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March 17, 2012

The first appearance of “The Evil One”

And then we move on to something very different that started happening in early March. That was the first inkling of it, and these events actually caused me to just stop writing about it. A couple of reasons: I’ve already mentioned the time factor, and I won’t belabor that point, however, it was (is) a factor. Part of that though, is just Bob and me taking more time to enjoy ourselves together. It is not, by any means, all work and no play. (Though sometimes it feels like that and I think just about any working person could relate) But the other reason, and perhaps even more prevalent, was I just didn’t want to bring any more attention to something so odd and potentially evil, as if to do that would make it real, or even worse, make it happen. Up to that point, more than 2 years into our “events”, we’d really been dealing mostly with Nuttah, and people or animals that she introduced. This one, fortunately, seemed completely disconnected from Nuttah.  It started with a dream Bob had on March 14, 2012:

Bob writes me this email on March 14, 6:30 AM

I had the most bizarre dream last night during my tortured sleep. There was this guy that looked like he might have been Vietnamese, a real wise ass; he was sent on a mission to kill me in all of my “lives”, nice guy. His first attempt in this one failed, I think he was successful in others. After he failed (tried to shoot me with high powered rifle), he confronted me and said he would succeed. He was a real asshole. He pissed me off, I’ll keep description of dream short, I decided I would turn the table on him and go after him. I ended up finding him as he thought he was following me and beat him to death with his rifle butt. Alarm was going off as I was putting the rifle down beside him. He was a real asshole. Really weird dream. Heard loud bass drum and rattle while struggling to go to sleep last night.

Me, 3/14 at 9 AM:  That dream was weird. I hope that it was not prophetic. You seem to be getting all these warnings. Then there is the faction that is working to warn you and keep you alive, perhaps against the one that is trying to kill you in all of your lives. Stranger than fiction. Make sure Paulo [person at Bob’s work] doesn’t also have it in for you, did he look like the wise-ass? I’d be curious if the woman upstairs has something to tell you today.

Of course we wondered if this dream was just a random dream or was it related to our “events”?

Sprigs of early Snowdrops appear on my keyboard on March 17

Then on Saturday, March 17th, I came into my office to find flowers lying wilting on my keyboard. These are the first of the early spring flowers, and since we had such an unusually warm winter, I think they popped out even earlier this year. They are the Snow Drops. Then, the same day, Bob reports having contact with Nuttah while he is building the fire that morning. He says it is just concern and “nuxa”? I have to look this up from the early days – Bob says he hasn’t heard it in a long time. (It means “Father”). While I was out the morning of the 17th, I took the foggy picture below,  and also returned with some flowers which I  put in a small glass in front of Nuttah on our dresser. Later when I checked, the flowers were gone.

A picture taken in the fog of March 17, 2012

June 6, 2011

Event #226: Monday, June 6, 2011

About a week or so after his previous visit, on May 26th, Bob was treated to sort of an explanation, after much wondering and speculation on our part. Was it a ceremony? Something that had to do with him? Bob didn’t know what to make of it, and he was there. And what about the disconcerting return of Bob and our pups in a different spot?

Written by Bob, Monday, June 6th, sent 7:35 pm:

The ceremony was in honor of the anniversary of the death of her father. The white merganser is there every year at the anniversary, it is believed to be her Mother, An’na.  Her father was given the honorific name kitchi, post mortem for his courage throughout his life and in his death saving his daughter. His death was a major loss to the community/tribe. He was an excellent hunter and provider.

She is trying to atone for what she believes is her fault and responsibility in the loss by being a great shaman/medicine woman to her tribe. I told her it is not her fault, that she knows any parent would have done the same as her Father did.

She approves of YOUR garden, it makes her happy to see it and gives her comfort for our well being. An’na is doing what she has always done, once again. Thank you. Wanishi. All 5 pups sitting quietly. I did not put you in the wrong place, I returned you to where you were. You moved yourself.

