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January 27, 2018

Activity Ramps Up; The Elders Want the Apartment Empty

Well, there is a lot to report. Things have not stopped happening, the problem is that my time to report them is minimal. Considering that each post takes about 45 min. to an hour for me, and there are 505 published posts, well the math adds up to over 500 hrs. of work. That’s a big chunk of time in a working woman’s life. Time excuse aside, I know I owe a lot to ‘catch up’. I would like to… just have to find the time. A list of things to sum up activity over the missing years:

  1. Lois started to knit – and knitting is a very enjoyable activity that often intruded on blog posting.
  2. Things never did stop happening. Just my ability to write it all up and report has been compromised.
  3. The area of the house where it all began in 2009? — we rented it for the last 4 years as an apartment. The 4-year occupant just moved out in December (2017) and son Stewie is about to rent it, starting Feb. 1.
  4. Nuttah has been kidnapped – about a month ago (more on that in future post).
  5. And lastly, sadly, Niko died on my birthday in 2017, and as Niko goes, so goes Tëme.

An internet picture to depict “The Elders”

So, the best way to deal with this backlog of story, I think, is to just start with now. So this is what is happening now. Today is Saturday, January 27, 2018. Sometimes when I write that year (2018), I just can’t believe it is actually that number, so far along. I hear other people saying it too, that what used to be a month now feels like a week of time. Like time is speeding up. I feel that every day; time just slips away, speeding along. I hear young people say it too, so I know it’s not just a factor of age. I think the only people not complaining are 10 and under.

Anyway, back to TODAY. We are home, it’s Saturday. We were expecting 3 things today:

1) A firewood delivery
2) Stewie dropping off the lion’s share of furnishings as part of his move-in process to the now-empty apartment
3) An electrician to wrap up a project that was supposed to take a day (we’re now more than a week into it, because of problems encountered with this 100 yr. old house, wiring and such).

Two of these events have already postponed: 1 & 2. The electrician I’m just waiting to hear from, but given the scenario, there is a good chance he will also postpone. Why, you might wonder? Because the elders have taken over the apartment. Bob went in there last night, he says he was met with strong resistance. He says it was obvious he was not wanted in there and he was shuffled right on out. Upstairs, there was a big noise. He came back to our part of the house a bit perturbed and asked me to go over and check it out. “NO!”, I said – I don’t like putting myself in the midst of that activity, on the chance that I would perceive it, it freaks me out a bit much, like walking into a room full of ghosts. Would you do it? I think not. So why are they there? Well Bob was ‘given’ a bit of a hint overnight in a dream. He was shown that they are there, and they ‘need’ the space to be left alone and empty for their purposes. How was this information conveyed? Why did Stewie postpone, why did Mike, who was bringing the firewood delivery, postpone? Somehow they – the elders – influenced all of that too. Bob got a text from Stew this morning, that he was not prepared yet (truck rentals, etc.) for it to happen today. Bob replied that he was shown last night that this would not happen today.

Here’s how the texting went back and forth:

Stewie: Pushing back the uhaul til tomorrow if that’s okay with you, realized I still have a bunch to prep for it, plus there’s no 17 footers available

Bob’s reply: I saw that last night

Stew: Huh?

Bob: There was activity last night in the apartment, and it was made clear that you would not be here today

Stew: Wow, how?

Bob: The old joints were having some ritual when I went in and made it clear that no one would be allowed in until it was complete, they would delay stuff to ensure that that would not happen, and they kicked me out, essentially.

I guess it was more or less no surprise then when Mike postponed the firewood delivery. So what is his relevance to this scenario? We don’t get firewood in the apartment and it’s delivered to the street on ‘our’ side of the house. But Mike, coincidentally, is also the person that ran the wall replacement project. We’ve been buying firewood from him ever since, so we’re on our 9th year with Mike. The wall is relevant, because it’s when all this activity started – or thereabouts. The electrician? Well, he hasn’t postponed yet, but maybe will because electrical activity might interfere with what they are doing?

Bob just walked in to a text from the electrician: he is “feeling under the weather”, and wants to reschedule to Monday.

