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January 21, 2014

Lights on and some rather insistent drumming

 As we are readying the apartment for the as-yet-not-moved-in tenant (February?), I moved some lamps over there that had been in the basement for months. Since the apartment painting project, I would guess. These lamps have to be either “always-on” or plugged into a wall-switch-operated-outlet to be turned on because the chain-pulls on them have permanently come out. So I made one of the lamps, pictured against the far wall here an “always on” downstairs night light more or less. After that, we  no longer found the lights turned on in the apartment, as had been going on all fall. Bob probably had been going out there daily to shut the light off in the stairwell. Maybe that is ALL it was ever about – having some kind of night light? Do the “night-lights” ward off evil and that’s why it kept being turned on? Perhaps I should put one in the office!
Lights on in the apartment have stopped the daily trek to turn them off

Lights on in the apartment have stopped the daily trek to turn them off

Nuttah "moved" herself to the dresser sometime Saturday, 1/18. Today is 1/21, and she still sits there in front of the TV

Nuttah “moved” herself to the dresser sometime Saturday, 1/18. Today is 1/21, and she still sits there in front of the TV

All weekend (January 18-19) Bob and I were hearing serious drums. There was also a minor movement of Nuttah’s character in our bedroom. This happened Saturday night while we were out. We came back, and instead of on my bedside table where she had been, she is now in front of the TV, right where we’d see her if we’re lying in bed staring at the TV (which both of us spend some time doing every night).Is there something to that? She seems to be purposely putting herself in our line of site.
Getting back to the drumming we’d been hearing: Bob hears the drums themselves, I hear a pretty solid-sounding vibration with some degree of variant tone, always in my left ear. We heard it Saturday night, loud, and we still heard it Sunday morning from downstairs as we sat in the stove room. It was loud and “insistent” enough to prompt me to go up to the bedroom and see if anything else had moved around. As Bob assured me it wouldn’t have, it hadn’t. Then Sunday night, I was hearing it again. I guess I should say “them”, not “it”. To me, a vibration sound is an “it”. I hear “it”. But Sunday morning I started asking Bob what it was he heard, since I don’t hear “drums”, just a vibration.”How many do you think it is?”, I wondered.”Four or five” Bob answered. “Four, I guess… one for each of the cardinal points. I think there is a tie-in with that, especially with these we’re hearing now. I only hear the drums this time, no rattles, no flutes”.
Could we construct this? (From the site:

Could we construct this? (From the site:

I think the Lenape used the sounds to invoke something.

“What do you think it might be about?”, I wondered.

“No idea.” Bob replied.

Last night, which was Monday night, January 20, I got home around 9 PM. I got out of the car in the driveway, and heard an intense buzz/vibration. It followed me to the mailbox and back to the house. It disappears for awhile in the busier, noisier parts of the house, but as soon as I get upstairs into our bathroom, I hear it loudly vibrating in my left ear again.

Some day I want to make one of these (see picture of hut above) and see where it leads. We would bring a couple of drums in with us, or even just trash cans to bang on with a wooden spoon. I think we might be surprised by what might happen. I feel there is something I am missing by being so caught up in our industrial/technical world. Something we are all missing. Provided nothing happens in the next day or two, my next post is going to be a quote from a Coast episode that I listened to on my Podcast on the way home last night. It was about a ceremony that took place on the Winter Solstice in December. Very thought-provoking for those of us consumed by what has become our distracted way of life.

December 11, 2013

Not AT ALL what I expected

A cut off scene  - Holiday work party at a chic country club

A cut off scene – Holiday work party at a chic country club on December 11

On Wed. December 11, in the early evening, while still at work, I received a 3-part text from Bob. I always know these “3-parters” are something of extreme interest, because not only is Bob sending me something rather lengthy, but he’s sending it as a text rather than an email, meaning he wants me to see it right away. I guess I have to explain here that I have not entered the world of “Smart phones”, and my phone is rather dumb. Dumb doesn’t even begin to describe it, but that is another story. People laugh at my phone, I, on the other hand, am quite proud of it. It works, which is more than I can say for the people around me whining about their so-called “smart” phones. This particular text that was coming through, because of its length, I expected to be the fall-out from what had gone on the prior day with Frank.