May 26, 2011

Event #223: Thursday, May 26, 2011

I’m having to re-number the “events”, as this in fact is #223, but since I skipped over it back in May (that was Bob’s request), things are now out of order. So I’m dating this event the actual day that it occurred, which was May 26. This might be confusing, but please bear with me as I get caught up and current, then hopefully it will make sense, as much as any of this can make sense.

On May 26, at about 7 pm, Bob wrote me this email:

Well, Dukey, Waffles and I went on a journey tonight. Sitting outside with a brew and puppies and sweating my ass off, suddenly Whoosh and Nuttah arrive in an almost wind and then I am there, at their place. It caught me so completely off guard that I, for a moment couldn’t breathe. Duke and Waffles unphased. The wolf puppies are there. We head immediately upstream to a bend in the creek, it is a still, deep pool. On the edge of the pool/creek  there are 6 men facing the water, nude and covering themselves in mud from the creek and in the middle of some sort of chant. I can see past them and the white merganser is floating in the pool, completely unphased by their presence. Just like the mallards and Ima were with us; oblivious. I don’t know what they were saying and Nuttah got a little irritated when I kept looking around and trying to ask what was going on, I felt EXACTLY like I did as a kid in church when my parents would “shoosh” me. The puppies, all four, went and sat by the men and faced the creek, completely obedient and respectful. I was the clueless one. The men chanted and rubbed creek mud on themselves for a long time, at least 20 minutes, I think. There were 4 older men and 2 younger. I kept feeling Whoosh behind me, Nuttah was holding my arm and rubbing my forearm, but focused on the water. I put my hand on hers and I could tell she was happy I did. I turned to try and see Whoosh because it was a constant presence.  Finally I saw Whoosh. It is the 2 elder gents. They both put their hands on my face when I turned, as if saying, don’t worry, focus on the ceremony. But I can’t understand what the men are saying. I do know we won’t be able to show the merganser to anyone else, nor the mallards we saw. As quickly as it happened we are back, with one BIG exception. Waffles, Duke and I are on the other side of the bridge, about 20 feet from the road. That freaked me out a bit. Made our way back and trying to sort things out. Your thing with ducks has meaning. Meaning beyond this life. Not sure I want this published.  I love you Wup An’na, so does your daughter, Nuttah. She cried when I got the connection between you and the white merganser.

Hearts point at me and our characters

Bob and I talked on the phone after I read this email, and neither of us knew what to make of his “relocation”. That was the first time that happened. It was as if he left from the deck, and he and the pups were returned somewhere else, like there was a slight flaw in the process. Slight. Bob was freaked. “What if she put me back inside a wall, or something?”, he wondered. Or I wondered, “Yeah, how about on a highway, and you don’t have time to move?” The ramifications were pretty perturbing.
Then that night when I came home there was a new arrangement on my desk of Nuttah’s and my character. I took a picture, and have included it here.

December 14, 2010

Event #156: December 14, 2010

I came home tonight late, as I’d stayed to help the office manager clean up after a big meeting. They’d had a dinner, etc. and it was a big mess, and I left work much later than usual; it was 11:30 when I got home. I went immediately to tend to our stove, and as soon as I entered our living room on the other side of the closed door, I could hear her “buzz”. It was very strong down there. The buzz followed me upstairs, even stronger in the bedroom. I looked around for something that might have “occurred”, because Bob had not mentioned anything in particular when we’d spoken on the phone earlier. And there it was: writing in the notebook. When is the last time that has happened?

New words in the notebook tonight: Anaty Nuxa

I excitedly picked it up; it was just two words, and here they are, in the photo to the right. The buzz continued, and even followed me as I walked back over to this part of the house and into the bathroom. I have yet to hear it in the office though, and have never heard it in the kitchen either. I went to bed with it very strong in the room and in my ear, variable in intensity, undulating, but always a similar tone, like the playing of the lowest string on a string-bass, and doing whatever you can with just that tone. Why it changes in intensity (How it changes in intensity??), and what it all means, is beyond me. I’m not even sure what it is that I’m hearing. I just know I am hearing something. Here are the excerpts from our emails Wed. morning:

Bob: Btdubs, Nuttah said hi. She called you Anoty, Anaty, Anoti, something along those lines.
I asked, I think I did anyway, if you could see her. I think she said she has tried, but it is not easy, she will continue to try. She indicated that she has hugged you.
Wobble on! I love you Awup,An’na, Anaty,Anoti…..funny how your pet name turned out somewhat close.