So there you go… all three scheduled Saturday events have been ’caused’ to not happen so that the elders can conduct their business in peace. And what is their business? They are discussing the annual ceremony that takes place about this time every year; every year since (our year) 2013 anyway. So this would have been the 5 year anniversary celebration of saving the Lenape tribe from annihilation.  Bob was part of that time-travel foray into their time to assist both with strategizing and the actual event. So was Duke/Tëme/Niko; they were instrumental. I say “They”, but they exist in the body of one. As does Bob and his (their time) avatar. Hard to explain, I won’t get into the details of this now. But Bob believes that the elders are trying to remedy the problem of not having Nuttah there to perform the proper ceremony. Nuttah is now an important Shaman (woman), and because of that, she has been kidnapped. I will get into that in another post, because Bob (and avatar) has been part of that scenario as well. Nuttah has not been able to communicate much since her kidnapping and we don’t know where she is being ‘kept’. Prior to this, we did hear from her occasionally, enough to know that she still could and would communicate. All for future posts, I did document it all.

So you see, there is lots to post. I am overwhelmed in a way with the volume/magnitude of it, but all I can do is chip away slowly, one post at a time. And leave the elders to their important task.

If you want to catch up on the past events that led to the ceremony they have now at the beginning of every year, here is a link to the one I wrote up last year, which then includes links to the event that started it:



January 8, 2017

Why was my hanging laundry laid on the bed?

My laundry on the bed.

My laundry on the bed. Sometimes I wish I had a video-cam rolling full time in our house.

I came home to this on Friday, January 6, 2017. It was on the bed in our bedroom. All this stuff had been hanging to dry on my closet rod, which is also in the bedroom. It was dry for awhile, but I hadn’t yet put the stuff away. It was mostly what I call my “white-wash”; all the light and white things that can go in the wash together. And when we got home Friday night, after having met after work for a bite out, I go to the bedroom and see it all laid out on the bed. I didn’t immediately recognize the “pattern”. I went down to Bob, who hadn’t come upstairs yet, and asked him if he put my hanging laundry on the bed. Now I knew what the answer was before I asked him. There is no reason Bob would ever do this. He’d never done anything like it, and I knew he hadn’t this time either. Why would he move it? And especially onto the bed from my closet? He just looked at me funny, “Did I do what?”

“Did you lay my laundry with the hangars out on the bed?”, I asked, still feeling like I had to absolutely confirm that he hadn’t, before I jumped to the only other conclusion.

Again, a funny look. I knew the answer without asking: he didn’t do it.

“Have you been in the bedroom yet tonight?” Bob gets home before me, and then we meet out later. I meet him right from work because I finish later. Bob always comes home first to let out the dogs, get the fire going, stuff like that, and then we agree on a meeting-out place. He couldn’t remember, but thinking about it, said “No, I probably did not go into the bedroom”. There really wouldn’t have been a reason for him to, his closet is in the guest bedroom, and it’s where he always dresses or changes clothes. “So you didn’t see what’s on the bed?” I asked.

“No, I guess not. Why, what’s on it?”

I showed him a picture I’d taken on my phone. Bob went up to see it, and it was then he noticed the pattern, that the clothing had been arranged around a ‘center-point’ and 4 items or piles were in the intermediate ‘cardinal’ locations. It roughly looked like the Native American “Medicine Wheel”. Below are some examples of medicine wheels I pulled from the internet for illustration. I also did some ‘photoshopping’ of the clothing on the bed, to make it look more flat, and to bring out the pattern it resembles, because I was unable to get high enough over it, holding the camera over the bed. Am I totally off base here, in terms of the similarity? And if it was Nuttah, what is she trying to say? The meaning is open to interpretation. I mean, there must be SOME reason it was done, and some reason it was arranged in this particular fashion. And why did she choose only white shirts? If she’d wanted to illustrate something with color, because the medicine wheel colors are red, black, yellow and white, I certainly have clothes of those colors IN the closet… so what is the message here?

The rotated and manipulated (more or less flattened) picture of the laundry arranged on the bed

The rotated and manipulated picture of the laundry arranged on the bed. 