Red and Frank. Quite a handsome dog he was. I wish it had turned out differently.

Red and Frank. Quite a handsome dog he was. I wish it had turned out differently.

So “part one” came in at 5:23 PM. (I’ve combined the 3 parts here for readability): “Niko just had a white bird encounter coupled with lights in the apartment, and as I am writing this, drums and rattles just started. Going to go take care of lights now. Drums are right above us. We are in stove room. Bird is huge. Landed on rock in creek. Niko sat and put his head down and listened. Drums are right above us in the bedroom, rattles all around. Really weird. Niko and Red keep looking up. Niko whining. Have fun at party.”

Here, Bob is talking about our office holiday party, which was being held this night, Wed., Dec. 11. I am winding up my work-night early, getting ready to drive to the party venue, which starts at 6:30 PM.

Me, back to Bob, at 5:31 PM: “Wow, what do u think it all means?”

I don’t hear back from Bob right away, so at 5:38 PM, I text back to him: “Any more happening?”

Bob, 5:46 PM: “How much more would you like?!! If you were here you would think that enough. Just finished turning lights off, as I walked downstairs, loud drum beats, lights back on.”

(This was in the apartment, as he was going downstairs and leaving, the lights came back on again, while he was there. Not the first time for this.)

By now it was time for me to get going to the company “Holiday” party. When I arrived at this chic country club that was all “decked out” for Christmas, I ducked first into the restroom, and texted this to Bob at 6:26 PM: “Do u sense unhappiness? Were they looking for Frank do you think?”

Bob 6:27 PM: “No, I think it is about Niko.”

Niko in the yard, charging after Frank. I was trying to be "detached and casual" just shooting pictures. Almost lost my camera in the process.

Niko in the yard, charging after Frank. I was trying to be “detached and casual” just shooting pictures. Almost lost my camera in the process.

But by now I had to enter “party mode”, and more or less forget this whole crazy thing going on at the house, but it was in the back of my mind all night. What was going on? What was the message? Were they concerned about Frank? Mad at me? Concerned for Niko? I could only hope that the concern was for Niko, because for sure, the day before, I had felt terrible for what Niko had had to go through. Bob says he never witnessed that behavior between Frank and Niko;  I think it was just escalating, and I think also that Frank had some kind of issue with me as well, otherwise, why would he have turned on me like he had? Niko was trying to protect me, it seems, and was taking a beating for doing so.

I excitedly drove home from the party hoping that somehow, something was revealed. I was not to be disappointed. I will describe (and have a picture of) what I found in the next post.

November 24, 2013

Hums and Drums and things that go Bump in the night

In early November, I started hearing more hums, buzzes and vibrations pretty regularly. It would start with getting out of the car in the driveway when I came in at night. Then I’d hear it again in the bathroom. Recently, I heard a “Coast to Coast” show, where the guest verified that bathrooms in houses can often be a place where conductivity is enhanced. They attribute that to the running water and to hard surfaces; tile, glass, all the things that most bathrooms have.

My email to Bob, the morning of Nov. 14:  I was hearing buzzing all night. Last night lying in bed it was really strong, and it was like the old days when it seemed to be multi-tonal, and have a rhythm to it. You hear music, I hear what seems to be the “under-beat” or just the rhythm and the vibration. Maybe it’s how deaf people can ‘hear’ music.

Later that evening, I hear the sounds again. A loud buzzing/vibration in bed as I lay my head on the pillow. No dreams that I remember though. Bob emails me the following morning that he woke at 5:30 AM to music: the sounds of drums and rattles.

The exterior of the apartment rental where all this weird stuff is occurring

The exterior of the apartment rental where all this weird stuff is occurring

Then on Saturday, November 16th, we finally got a tenant for the apartment we’ve been trying to rent. Or I should say, we have a signed lease; it will be about a month before anyone is living in it. I had written about the apartment in September when we expressed concern that perhaps that potential tenant was “scared away” because of activity in the room. Bob had been picking up multiple presences on a couple of occasions while out there. We had no idea what it was that changed that person’s mind, but all his stuff disappeared one day after he’d moved quite a bit in. So now, we actually had a signed lease, and they were due to start the lease in January of 2014. We had offered a key, but he didn’t want to take it until the move-in date was official. Twice, the week after this, B0b asked me if I’d been out to the apartment and left the bathroom light on. I told him “no” each time. (I really don’t like to go out there anymore and I don’t go). Bob said he’d come home, see the light on, and would go up and turn it off.