Me: I slept well, despite the loud buzz! I knew something was up as soon as I came into our living room, I could hear her loud even downstairs. Got louder upstairs, and then I was surprised to see writing again in the notebook. It’s been awhile. Is that the nicknames for both of us? I haven’t felt the hug, that I’m aware of. Maybe I’m asleep? Did you “Talk” about anything else?

Bob: I know nuxa is father, I think that Anaty or however it is spelled, is mother or some endearing term for mother, again, I am only guessing.

August 25, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curiously, there has been nothing at all since the 18th, when I was so excited about getting flowers. No activity at all. Nothing moved on the dresser, no notes in the notebook, no visions, no reports from Bob. Although, in our discussions, I have asked him if anything is happening, and the answers to me seem slightly evasive. The only thing that I can report that is new, is the introduction of Kate to the journals. A couple weeks ago she had asked us if anything related to the stuff she’d heard about last winter was still happening. I guess since stuff was so fresh and new to us, having happened just that week, we might have looked a bit… shall we say… hesitant to answer in a forthright way. Well, she picked up on that right away, and the gist of this conversation was that we agreed to share the journals I’ve been keeping with her. We were not going to elaborate on it right then and there, but she could read the journals over time.  I’ve kept a written narrative of everything that has gone on since it began last December or January. I guess it is okay now that she is no longer living with us. That was our original reason for not sharing the info with Kate – she lived here then, and we thought the stuff that was happening would really put her over the edge. I was so freaked out at times, I did not want to impart that on to her. We did tell Stewey, but at the time, he was away at college and it was not happening under the same roof he was under. So… Kate has read Part 1, the original moving of things about the room, and tonight I gave her Part 2a. I divided Part 2 into “a”, and “b”, so as not to give the whole thing away at once, because it will be in Part 2b, that she learns her own Dad’s role in all of this. Not sure how she will take that…

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August 5, 2010

Event #91: Thursday, August 5, 2010

I took a picture of how I left everything so I could remember

I took a picture of the way that I left the bureau this morning. This is just so that I am sure when there are future changes. The picture is to the left.

When I got home Thursday evening, I went upstairs to change, and noticed nothing amiss in the room. The bureau arrangement was just as I’d left it that morning. It’s getting complicated with all those little objects, and I usually can’t remember where I put stuff anyway, so it’s good to take a picture, that way I know definitely if stuff moved. Otherwise, I would just guess, unless it was something really obvious. Sometimes it is (really obvious), other times it’s pretty subtle. Which is why when I did finally come up and lay down in bed, I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t seen this. I didn’t even notice it right away, but as I’m adjusting myself in bed, something above me caught my eye, and I realized that after all this time, she has rearranged, of all things, the ducks again! There we are, like a little duck family; the 3 of us moved to the edge of the closet, the big “Dad” duck, the “Mama” duck, and little Nuttah duck right between us. The other 2 little ducks were left where they had been. Here is a photo. Here is the email I sent Bob about it:

The ducks moved yet again

On another note, I thought nothing in the room was re-arranged until I laid down in bed — and then I saw… the DUCKS. She hasn’t moved the ducks in months, but there we are like a little duck family, the Dad, the Mom, and Nuttah with the little yellow ribbon around her neck arranged toward the end of the closet with her between us. How cute. I’ll send you a picture.

And he wrote this back to me:
I haven’t had time to write but, yes, Nuttah was there at 10:08 last night. I woke to her calling “nuxa” or nuca, something like that. I knew immediately it was “father” though, which is kind of interesting. I’m sure I have heard it before.

