. Dan will have to let us know if he did in fact sense something. And I will add a picture to this entry tomorrow night to illustrate these movements. I always have to wonder what ‘sparks’ these changes.

Here are the pictures from last night:

The changes on the dresser with the characters and the turtles and hearts

Turns out the heart was on the back of the mother duck, not the father duck

June 20, 2011

Event #229: Approximately June 20, 2011

Not sure the date of this, so I am estimating about June 20. It was sometime after the “ceremony” that Bob witnessed, on May 26. This is in the form of a phone conversation we had about it.

Bob began with,  “You know that book, ‘The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe’? Where the girl is hiding in the wardrobe and pushing aside all the firs hanging there, and then all of a sudden, she finds herself outside in the woods in the snow?”

“Yeah.” I replied. I’ve actually re-read that book kind of recently for about the 3rd time.

“Well, that’s how this experience was – I was walking up the steps from the basement to the deck, letting out the pups when I first got home, and before I even got to the top step, off I went to another land. All of a sudden, I was at the creek, by the long-house lodge with Duke & Wobbles. And the elders wanted to speak to me, to ask me something.

“And what was it?” I wondered.

“It was about the history, what’s going on, essentially asking if I can handle it? I don’t know… I don’t know what that means, but that’s all they ask. So I said ‘Yes’.”

“And then what?” I wondered.

“Nothing, that was pretty much it. Nuttah was there, Duke, Wobbles, the teme and the elders. And that was it, except for one main thing…” Bob continued.

“This was the second time I didn’t come back to where I left from. I arrive back ‘here’ and I find myself talking to our neighbors. They’re up on the bridge taking the kids for a walk, and I’m down at the creek yelling up to them. And I have no idea where in the conversation it is, what I’ve even said to them at this point. Or IF I’ve even said anything to them, and what on earth we are talking about. It was so disorienting.  But they just kept talking like nothing was wrong, we were apparently talking about that get-together we’ve been thinking about having. She said she’d bring some kind of appetizer.”

“Wow, how do you think you pulled that off? Do you think they noticed anything was amiss?” I wondered.

“Well, wait, it gets better. As I’m standing there, the white merganser comes coasting down the creek, and I watched as it sailed by, and they didn’t even notice it. I’m sure that it means they can’t see it, because it’s such an unusual bird, they would definitely have said something. It just wasn’t there to them.

“So, you’re not being ‘moved’ there by Nuttah, you’re moving yourself there, while you’re not really mentally ‘here’? Cause you don’t remember moving from the basement to the bridge and you ‘return’ finding yourself in conversation with them? Is it as disorienting as it sounds?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Bob replied.

“Well, what about the pups, have you stopped to unconsciously leash them, or are they loose with you?”

“They’re loose, but they’re behaving, they’re staying right with me, not like they would normally do.” Bob replied.

“Was there any message that came through as the merganser coasted by?” I wondered.

“Nope, it was just cruising by, and nobody comments on it”, was Bob’s answer.

This, for Bob, was even odder than the time he just popped back into the woods after the ceremony ‘trip’. Here he found himself in conversation with people, which means that the local version of himself, for lack of any better term, is just continuing to do what he was doing, as if on auto-pilot.

January 10, 2011

Event #170: Monday, January 10, 2011

Over the weekend, after that Saturday morning incident with Bob, there were no new movements on the dresser or anywhere else. I did record in my notes that just about every time I entered the bedroom, I strongly heard “the hum”.  Remember, I’m still back-posting; at this point I am still not caught up, as the current actual date of today is Sunday, Feb. 20, 2011. I do hope to be caught up by the end of February, and then you, my blog readers, will be treated to events almost as soon as they happen, such as they do continue to happen.

Then Monday morning, I got this email from Bob:

I know Nuttah was downstairs this morning when I was leaving, no “conversation”, just [that she was] there. I feel somewhat awkward now since the weekend, I know we have created a hurtin society but it is pretty hard to not be part of it. I feel like she is disappointed in me, but I don’t know if I can change that. Keep fire going in back if you can.

I did keep the fires going. Later, I noticed that on our dresser, it seemed as if our characters are all moved in a little tighter to Nuttah. Then tonight, I had a major buzz in the ear, like I’ve not heard in awhile.

Tuesday night, I noticed some definite changes in “my” arrangement on the dresser, which I had recorded at the end of the last post, just so I knew how things “stood”. Now Kate is moved in closer to us, and “we” are closed in tight to Nuttah. It is snowing tonight. I have a minor, distant buzz in the ear, as if she is far away.