Then the night of November 22, on the way home from work, I received this text from Bob: “Heat in apartment on full tilt. Lights on throughout. Doors locked.”

I texted back to Bob: “Wow, that’s creepy.”

Bob: “I don’t take it as creepy, hot, yes.”

Bump-in-the-NightBob went out and turned all the lights off, and turned the heat off. When I got home, I immediately looked into the lower floor of the apartment, which my car faces as I pull in. Then, as I’m going into our house, I glanced up at the upper floor window. All was dark. I reported that to Bob when I came in. Shortly, we were leaving again to go out and get a bite. I glanced up at the apartment window, and the bathroom light was now ON again! Bob had to go back in and turn it off. When we got home later, he went back there before we went to bed, and while out there, the light in the bathroom flashed on and off. Then, while standing in the downstairs room in the dark (Bob is much braver than I am), he heard 3 distinct “thumps”, as if someone was stamping hard on the floor above him. He went up to check things out (also in the dark) checking through all the closets, but he found nothing.

I am worried. This man who is to become our future tenant has only been here twice now. He only spent about 20 minutes back there with the realtor. His wife has not even seen it yet, and both will only be here part-time as they officially “live” in Florida. I asked Bob what he makes of all this, but he says he does not believe that whatever is causing what’s going on is “malevolent”. Is it Nuttah?, I wondered. Is it more like a welcoming, lights on, heat on? This only remains to be seen, and I can only hope that Bob is right. We sure don’t want any issues back there once someone is living there. But how can we just dismiss the fact that in the bedroom of what is now our rental apartment, is where it all started!

November 5, 2013

Another White Bird Sighting

White-Bird-3At the beginning of November, 2013, I began again to hear the “buzz/vibration” that I’ve become so familiar with as heralding their presence. I am pretty sure that the reason it is not heard the rest of the year is weather-related. I think it has to be cooler, and/or not-so-humid for the sound to get through. Both of these weekend days, November 1 and 2, I hear it in our bathroom, but not the rest of the house. It just kind of “popped” in one night, one second not there, then all of a sudden, there it is, and I know they are “with us”.

A couple of days later, on November 4 at 4:21 PM, Bob texts me: “I’m at that intersection, just saw a  BIG white bird fly over”

Me, 4:22 PM: “How big?”

Bob, 4:28 PM: “Two to 2 ½ times the size of a vulture.

Well, that’s pretty big. What is this white bird? Why does Bob see it there? Does anyone else see it? The sightings are always there, this strange intersection where Bob had his closest “near-death” experience in February of 2012 when literally, his car was physically stopped by an unknown force to avoid being T-boned and most likely killed in what would have been a totally horrific and tragic accident. Bob himself made no attempt to stop his car as he approached a green light, but it was stopped for him so severely, that to this day, there are still skid marks on that stretch of highway, as from the left, a car came careening through the intersection, blowing the red light and bottoming out as it screamed through at probably more than 50 mph. Bob was cruising at highway speed, the bypass is 55 MPH, he was moving. It would have been horrific. How was he stopped, and by who? Who saw it coming?

(You tube version, “White Bird”, by It’s a Beautiful Day”)

The next night, on November 5th, I hear a ‘big’ buzz in the bathroom. Bob was taking the pups out to the yard and when he returned, he reported an incident: About 3 or 4 Indian braves had gone flying past him at top speed, they were on their way somewhere. The pups did notice and reacted, but it was all so fast, and they were “invisible”; pups had no time to do anything but notice. Where were they on their way to?

And with that, without a lot of fanfare or bells and whistles, I have FINALLY caught up to current events. The next item that I post, will be the day that it happens, I promise. I am just so glad to be caught up and done, that I never want to get behind again. I feel like Nuttah was sort of “working with me”, since the events were fairly sparse since August, and that allowed me to ever-so-slowly, get caught up. Oh, and I just realized something that I wish I’d remembered yesterday. November 17th was the first birthday of “Papoose”! (The actual date of my posting of this one is Monday, November 18).