My return email: Did you wake up at any point last night and think that Nuttah was there? I was wondering if I was getting  the sense of her maybe around midnight…

Bob to me: She was there until at least 1AM.

Any mine to Bob: Yeah, I thought so. I was up alot, and getting visions. Nothing I can identify, though, unfortunately.

And then Bob back to me: M R DUCKS. They b funny. She hasn’t messed with ducks in a long time. As strange as it is, it would feel strange if this all suddenly stopped. I worried about her the time we had a hiatus, last thing I need is more to worry about.

And then there was one other odd event that I also think happened on Thursday night, but Bob can’t remember for sure. I know I came up to the bedroom and I found Joe downstairs, not upstairs in bed where he usually is. Finding him downstairs lately, means that there is a reason he is down there. And this night, according to what Bob told me later, it was Bob that spooked Joe. Well, sort of… it was the person of Bob, but apparently he did not look like Bob– he looked like what he might have looked like “then“. This has happened before; once with the dogs, who of course should have recognized him, but didn’t. And our theory is that Bob’s appearance at least, has changed into his Lenape character at least twice now that he knows of. Then there was that time that I mentioned in a previous post where I looked different to Bob.

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July 25, 2010

Event #85: Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have to try to remember how this conversation went with me & Bob on the river. We were tubing on Saturday, it was ridiculously hot, and we’d brought 3 beers apiece to drink. Summery stuff, but beer nevertheless. We brought an extra tube just to carry the beer cooler. So I don’t remember if it was after the 2nd or 3rd beer. Probably the 3rd, cause we were both really feeling it. And I also don’t remember now how it came up. Maybe Bob does. He can sometimes recall conversations better than I can, especially if I’ve had a couple drinks.

I think what happened is that I was asking questions about “her” relationship with her Dad, and I think Bob started to talk about what had happened the last time he “went there”. That was the time he learned that “he” had only had one mate his entire life and that had been Nuttah’s mother. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in any of the previous posts (I don’t think I have), but for awhile now, Bob has known that Nuttah’s mother died giving birth to her. So Nuttah never knew her mother, and had an especially close relationship with her father as a result of being motherless. Even after Nuttah’s mother died, “he” had never again taken another mate. It was years later that HE died, rescuing Nuttah from drowning, but he never took another wife in all that time. And Bob got the impression from this information being imparted by Nuttah, that this was very unusual in their culture/clan.

So after divulging this information, Bob continued:

“And she told me that I am that way in my current life, and apparently WE have been together for a very long time”.
“What do you mean? I asked through the beer haze.
“I mean we have not only been together in this life, at this time…”

It wasn’t really immediately clear to me what Bob meant, so I pressed on.
“So we’ve been together as a couple before – in another life?” It was suddenly dawning on me what he might be inferring. Could I be involved in this past-life scenario too?
“We have not just been together as a couple in this life”, he said again.
“Were we together THEN?” I wondered.
“Yes”, was Bob’s response.
“We were together as a couple ‘then'”?? me again, dense.
“Yes.” Same answer as last time.

“So…  am I the MOTHER!???” I almost screeched it. Luckily, we were far out on the river.
“It would appear that way…” answered Bob.
WOW, how do you know??!” I wondered.
“She said as much”
Said?” How did she tell you that? I wondered. “And when was this?”

I am sure this moment for me was similar to Bob hearing the words way back when: “She wa nux”. The words that meant he was being introduced:
This is my father”.

In a way, I felt a thrill of excitement, fear, wonder and confusion all rolled into one. Pretty hard to describe, however, overriding it all (besides the beer buzz), was this feeling that suddenly it made sense. That maybe I had kind of known or suspected this earlier, but just put it out of my head because events so clearly seemed to be “happening” to Bob, and Bob was the one the “conversations” took place with, the one who “went there”, was shown things, the one whose head she got into. So I was a little astounded, to say the least. But I took it in stride like everything else that had happened thus far. Or I think I did.

Then Bob continued, “It was the last time I went there”.
I knew this was weeks ago at this point.
“Well, why didn’t you tell me before?” I wondered… “Why didn’t you tell me then, when you found out?”