November 5, 2010

Event #131: Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday morning’s email:

Me: I “heard” her there for quite a bit last night. In the bathroom, and when I went to bed. It was louder and stronger for some reason, but going in and out in a kind of rhythm. Nothing else though, no visions, that I remember. I fell asleep pretty quickly though.

Then Friday night we had our friends (and neighbors) over; Dan & Elaine. We sat outside and drank some beer and chit-chatted about this and that in front of the chiminea with a nice fire in it. I was wearing 4 layers, so it was tolerable.  Anyway, at one point, I went in to go to the bathroom, and just to “check” I took a swing through the bedroom before I went back out. She was “there”. I heard the buzz loud in my ear. On my way out, I said, both in my head and out loud: “Come out”, and tried to visualize her sitting with us. “Come out and join us”, I repeated in a very upbeat manner. But when I got out there to rejoin the group, there was no sign of her. I really wanted to talk to Dan & Elaine about our experiences, but this has to be something that both Bob and I agree on, and he’s hesitant, being very protective not just of the “story” of it, but of Nuttah herself.

Friday night into Saturday morning was to be an interesting experience, as I sensed her the moment I hit the pillow. Again, it was the loud buzz in my ear. That night I was to have a vision, although it makes no sense, but many of them don’t. I felt that I was being shown a door with a latch, or a keyhole or a latch assembly, or something like that. Again, it was the kind of thing where everything around it is black, and you are only given light to see a small thing. Like shining a flashlight on something, or looking through a small hole into a light room. That’s what it feels like, and in this case it was round. It may have always been round, but this time was more “obviously” round. I felt like I was looking at one of our door handle assemblies, which I guess if you are not used to them might be a bit confounding. In that back part of the house which is our bedroom and living room, we don’t have doorknobs. We have white paneled wooden doors like farmhouse doors, and they have black iron hardware on them that are latches; not knobs. I should take a picture to illustrate, but that is a project for tomorrow. You use your thumb to spring the latch, and often they are a little noisy. One of the doors we keep shut all the time, because Joe only lives in the back part of the house. To him, up front would be a separate universe. Anyway, Bob said that she spent most of the night downstairs – and that is where she would have been confronted with that latch, and the door. Perhaps she was conveying that image to me. I awoke Saturday morning with the buzz again, and I commented on it to Bob, almost to confirm that when I heard that noise it was “her”. He got quiet for a second and said, “No, she isn’t here.” For the second time, I doubted that my ear-buzz was what I had begun to think of it as, but then he said, “Downstairs… She’s downstairs. I heard her down there all night, she was making a lot of noise, it kept waking me up.” So I guess I hear the noise whether she is up or down. Bob believes that his perception of her comes from “line of sight”. That she has to be in his vision for him to pick her up. Bob doesn’t have the best hearing, so maybe that is why I alone pick up the “buzz”. Joe has definitely been acting quite a bit out of sorts lately, almost craving our company, and coming to us plaintively as if for protection when we enter through the door that we keep closed. Sometimes he meets us downstairs, as if he’s been hiding down there.

February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

I responded Feb. 1 with this email back to Dan:
Thanks for doing this, Dan! I’m starting to think that Bob might be right, in that the activity may have ended when the wall was filled in. However, they do still have to backfill, and bring back the big excavator, and make a lot of noise, so… you never know. It’s just that weekends were usually a pretty active time for our “entity”, and I’m kind of surprised that nothing happened this weekend. Well, nothing really significant. I’ll email Matt directly. Thanks, Dan.
See you next weekend.

And then Dan back to me:
Sounds good – let’s hope for the best with everything. If you are going to put the camera thing on hold then just let Matt know not to bother to find the IR lights he mentioned. I’m sure we’ll talk before the weekend about SuperBowl logistics, etc.

I then write to Matt, to follow up from Dan:
Hi Matt,
Thanks for considering doing this. It’s a situation that is beyond bizarre as far as we’re concerned, however, my husband, Bob, had this theory that it was going to end when the wall work was finished. They finished the cement pouring part of the wall last week; they are not finished working, but since then, the “activity” seems to have died down. We had nothing significant this weekend at all, and it was ongoing since early January. The way I think I will leave this for now, is if anything happens in the next couple of days, I will take you up on the offer — but if it is in fact “over”, I don’t want to infringe on you for the time. I’m not as sure as Bob is about it ending, but we shall see. I would be just as happy if it is — we could save a little on the electric bill. Thanks again. Lois

And then I sent that email to Dan & Elaine as well:
Hey guys,
Here’s the email I sent Matt. I really appreciate you putting us all together. It would certainly be intriguing, if we could, to find out what is going on, but I do kind of feel that I have to confirm that something still IS going on before I ask someone to spend all this time (and equipment) doing this. So we’ll see what happens, if anything, in the next couple of days. It might be that excavator’s motor that gets it all going (and it’s on its way back here this week)…
Thanks again. Lois

January 31, 2010

Later on January 31, 2010

Dan then had an idea about setting up the camera, and wrote to someone that he knows that does that kind of thing:

Dan to Matt: “Let me introduce you to Lois – we’ve known her and her husband for many years and they are great people.”