September 25, 2013

Bob Experiences another Ceremony to Honor Niko

The night of September 23rd, we both had a perfectly lousy night of sleep. The dogs all had gotten a new batch of fleas, and although we’d treated them, it had not yet taken effect. It was a miserable night of scratching for them, and sleep interruption for us. How long does it take these flea meds to work! Then, to compound that problem, some strange animal was making noise right outside our window. It would get very close, somewhere in the yard, then move away. It was making the oddest, saddest sound, but didn’t sound like it was being harmed or attacked. I have no idea what this strange creature was. Then, Bob had a dream: another ceremonial dream honoring Niko.

Bob’s email to me the next morning:
“Rough night of sleep, starting with the dogs scratching then the ceremonial dream, then the dogs scratching, then the noise outside, then the dogs scratching. Tell me what to get and I will do it on way home. I will make vet appointment too. They have to be miserable.  Then the dogs scratching….and whining.”

Later, Bob was to elaborate on the ceremonial dream he had:

“The ceremony was interesting because now they have incorporated a little bit of the stuff from the spring celebration and honoring of the guys that got rid of my “buddy”.  Also the merging of the wolf/turtle tribes. Teme/Dukey/Niko and my avatar were put at the north point with a collar of white feathers on each. There was a woman in yellow dried flowers directly across facing us. To the right or west was another old woman covered in some brackish tar like substance and some blue feathers and other stone of blue holding a deer skull with antlers. Then there was Nuttah in red face paint with a snake skin necklace and turtle shell pendant and wolf skin. All surrounded by the tribe with drums rattles and something else I couldn’t see but sounded flute-like. Lots of words said and bowing and offering to sky. It ended with a solemn walk away from the cross to another large fire at the end of the village. Then they broke into a feast…  I, of course, didn’t get to stay for that. Anyway, hope you slept well.”

And my email back to Bob, 9:04 AM: I don’t know what that animal or bird is, I heard it one time before, it was across the creek one night when I had the pups out late. It freaked me out. As loud as it was in bedroom, you should hear it outside, when you’re not expecting it. Gave me chills and hurried me right in. I tried to spot something with flashlight, but couldn’t. Last night it sounded like it was up high, and the sound also moved around, which would mean it’s not necessarily a “distress” sound, unless it was being hauled away. Guess it could have been something caught by a night bird.

Great ceremony! I was trying to tie in what you described with the arrangement left on my desk: I brought the four clover points in on Sunday, and arranged them in a cross. Nuttah then elaborated on it, as pictured below. She now sits at the point closest me, opposite her is the paper heart, the other 2 points have the pewter turtle with a stone heart atop, and also a wolf pup, and opposite that point is your stone. I will send you a picture. I tried to interpret it last night to no avail. Wish you could have stayed for feast, wonder what that would have been like to taste that food. You never have, have you, tasted the food?

Here is a picture of the arrangement that I found on my desk after Bob’s description of the ceremony. I can only hope that these ceremonial events will somehow help Niko (and the others he carries with him) to recover:

Nuttah's illustration of the Ceremony to Honor Niko

Nuttah’s illustration of the Ceremony to Honor Niko

April 26, 2013

Turtles on my Desk and Bob has a Dream


Nuttah and a “Turtle audience” are lined up next to my keyboard on my desk when I came home the night of 4/24

The night of April 24th, I came home to a new arrangement on my desk, and I’ve added a picture of that to the left. Nothing had happened here since the night of April 1. After I’d gone to bed, I awoke to some noises; thumps and bumps in the house. At one point, about 5 am, I thought I was touched in bed by something. (Bob had left for work already, and the pups were in the basement) It was the first time for something like that for me. I wrote this email to Bob about it:

4/25 email to Bob, 9:39 AM: I think I had a visit this morning. Something clearly touched me in bed — about 5 am I think. Now, the characters are moved since I was here earlier;  Nuttah and turtles are now pointed more toward the window. Kind of had a sense of a presence earlier this morning too. Did you get anything?