Bob explained that he was afraid how I would take it. He was already feeling so overwhelmed and perturbed by the things that had been divulged to him, and didn’t want to, shall we say, “burden” me with this knowledge. And reading back over the notes of that last time, there were clues then.  For instance, it started with this comment from Nuttah the last time Bob was “there”:

“It is important to her that we are together, as she put it, I think anyway, ‘in the long past and the long future’.”

And my response then: “Does her comment also mean that it is no accident that we are together?”

And then Bob’s response to me:  “Yes, it is no accident we are together. Apparently a very long time.”

I guess I should have gotten it then. Or gotten something out of that.

“And so why are you telling me now”? I wondered.

“Because I’ve had too much beer”, he answered. Which kind of meant to me that he might not have divulged this for some time, had we not had this day of drinking/floating on the river. Which, by the way, is an excellent way of spending a hot summer afternoon. And after finding out that we are apparently the parents of a young Lenape Indian girl, born approximately 1590 AD, all I could think of to do at that point was raise my beer bottle, and click mine with Bob’s  in a toast: “Well, then, I guess congratulations are in order” I joked.

And then, later that night, I had my own experience with “her” time. Or I guess I should begin to think of it as “our” time. I will have to relate this with the emails that Bob and I sent back and forth the following morning.

May 21, 2010

Event #65: Friday, May 21, 2010

And then in the morning, this was Bob’s email to me:
I took a mini-vacation last night. As is always the case, nothing Nuttah does or shows me is without significance. We sat by the creek last night, just her, teme and me, although I could see and hear the others behind us, it seemed to be for some time, but I know time is relative to the circumstance, so perception is, in this case, irrelevant. She motioned and spoke to me about her happiness that I was there and then brought up the meteor again. This time she showed me a stone she carved depicting the event. But it was not my event, at least, not this most recent event. It was one she and her father had together that had an apparently profound impact and significance to him personally and the clan as a whole. The stone was of emotional significance to both her and her father. Very strong emotions were imparted when I saw it. It was just a little stupey gold stone with very crude scratched lines depicting the meteor and lines indicating herself and her father. I didn’t get the full significance of the event, not because I couldn’t but because she determined not to tell all, yet. Another very interesting development is that I noticed last night, I am understanding what she says when she speaks, but now, like a dream, I don’t remember the words AT ALL when I return. No idea whether it is me or her doing something, I suspect both. I’ll write or tell more later, have manual labor to do. See you tonight.

And then my email back to Bob:
You’re not going to believe this, but she left the stone on the dresser. I came up and noticed the hearts moved, pointing at you, but on closer inspection, the one I thought was a heart, was not; it was a stone, just like you described. I don’t know if you saw me turn on the light at the bureau to see it better. I did not interpret the one scratch as a meteor, but one roughly looked like an “N”. I thought it was her initial. There is something on the back as well. I’ll take a picture and send it to you, but I guess you don’t really need it; you’ve already seen it. I thought that was a new twist: her objects being left in the room. Now I know what that was about. Was it clear that your meteor sighting was an “event”?

A special carved stone from "HER" time!

And Bob sent this to me:
Send a picture, don’t lose the stone! That would be unbelievable! Yes, it is an event beyond doubt. What you perceived as an “N” is two stick figures joined. The taller stick being her father, the smaller her, hands holding between.

And again, I will insert this amazing picture of a stone she brought forth to our century in 2010 from when… 1615 AD?