Dan to Me: “Lois, meet Matt – he and his wife Connie are longtime friends of ours and they live in town. If you are interested in Matt’s offer you can email him and take it from there! Keep us posted on everything!”

Dan to Matt & Connie:
Hi guys,
Here’s something strange but interesting. Connie, I think you are aware of the construction near us at the bridge, where a new retaining wall is being constructed at our friends’ house and a lot of property is being torn up. Our friends told us today that since the construction began in late December, they have experienced a lot of ‘paranormal’ activity that has them very rattled and they are not ‘paranormal-type’ people. Most of this happens in their bedroom and relates to objects being moved around, from channel changers to an entire dresser moving across the room, as well as things like channels changing on the TV or the ceiling fan going on and off. They have taken ‘before and after’ photos of a number of objects that have moved during the day or night, but they have nothing on video. I told them they should put in a video camera in the room to capture events when they are gone (or asleep) and they are interested in the idea. Elaine and I told them that we know someone (that’s you, Matt) who installs surveillance cameras and we told them we would ask you how much a simple camera/video setup might run so they can capture what happens when they are gone or are asleep.
I know this sounds pretty damn strange but we are good friends with them and want to help in any way – this appears to be disrupting their lives in a significant way. If you drive by the house at night you’ll see every possible light, inside or out, is on.
Matt, are you interested in talking to them to set up a simple, effective solution to capture what’s happening? Thanks.

January 31, 2010

Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010

On January 31, 2010, I sent the following email to some friends (that are also neighbors) around the corner from us. Besides 2 people at my work, and Bob & I, they would be the 5th  & 6th of the people that we were letting know about this. We were in the midst of working out details of getting together for the upcoming Superbowl, which is one of our traditions, and I thought we’d get them “up-to-speed”, so to speak with the events that had been going on here, before the game that day. Up to this point, they knew nothing of it at all. So here is the email I sent to them:

Me, written Jan. 31: “I know I have hinted at our “paranormal activity” since the work on the wall started… or I think I did. I’ve been writing it up since things started happening with such regularity and I’ve taken some pictures of things, and I thought you might find it an interesting read, so I’ve attached a copy in a .pdf file. I don’t know if by next Sunday we will have more to add — but if we do, I’ll print it out and bring it with me. Pretty weird — let me know what you think. Nothing happened today, so I’m pretty low key about it at this moment, but if you got me on one of the “event” days, I’d be saying, “PRETTY F-ING WEIRD!”. You’ll soon see why…”

And an addendum later from me:  “Oh, just a head’s up about what you’re going to read in that attached file… I should have mentioned that we ARE NOT!! telling our daughter about all the going’s on. She knows only about the first 2 TV remote incidents, and she was so freaked out by that, we stopped telling her stuff. She’s been hinting at moving out, and we think this would send her over the edge. Thanks!”

And then back from “Dan”*, dated January 31, 2010:

“This is all pretty f*cking amazing. We won’t mention anything to Kate and please tell Bob that we don’t want our girls to be aware of the situation either per Elaine’s request. Once one of them goes over the edge thinking something is up in this house we’ll never hear the end of it. From an independent viewpoint, two things come immediately to mind:

Are you absolutely sure it’s not one of the work crew moving things around?

The technology is simple and cheap now for you to set up a video of your room. I would think you should do that asap to catch this activity live and put the camera in a place that is not readily visible.

Hang in there with all this stuff. I think Elaine or I would have a tough time dealing with something like that. I do very much believe that something like this is possible in a ‘paranormal’ sense. That’s why a top priority should be to get it on video.
When is the work on the wall actually ending? Thanks for the update and let’s keep in contact!

Me, back to Dan: I’ve definitely thought about a video camera. We have ruled out the crew — the reason is a lot of the events happen when they are not here. In fact, I think at least 4 of them have happened when Bob is laying there sleeping! I do believe it is not a “person”, but I have no idea how to define “what” it is. I have talked to Bob  previously about setting up a camera. You don’t know any details about how to do that, do you? And I will for sure let him know about not talking about it in front of your kids. I can relate to that!