4/25, 10:18 AM, Bob wrote back to me:  I had only one brief incident last night, like just passing through, that and a stink bug that landed on my face and I grabbed… letting him release his stench. Both were around 2:00 AM, other than that nothing. Very little activity for me anymore.

The next morning though, April 26, Bob wrote me this email at 6:13 AM:
I had a dream reenactment of the removal of my buddy last night. It was almost like being there again. Sheer terror. It was just as terrifying as the actual event. Felt very little expectation of survival and knew it was going to be extremely painful, remembering, just like the original, hoping that if it was going to happen that it would happen quickly during the event and not be captured and tortured… I am not into pain. Either way, I woke up freaked out at about 2 something… I did have a sense at one point that we had company, but nothing significant. Have a busy day and have to get back to it.

Then Bob wrote again later, at 6:38 AM: Funny, I just saw the blog post after I sent you the email…

I think what Bob refers to above there, is that on 4/26, I was probably just getting to the posting of the event of January 3rd – the one he then has a dream reenactment of in April. It’s typical that I’m usually about 4 months behind with my posts.

I write back to Bob a bit later, 8:12 AM, Me: Funny… she was here. Just came down to my desk, and I have a new arrangement since last night. I did not have any sense of her anywhere else, like I did the night before. Sorry you had to dream that again, I wonder if she was behind it though?

4/26, 10 AM, Me: Your dream re-enactment was probably because I was putting some energy into thinking about that cause I did that post, and she was obviously around and maybe she picked up on it. Or, it was a complete coincidence. Either one is entirely possible. Guess that sticks with you into the day.

Later, I was to find the turtle arrangement from earlier somewhat revised.  Three of the turtles are still to the left, but Nuttah’s character is now lined up behind the pewter turtle with Bob’s special stone, and a heart charm in front of all. This is all just to the left of my computer keyboard on my desk. Given Bob’s dream, maybe this is as if to say that the Turtle Tribe is grateful to Bob for his assistance in freeing them from the annihilators.


March 16, 2013

Assorted odd events

On the evening of March 8, I was in our upstairs bathroom and I hear LOUD humming in BOTH ears, not just the usual left ear. I go downstairs, and Bob is in stove room with Niko.

“Can you HEAR that??” I ask. He can’t, but he says that Niko did. He had come in for dinner, but couldn’t eat for the focus he had on the upstairs. Niko kept running up the stairs to check out what was going on up there; he definitely sensed something. I didn’t hear Niko running up and down the stairs, but something was obviously in our midst. Unusual for Bob not to sense something.

On March 13, our contractor from the summer that had done some of the flood remediation work comes over again to join Bob for a beer.

“I have to be careful”, Dave says, “The last time I did this, I think I ‘overdid’ it.”

Of course, the “last time” that he’s talking about is when both he and Bob witnessed Lenape braves in the woods across the creek. Dave had gotten up in the midst of an unfinished beer and abruptly left, saying he “thought he had had enough”.

Two days later, on Friday, March 15, I come home from work and Bob has just had an experience at the creek. He calls these experiences his sightings into “The Information Matrix”. The best way I can explain this, is that Bob has, on occasion over the years, had some insight into the “collective consciousness”, or, as he calls it, “The Information Matrix”: where all information available to all of us resides and is represented in a crystal-clear matrix. He says the problem with the glimpses is that they are so brief, and it all seems so clear when he is seeing it, but afterwards, it’s like trying to remember a dream. I know over the years there have been at least 3 of these experiences, but I’ve yet to really understand what it is he sees, or what they are. Bob can’t explain it either, otherwise, I would be better at relating this. One common element all the experiences have is that “They all occur near water…”

Relaxing by the creek with the pups and a fire, Bob gets a glimpse into "The Information Matrix", as he calls it.

Relaxing by the creek with the pups and a fire, Bob gets a glimpse into “The Information Matrix”, as he calls it.

December 16, 2012

Another Flower Arrangement

Thursday morning, December 13 (this was the morning after the Circle of Flowers arrived), I took the pups out into the yard first thing, as usual. Niko got distracted by something on the other side of the creek; he was barking like mad at something that I couldn’t see. Remember, Niko saw “The Evil One” a couple of weeks ago, when he was out with Bob. Good grief, I do hope that he didn’t see him again. Whatever it was he was barking and snarling at, was not visible to me.  And it couldn’t have been an animal or anything else – it’s really easy to see stuff over there this time of year.