ANd a child's drawing of a "Medicine Wheel"

And a child’s drawing of a “Medicine Wheel”. Similar?

A "Mohican Nation" sample of a Medicine Wheel

A “Mohican Nation” sample of a Medicine Wheel


And another interpretation

March 4, 2016

How to “Spark” Activity, Part II

2016-02-29-Diorama-Characters-3So for awhile now I have been hunting here and there for Native American diorama ‘characters’  in order to add to our ‘scenes’. Or, more specifically, to add to the material that Nuttah could work with, since I was so lame and slow in getting my paper doll characters together. I was looking in the realm of “hobby stores” that might sell ‘diorama’ kits and supplies. I found things, but just didn’t find anything specific enough that would work or that was affordable. All this action occurred on the internet of course, because the traditional brick & mortar hobby stores of my past have left us. However, I go to Michaels Arts & Crafts a lot because I am a knitter and I guess they have evolved into the new kind of hobby store. All that being said, I was in Michaels the other night, and I saw these funny tubes of characters as I breezed by the end of an aisle. They looked like this picture here of one of the tubes; this one containing dragons. I noticed there were several different themed tubes (or TOOBS, as the brand called them) and I hunted for a possible native american one. Bingo: A Western theme, with the following characters:


2016-02-20-112pm-Nuttah-2So there you have it, new diorama characters. I think I bought these on a Thursday, and I set them up on the dresser, just as a random group Friday morning. I didn’t use the things that were specifically ‘western’ such as the Tepee, the buffalo, the wagon or the cowboy. I picked out the 2 native men, the woman with the child, and the white woman. My purpose, of course, was to see if Nuttah would find them interesting enough to work with. They sat there for 3 days with nothing happening. I came in every day, and Nuttah’s ‘angel’ character still sat on the air conditioner staring out the window, and my new diorama characters sat unmoving on the bureau. Until Monday night, when I came home from work. I wrote the following email the next morning to Bob:

March 1, 9:11 AM: “We had a visit last night. I don’t know if you noticed the little diorama characters I had added. They are Plains Indians, but I thought they’d work for the purpose. Another thing I picked up at Michaels along with an egg cooker. Anyway, Nuttah figured them into one of her classic scenes, it is actually quite adorable. I will photograph this morning, but probably not have time to download. The entire scene is on the TV bureau. I can’t imagine who besides me is this stuff selling to. They have a whole series of these characters, in all kinds of themes, not just indians. I guess Michaels is the new Hobby store.”

That is just me speculating on who is buying these TOOBS; they must trot them out to some audience. Must be kids’ toys, I have no other ideas. Anyway, it worked. See the pictures with the captions below for explanation:


This is the overall scene, and how she figured her original character into the whole thing, along with the 2 hearts. She used the kneeling woman with a fire and a ‘papoose’ in front of her on top of one of the hearts.

This one shows closer where she placed the Indian woman with a child in front of 'her' on one of the hearts.

This one shows closer where she placed the Indian woman with a child in front of ‘her’ on one of the hearts.

And here, I think she used this warrior character to indicate Bob, in front of the Teme/wolf/Niko/Duke characters (who are essentially all one being) and the way this warrior stands on Bob’s special stone is a big clue.2016-02-29-Diorama-arrangement-4

Here is a better closeup of how Bob, the warrior chief figures into the scene, and how she perceives, I think, her father as he was.2016-02-29-Diorama-arrangement-5
And then, after all that, as I was researching the “Toobs” on the Michaels site to find the pictures for the ‘intro’, I found that I had somehow missed that they did in fact have Eastern Indians, the Powhatens! How did I miss that? Perhaps the store I was in didn’t have it, but here are the characters below that are in that Toob. I will buying it as soon as I see it. THAT should ‘spark’ some new activity. My next post is going to be about dreams and parallel lives, due to a recurring dream I keep having, so stay tuned.2016-02-29-Diorama-Characters-2

February 21, 2014

Nuttah drops in and… where is she?

The night of Feb. 18th, I was on the phone with Bob during our usual nightly phone call. I’m at work, Bob is calling me from bed, where he’s about to go to sleep for the evening. Suddenly, while we’re talking, Bob comments, “Whoa, what was that?”