April 16, 2010

Event #52: Friday, April 16, 2010

Bob’s email to me this morning:
Well, it happened, I think. Really losing track of reality I am afraid. It was while you were there, sometime between 1:30 and 3, I think. “Nuxa, ktaholel, witayminen” not sure of the spelling but it is in my head and won’t go away and I know what it means. New twist, and it shows that nothing Nuttah does is without purpose or meaning, unless I am dreaming all this, really out of it today, more than ever. Even holding this thing seems strange. Writing this in bits as I have time, while I do my meaningless nonsense. Two new characters were introduced to me, which I now understand why only Wobbles and Dukey came with last time. From the area by the long houses came running 2 animals they both just came bounding up to me and jumped and licked me, just like our puppies, well except Stupe. Temay, Tamay, Teme, Temmay, something like that, accent on the first syllable, doesn’t matter, I know what they are and they were glad to see me. Two wolves, apparently mine, it was also an unusual thing to have them. Not clear how I know that, but it is not a normal relationship. They were not pets in the way we have pets, more like friends, I may have left the program with this one.

While they played with me I noticed something I have not seen before, Nuttah smiled. The emotion was again overwhelming, it made me cry for her, making me cry as I write and remember it. A little too much for me right now.
I have to let go for now, I think I have stepped off.

And then my email to Bob:
Wow. What do you think I would have seen if I’d woken up and looked at you? You sleeping? I think I fell asleep right around 1, I remember hearing the beginnings of Coast to Coast. You know, now that you mention that, something did happen. There was this weird noise or flutter, right in the vicinity of our pillows, and I looked over to see if Joe was laying still or if he was awake and somehow making this noise, like scratching himself or something. You were still, he was laying there, but he was awake. Alert awake. And there was some very slight noise that made me look around, even look around into the room. I have no recollection at this point what time that was. What other things came out of this excursion? Anything else new? Did you feel like you recognized them too? Wow, this is a new twist. “Witayminen” is the same word as the last time you went. Time for coffee. I need a cup of coffee to dwell on this one. Glad you’re back.

English: you stay with us
Lenape: witaeminèn
I love you, ktaholel

And then Bob’s email back to me:
I know what the words mean, even without the translation, I know. Yes, I knew the puppies, just like I know ours. Both males. Nuttah called them temay, or temme or something like that and something else along with sign language signifying they were mine.

When she saw them playing with me as though they knew me she smiled, as if it confirmed her belief, it is the first time I saw or felt happiness from her. She hugged me and just held on tightly. It is still very overwhelming. I have never felt this removed from here in any of the past lunatic rantings. Really out of it and now I am heading to the paint booth.

The next morning, I looked up the word for “Wolf” on the site:

English: A wolf, coyote
Lenape: tëme

April 3, 2010

Event #45: Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am no closer today to being able to elaborate on the events of last week than I was then, so for the moment I will just let it go. George Noory, on Coast to Coast was interviewing a guest, who is the author of a new book of fiction called, “Entangled”. On the Coast to Coast site, I copied this information about this guest: “On Wednesday’s show, author and investigator Graham Hancock discussed his research of lost civilizations, ancient global cataclysms, and consciousness, as well as his new novel, which deals with time travel, Near Death Experiences, and the supernatural. His new book “Entangled” features a plot line in which two characters from different time periods, one current day, the other from the Stone Age, are able to communicate with each other through consciousness in order to stop the actions of an evil supernatural entity who appears in both time frames. The first chapters of the book are available for free online, along with videos of Hancock reading selections.”

I have emphasized in bold in the above paragraph the part that really sparked my interest. And I particularly emphasize “consciousness” there, because I think there is much to be explored there. I listened to a repeat of this guest on the show one night on the way home from work. It was a repeat on Satellite radio that night, but I would have loved to have been able to call in live to talk about what Bob has been experiencing. I’m sure the guest would have found it fascinating. I wrote him an email, but do not hold out hope that he will read it or respond.

This is the heart-charm on the corner of the dresser

Bob  said when we awoke this morning that she had been there last night around 1 or 1:15 am. There was no communication, she basically just passed through. I wondered if it was because I was there. When I left the bedroom, I was getting some socks out of my sock drawer, and I noticed that something on the bureau had been moved. It was a little heart charm. I’d brought it up from the office downstairs; don’t really know why, I’d left it on the bureau overnight. But not where it was this morning. It is moved down to the front left corner of the bureau – the end closest to Bob, and the tip is pointing at him. I had put it roughly in the middle of the bureau near the animal figurines.