Then on the morning of Friday, December 14, Bob wrote me this email:
Any sounds or anything else that you noticed after I left or anytime during night? When I was loading wood into stove I had someone walk by toward the stairs/front door from the kitchen, startled me to say the least. I checked around and saw /noticed nothing.

I replied:  When I went back to bed, it took me awhile to fall asleep and I thought I heard something, like a sound maybe from the basement, wasn’t sure, tossed it off to the puppies, but it probably wasn’t. Other than that, I did hear the vibration when I came in last night.

Why are we so casual about this weird stuff? Someone walks by Bob while he’s loading the stove, and even though when it happens, it’s startling, you’re just kind of ho-hum later, it pales in comparison to other “events”. (Why, for instance, is Niko whining behind me here at the computer in the office — I don’t even go investigate). I’m just now making the connection between Niko’s apparent sighting across the creek, and something going by Bob while loading the stove. Is there a connection? Maybe… Should we be concerned?

And I have a new photograph of a change in the flower arrangement from Dec. 12, and the picture of it is dated in my camera 12-16-12. So it probably took place December 15, because I generally photograph the scenes in the daylight the next day. In this picture, 4 of the “Circle of Flowers” heads were positioned in the directions of the cardinal points (echos many other arrangements from earlier in the year). I think one of them got blown by the bed sheets, see below. There is also the addition of another stone heart in this picture. Remains to be seen what is the significance of this change:

The Circle of Flowers has now become the "Directional Flowers". They pointed in 4 directions until one got messed up.

The Circle of Flowers has now become the “Directional Flowers”. They pointed in 4 directions until one got messed up.

April 2, 2012

Multiple events: Monday, April 2, 2012

I came home again tonight to the humming/buzzing sound in the driveway. It does not always greet me before I enter the house; only sometimes, and tonight was one of those nights. It’s happened a number of times recently. Then, when I came in the hum was strong in the house, and especially upstairs. When I speak to Bob tomorrow, I will find out if anything particular went on, as there was also a character change: Nuttah has moved herself from the dresser to Bob’s bedside table.

And in the past month, we mentioned these sounds in a few emails here and there, which I’ve included excerpts of below. We don’t always talk about them, as sometimes it just seems like it’s part of the surroundings now, and we have more or less accepted the sounds as that. It’s when something unusual or different happens that we usually comment on it.

Me to Bob, Feb. 21: Morning: I slept lousy too due to being cold and the loud drums. Did you hear them when you were awake? I also heard them immediately getting out of the car in the driveway too. Sort of thought something might have been going on.

Bob: I heard drums and flute when I first woke about 12:40, after that I was in and out, not very focused.

March 9, 7:45 AM:
Bob: Also heard a loud single drum last night, course that could’ve just been my head pounding!

Then me, on March 27, 8:30 AM:  I woke up twice last night to the sound of loud pounding in the house. The first time, I thought you were still here, but I rolled over to see your clock it was 4:30 AM, and when I realized it wasn’t you, I got a little freaked, but went back to sleep. Then it happened again and the noise got incorporated into a weird dream and that was at 5:45. I then laid in bed for an hour listening, but heard nothing, and it started to finally get light. The best I can describe it as just loud thumping, like a gang of people walking around in heavy shoes. Very strange and disconcerting. When I finally got up in full daylight and not at all well rested, I looked all over the house for anything amiss, can’t find anything.  I can’t wait to see what happens when the demolition starts in the back.

Later, same morning: In the shower I heard a door slam (hard) somewhere in the house, came out and all the doors that were open were still open. It is windy, but nothing slammed shut. Just to add to my weird night email before.

Bob: 3/26: Sounds like you might be being treated to some of the stuff I get treated to at night.

Bob, 3/27: Fair amount of activity during the course of the night while I was awake. I wouldn’t let it bother you.
Me: 3/27, 8:40 AM: What was the activity during the night? It doesn’t seem to disturb either of the pets, Joe just came sauntering upstairs looking for food.