“What?”, I asked, “What happened?”

“Something just ‘breezed’ through here”, Bob exclaimed.

“Was it Nuttah?” I wondered. (I have missed her. She has not been around of late – we don’t have the sense of her being ‘gone’, just not around much. At least not in our dimension)

“Not sure… “, Bob said. “But I don’t think so. It felt like more of a male presence.”

Apparently, Niko noticed it too; he picked up on something in the room and was alert, looking around the room.

“Look at my bedside table.” I said to Bob. “Nuttah (her character) was on my radio. Is she still there?”

Bob tried, but couldn’t see with his bad vision and with the dim TV light of the room. My answer would have to wait until I got home. So the first thing I did was to go up to the bedroom and check my bedside table. And she was gone. Where did she go? And more importantly, why? Did it happen when Bob felt the ‘breeze-through’? Or was that not her? Bob is pretty good at picking up what type of presence is in his midst, so I assumed that what he felt that time was not Nuttah. But who was it, and when did Nuttah move ‘herself’? And where did she go? I looked in all the usual places – elsewhere in the bedroom and then down in my office space where she would often appear on my desk. She was not in any of the usual places. I started to look in some of the unusual places. Not there either. By the next morning, I was stumped, but I didn’t have time to look around as I had to be at an appointment early. I  just got dressed, took care of all the pets and left.

I find her in the closet with the pewter turtle and Bob's stone

I find her in the closet with the pewter turtle and Bob’s stone

By the morning of Feb. 20th, I had not found her and wrote this to Bob:
Where (and why) do you think Nuttah has disappeared again? I was getting some comfort out of her being there on my radio every night.

Bob wrote back to me: I don’t necessarily think she has left, I don’t have that sense. Just somewhere we haven’t seen. Look around, I think she is there.

Shortly after this, while I was getting dressed this morning, I opened the curtains of my closet. (Which I hadn’t done the prior morning when I was in a hurry) I emailed Bob:
I will send you a pic. She is on the floor of my closet with the stone and a turtle. What is the message of her being in my closet??

I couldn’t think of one. But pictured here is what I found on my closet floor. Bob wrote back to me: “On the floor of your closet!!? Only time that happened was when she was on the floor in front of the rug in our old bedroom, showing approval of the rug. Yes, I think it is a message, that is funny.”

Here, below, is the picture that Bob refers to, when Nuttah put herself on a rug we placed that day in our bedroom, after it had been in another part of the house. This picture makes me nostalgic for the many times she left me flowers and hearts. It’s been so long. Of course, it is winter…

Nuttah's little angel character seated on the "new" rug with the asters and a heart; showing her "approval"

Nuttah’s little angel character seated on the “new” rug with the asters and a heart; showing her “approval”

February 14, 2014

More Drums and Rattles in Apartment

Early February, 2014:

There has not been a lot to report. Some minor things have occurred, but there is nothing major. For instance, from late January, there was this:

Bob feels as if he's entered into a room full of people

Bob feels as if he’s entered into a room full of people

Sunday, January 26: I heard the “drum-vibration” this morning in the bathroom, where it was quiet, and Bob reported two incidents that weekend of “a group” in the apartment. Bob has been going out there multiple times daily to check on heating issues. We’ve had quite a winter of problems thus far due to single-digit temps. Everything ranging from frozen pipes, to baseboard heater leakages (results in water all over the floors/carpets) to major oil burner repairs. I guess we can’t complain since we haven’t used the oil burner since 2009. It will also be the first winter since ’09 that we will be forced to buy oil to supplement our wood heat. Not heating in certain parts of the house has proved costly in other ways this winter. Live and learn, but at least now we have our back-up source of heat. Oh, and by the way, ever since we put the light out there and left it on, there hasn’t been anymore random turning on of lights. So that is apparently all they wanted – a constant source of light.

She was frozen by the corner of the office, growling

She was frozen by the corner of the office, growling

Sunday night, Bob had an incident involving none other than our dog “Stupe”, who almost never gets caught up in events. Well, never, not almost never. Bob had taken all the dogs out to the yard to relieve themselves. All dutifully followed him back in but Stupe. After 10 or so minutes, Bob, who was already inside and had taken his shoes off, went out to call her from the door. “STUPE!”, he yelled loudly out the back door toward the yard. “STUPE!” No Stupe came back, nothing but an echo from a neighbor across the creek yelling “STUPE!” back. Finally, Bob suited up and put his shoes back on, and headed toward the yard. And there was Stupe, in a frozen stance by the corner of the “office” out-building, staring at the corner and growling a deep, low, guttural growl. It was right about at this moment that Bob immediately regretted not taking Niko out with him. He had to go over in the snow and physically pull Stupe away from the building corner as she growled. He came in with her and told me what had “held her up”. We don’t know what it was about, but Stupe is usually completely oblivious to anything going on.

Aside from that, the only thing we’ve really noticed is the drumming/vibration, fairly regularly, and fairly pronounced over the last couple of days:

Bob, in an email, Monday morning, Jan. 27: Heard some serious drums and rattles when I checked the apartment this morning.

And then Tuesday morning, Jan. 28, email from Bob: Very LOUD drums and rattles in the apartment this morning, to the point of distraction, as soon as I open the door into apartment it is RIGHT THERE.

My email back to Bob, Jan. 28: Interesting what’s going on in the apartment. I’ve been hearing the “vibration” for a couple of days now, but I never hear anything out there. Last night, it was apparent when I pulled in the driveway.

And then on Feb. 4, I emailed to Bob:  I meant to mention that there was “movement” in our room last night – Nuttah is now on my bedside table and not on the TV table. This was last night when I came up to bed. Anything?

(Meaning did Bob pick up any presence the night this move happened.)

Bob to me: Not that I am aware of. Glad she is still about. Worry about her.

When I was getting ready to post this update, I put the term “Lenape Drumming” into an image search engine, to try to find something to add to the post. I have copied the picture of the result, because I think it is funny:

And this was on a different computer too; I was not on the desktop that I do this work on

And this was on a different computer too; I was not on the desktop that I do this work on

November 27, 2013

Nuttah drops in the day before Thanksgiving

Nuttah and her papoose, Bob's stone, a turtle and a sprig of asters are positioned above my keyboard.

Nuttah and her papoose, Bob’s stone, a turtle and a sprig of asters are positioned above my keyboard.

The next day, on November 27, 2013 at 7:14 AM, Bob wrote this email:

When I  came in from taking out the pups early this morning, I had a “sense” of something and both Niko and Red went to the office door and danced and whined in front of it to get in. I didn’t let them, instead sent them upstairs and put them back to bed and then went in to check out the office, but by then had no sense of anything. Didn’t look around because I don’t know how anything was to begin with, but didn’t sense anything. By the way, I had that same dream again last night. Woke at same point. Pretty cool.

My email back to Bob at 9:16 AM: I wonder what Niko and Red would have found, had you let them in the office, because we had a visit! I look at her character’s position every day when I walk in the office, and immediately coming in here I knew there had been a change. She now sits facing me from behind my keyboard, the turtle and her papoose are in front of her, your stone and a sprig of the now-wasted purple asters are literally on the keyboard, such that if I was to try to use those keys, I’d have to move the stuff. I will take and send a picture later, and of course write up a new blog entry. I wonder what this was about, since you didn’t sense anything. They were quiet when you brought them back up, they just settled right down and went to sleep.

Bob at 9:38 AM: Cool, so it must have been going on when I had  a “sense” of something, guess I should have gone in the office then. Just glad she is still with us. Kind of weirded out when I think about that dream of the scared wolf pup, I would like to see what it is that it is running from, just can tell it is something big and dark. Not pleasant I am sure.

So, to what do we owe this visit? The last time I was certain that she “dropped in” was October 25, which I wrote up in the post called “Oh no, Where did the Pups Go?” So it’s been almost exactly a month. I believe there might be a self-imposed limit on the contact, but we don’t know the reasons for that. I am still thinking that, when I have some time, I will create a whole new set of characters, even all 4 of the pups just to see where things stand now. I think she needs some new inspiration to work with. I guess for now, that no news is good news.