So there you have a few weeks of emails about the sounds in the house (and sometimes outside) that can range from drumming, flutes, a hum or buzz sound, doors slamming, or the sound of heavy, stomping footsteps on the floor. Sometimes upstairs, and sometimes down. Bob has also reported hearing creeping sounds across the floor. Our floors creak a lot, being wood, and he’ll report sounds like someone is tip-toeing across the bedroom floor, and yet no one is there. In the next post, I’m going to publish an excerpt of an interview that I heard on Coast to Coast AM. It was the show that aired February 23, 2012, and it was between George Noory and Linda Moulton Howe. It was all about the unusual and unexplainable sounds that people in other parts of the US and the world are hearing. Nothing that specifically resembles OUR sound, but just due to the fact that other people are constantly reporting these different kinds of unexplainable sounds, I think it relevant. Plus, Linda gives some ideas of where these sounds could be coming from that resonates with me. “Dimensional Overlay”, is the idea she finally proposes.

February 8, 2012

Event #298: February 8, 2012

To keep up with that late-night radio program which I frequently quote and refer to, Coast to Coast AM, I have purchased an iPod and become a Coast to Coast “Insider”. All that really means is that I can download past programs from their archives, and listen at my leisure (and without commercials). I am, therefore, slowly catching up with past shows, and recently listened to one from January 17th, 2012. It featured a regular guest named Whitley Strieber, and the reason I am bringing this up now, is because he mentioned, yet again, the odd, unexplainable sounds that are being heard throughout the world. People have come up with various ways to describe these sounds, that are occurring in the US, Sweden, Costa Rica, Malaysia, among others. Some of the theories are underground mechanical work, plates of the earth adjusting/moving, precipitating earthquakes… Mr Strieber was the first one I heard mention a theory that the sounds could be emanating from a  “Parallel world”. Because that of course brings us to our sound – which apparently is coming from a parallel world. I remember when I first started hearing it, I thought it was the sound of an unexplainable distant motor. Over the year that I’ve heard it, I have slowly become aware of the subtleties of this sound. Here are a couple of emails back and forth between me and Bob for the past couple of days:

Email from Bob, Tuesday, Feb. 7:

Woke to drums and flute, with rattle accompaniment. Came downstairs to Nuttah and elders in stove room, just acknowledged their presence and went about my routine.

Mine back to Bob: Heard the drums last night too, on a couple of occasions I have also thought I heard rattles.

Then today, Feb. 8th, Bob sent me this email:

I went to bed to drums so loud last night I thought it was in the crawlspace, actually got up and looked. Heard it over the sound of the TV and with TV off. But nothing else. Other than yesterday morning with simply the “presence” of Nuttah, which I am thankful for, and the two old joints, there isn’t much going on, of course that is a relative statement. You just never seem to be able to grasp what they are trying to accomplish, I always feel I am falling way short of expectation, of course I may feel that way because I have been told I am WAY short of expectations.

Mine back to Bob: I heard the drums too, LOUD, while I was washing up. I was going to ask you when you woke up around midnight if you heard them too, but you were asleep by the time I came up.

And then tonight, I was listening to another pod-cast of Coast-2-Coast, slowly, ever so slowly trying to get caught up. Luckily (I guess), I spend a lot of time in the car. This program was from January 26, and featured a regular guest on Coast by the name of Linda Moulton Howe. I first heard Linda on C2C sometime in the 90’s. She has been on for a long time and she runs a very informative website called Earth Files. You may be interested in checking it out, here is the link to EarthFiles. I’m bringing up Linda, because sometime in Hour 4, I believe, they started talking about the strange sounds. In this case, there was a recent reporting of them in Tennessee. The person reported them sounding like a “chorus of trumpets”. Not too different really than a battery of drums, flutes, rattles, is it? Parallel world? Who knows. In our experience, it is easily as good an explanation as any.

I also just happened to notice on the “Upcoming C2C Shows” that Linda will be featured on Feb. 23 in a show called, guess what: Unexplained Sounds. That’s pretty exciting – there will be a whole C2C show about the sounds – I wonder if maybe I should email Linda about yet another one, as yet unmentioned on her website. I’m sure after Feb. 23, I will be offering more information here on the blog about “strange sounds.”