August 9, 2013

Other Witnesses

Often Bob and I look back over these events of the last 3 and a half years with some amount of disbelief. Sometimes we question our own sanity, or look back and think, “Could this really be happening?” We begin to doubt ourselves, and I sometimes page through my blog entries to re-read over past events and I know that I didn’t make it up. It is as “real” to us as anything “real” can be. But there is definitely sometimes doubt clouding our thoughts, and believe me, we do not talk much about this to anyone. I have a small handful of people that I discuss it with, but even some of them have stepped away from it, unable to either process, believe, or take in what is going on. Who knows what they really think of it. That is why, when something happens to someone else here at our house, it validates our experience, and we start thinking, “Okay, it’s not just us… maybe we are not ‘stepping off'”.

What I’m getting to, is an “event” that happened in early August. It was, to be precise, the week of Musikfest… a big annual music festival that takes place nearby in Bethlehem, PA. Kate and I go every year for one evening of the 10-day long “fest”, usually on a week night because of the crowds. This year was no different, but along with me and Kate, her boyfriend, “Nate” and a friend of his, “Matt” also came along. The plan was for them to all spend the night, because Musikfest both allows and encourages drinking, and they were going to do plenty of it. Besides a Lanta bus, I was the designated driver.

When we all got safely back, I set up sleeping arrangements for the guests, and gave them only 2 instructions, as I was going to bed: “Don’t smoke in the house, and don’t be outside when Bob gets up to go to work, because we haven’t introduced “Matt” to the dogs yet, and Bob will be letting them out. They might not react too kindly to strangers in the dark”. They agreed, and I went to bed. Bob got up without incident at about 3-something AM. Kate and I were up well before the 2 guys, and sat out on the deck having coffee. When the guys came out later to join us, I was to learn there had been an overnight “event”. Hmmmmmmmmm…..

I texted this to Bob, August 9th, 10:06 AM: “Nate and Matt had an ‘encounter’ last night.

Bob must have sent a reply text trying to guess what it was, but I don’t seem to have that text anymore.

I wrote back to him, 10:13 AM: “Nope. The ‘shadow family’ or Nuttah paid a visit to them on the deck. Kate and I had gone to bed.”

A figure walks by the lit up kitchen window, witnessed outside by Nate

A figure walks by the lit up kitchen window, witnessed outside by Nate

Here is what ‘Nate’ described. They’d been sitting out on the deck, it was about 2 am.  They were outside, both because they were smoking, and because they didn’t want their talking to wake anyone up. Matt was sitting with his back to the house facing the creek, and Nate sat across from him looking toward the house and the lit up kitchen window. At some point, as they were talking, Nate saw a figure in the kitchen walk by the window toward the door to the deck. He thought it was me or Kate coming out to get them. That’s not a huge distance to cover, and at the point when the ‘person’ should have reached the door, nothing was there, but Nate kept watching, waiting for someone to appear. All of a sudden, Matt, who’d been facing Nate talking, suddenly turns his head quickly to his left as if someone has just walked up to him. There is also nothing there, but he shudders, says to Nate, “what was that?” Nate responds, “I don’t know, but I just saw someone walk by that lit window, and then nobody came out. At least I didn’t think they did.”

They looked at each other, thinking, “What just happened here?”, and decided since it was nearing 2:30 AM, they better wrap it up and go to bed.

The pups relax on the deck on a summer morning

The pups relax on the deck on a summer morning

It was not to end there though. Over several cups of coffee out in the August warmth on the deck the next morning, Matt was to describe a feeling of being followed and watched in the house when he came back in. He felt that he was followed to the bathroom. He felt the presence of ‘something’ as he laid on the makeshift bed I put on the floor of the ‘office’. He felt someone was sitting there, watching him sleep. He woke up a lot and felt the presence each time. He said he was not afraid of it, that it seemed to be female, and that it seemed to be harmless. Even ‘good’ in a way, not evil or with any bad intent. He also reported odd electronic things during the night: a light on and then off, a clock ticking, and then not ticking, a distant muffled conversation that he couldn’t clearly hear, but knew there was a conversation going on. He also admitted, although he had not felt comfortable commenting on it when he first arrived, that just walking into the house the first time, he had picked up on something that he just described as “different”. Some kind of “force” or “feeling”.

There was also the fact that when I finally did introduce Matt to the dogs for the first time, Niko completely accepted him without issue. (This is definitely not the case with everybody – there are some that will never get near him). I thought this was interesting. Another odd thing was that Matt was initially kind of judgmental about us having kept the dog that had bitten our kids in the face. I think he thought we should have given him up, that there was something wrong with keeping him. I’m okay with people thinking that, and I don’t try to defend what we did, I just know that it’s [going to be] necessary for us to have him here. But after Matt met him and interacted with him for awhile, he left here with his mind changed about that. Or at least that’s what it seemed to me.

I quizzed Nate later to get more details on exactly what he saw walk by the kitchen window. How tall? Male or female? What length of hair? He held his hand above the kitchen sink in front of the window at the approximate height of the being that he saw. It appeared that “she” was somewhat shorter than either me or Kate. “She had a lot of long, dark hair. Definitely a girl. I thought it was you or Kate coming out to get us”.

My thoughts? It was Nuttah. Bob has seen her once in our house. She appeared in a mirror behind Bob as he was looking into it. She is here much more than anyone actually sees her, so why show herself now? Or is it some ability in Nate that he was able to get the ‘visual’ part? Matt certainly had a sense of her being there, but did not ‘see’ her. Bob reported picking up on absolutely nothing all night. He was surprised by this interaction. I didn’t pick up anything either, but was sleeping pretty soundly. We are just left to wonder, why reveal yourself now? Did she have something in mind?

June 15, 2013

Loop Quantum Gravity? What on earth does it mean?

So there is a finite number in front of me now to “catch up” with the posts of summer. Then we will be into September (which is the actual month I write in at this time) and since “activity” is relatively infrequent at the moment (but still does happen) I should be able to keep up with it. It would be nice finally to be able to post something the day it happened. There would probably be a lot more energy and excitement about it from me, because it would be new, not writing it up months later, when I am trying to remember everything else that was going on too. Anyway, that said, I just counted, and there are possibly 15 more posts to finish with the summer. Surprisingly many, actually, considering it felt like a “slow” summer. A lot of those incidents concerned pets. Soon to come.

On June 13th, Bob wrote this email:
Last night on deck was unexpected. Out of nowhere, just relaxing with a brew, Bang, there they were. Niko tried to lick Nuttah. He went right through, didn’t perturb him. He sat next to Teme and Nuttah smiled , said “An’na” and it was over. Like it never happened. Maybe it never did.

Me: Interesting visit from Nuttah. Wonder what that was about, we haven’t seen/heard from her in so long, and I saw no changes in the house (that I noticed) whatsoever. I have been trying to have a dream about her, hasn’t worked yet.

That was just a brief “deck visit”, where Bob is just sitting there with our pups, and Nuttah breezes in with Teme to say hello.

Then the next day, Bob sent this email:
“Oh, and just for the record, in the event I am not around, listen for these [terms] when you hear and see the “news” in the future: LQG (loop quantum gravity) and electromagnetism. LQG is not quite accurate, but it is going to lead to the understanding that Hawkings is not quite right about black holes. They are not (as conventional wisdom perceives them) where standard and quantum physics break down, but rather where a higher order of these take place. Black holes are a path to elsewhere. They are not the end of energy, they do not violate the laws of physics, in fact, they are not actually holes at all, at least not the way we think of them currently.”

Later, Bob was to email me a link that was to explain that better. He wrote, “This is it. It is what I have been saying, only easy to understand. It’s what I told your Mom at Rosemont Cafe. This is great. It is what Nuttah understands”: Here is the link to the article, and a graphic below from it. I wish he hadn’t said “easy to understand”. I printed it out, and sat with a highlighter trying to read it and understand it. It was pretty much hopeless. Some of the comments were helpful, but the article? I still don’t understand. What is it going to take? Some great awakening? Oh, and don’t be perturbed by the fact that this post is dated June, and the article is 8/28/13: Bob did mention it in June, and then emailed me the link to the article a couple of months later. One more reason to get caught up.

A graphic from the article linked above.

A graphic from the article linked above.

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March 21, 2013

Post ceremony observations, characters rearranged!

The next morning, after the ceremony from the prior post, Bob wrote me this email:

3/21: 6:50 AM: I slept well after a somewhat eventful beginning of the evening. How was Niko when you got home? He seemed good when I was going to bed.

Bob continues: I was trying to remember some of the clothing and ornamentation of the main participants last night; Nuttah was dressed in skins but was wearing quite a bit of adornment, mostly bright colored feathers and jewelry; I am sure they all had some meaning. She was also wearing a turtle shell with I think wolf skin and tail attached. I know the symbolism of that. So it looks as though the reenactment of the end of the invasion will be blended into their Spring Ritual as they are both a renewal of life. Interesting that both clans have come together to form one, don’t know if it will remain. Politics may or may not allow it.

Me at 9:12 am: That was a pretty eventful night! I’m glad you were part of something, I was wondering how that was going to go. Kind of thought there would be something, not sure why, but it’s been their way. There were no changes in house that I noticed. Niko seemed pretty exhausted to me by the whole thing. He didn’t even get up until it was time to go out and go to bed. I was busy at computer, he just laid there the whole time, barely wagged his tale as I went by. He was wiped out.

That evening, though, when I was arriving home from work at about 10 PM, I got out of my car in the driveway and immediately noticed the loud hum that usually signifies we’ve either had or are having some activity. Knowing about Bob’s experience from the night before, I glanced up at my office window that faces the driveway and immediately noticed that the “Nuttah” character was no longer on the window ledge, where I had placed her about a week ago. That means that there was a change, and I rushed into the house and into my office to see if it was there. I wrote Bob this email that same night:

3/21, 11:00 p.m. MAJOR change with the characters on my desk!

This whole arrangement is between my computer monitor and the keyboard. Bob and I flank Tëme/Niko/Duke, a large heart points from Nuttah’s character to Tëme, Nuttah sits atop a pewter turtle, the small silver heart-charm sits to Nuttah’s right and lastly, Bob’s stone is to her left:


January 14, 2013

Nuttah has a warning, and furniture moves in the house.

The morning of January 14, Bob sent this email: We had a visit from Nuttah last night, I don’t think you were even in bed yet, but not sure. She was on your side of bed and just sitting. She then said something that kind of unsettled me, something to the effect that “I can go several more times”. She actually had an exact amount but I was unsure of what it was, and after that, if I go I will not come back. Not nice. She seemed happy and very (not sure how to describe) proud, ecstatic, awed, not sure. I guess about their return to normalcy. Baby is well. Not much else.

Me, 1/14: I thought you might have something to report, because I came up last night to the first change on the table in a while. Just minor movement, but a change nevertheless. Glad to know they are doing so much better, and baby is well, the other part is pretty disturbing. It was definitely before I was in bed.

That night when Bob was home and talking to me on the phone while I’m still at work, he exclaimed about a loud noise coming from somewhere else in the house.

“Geez… what was that!?”, he exclaimed.

“What!!??”, I wanted to know.

While I waited on the phone, Bob went to investigate. He went out to where it sounded like the noise came from, our laundry area on the first floor. There, in the center of the floor, moved out about 2 feet from the wall, was our big wooden laundry “hamper”. It’s actually kind of a big storage bench with a lid, we use it for the dirty laundry. It’s not light, especially fully loaded. And there is was, moved. By who, and why?

Bob heard the same sound again later, but this time, couldn’t find anything moved. Here is a picture below of the laundry chest in the middle of the floor. You can see the dust on the floor where it had been.

A 100 lb. or better laundry chest, completely full. Bob hears a loud noise while on the phone with me, and finds it in the center of the floor!

A 100 lb. or better laundry chest, completely full. Bob hears a loud noise while on the phone with me, and finds it in the center of the floor!