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December 30, 2015

A Christmas Day Event!

December 25, 2015 — Christmas Morning — We are officially 6 years into our “events” as of this day. It started in December of 2009. I know that is hard to believe, at least for me it is… I have a hard time with the speed at which time passes, but I believe that is one of the pitfalls of age. Bob and I are both approaching our 60th!! birthdays. Goodness, how time flies. But I divert… I came down Christmas morning, and Bob asked me to look at an email he sent. He’d been up earlier with the dogs, who always, no matter how late we try to sleep, get us up before 8 AM (or at least get Bob up by 8 AM, sometimes earlier). We are LUCKY if we can sleep til 8. So here is the text of the email:

“Came out to office with dups this morning, Niko and Lu went right to door, Niko was whining to get in, Lu was making the strangest sound, not a whine, not a bark, didn’t even know what it was at first, didn’t think it was coming from Lu. Opened the office door and all three piled in ahead of me. Found this:

So there is a cross on the office chair. I should explain “office”. It’s not the office we have in the house, it’s an outer building, and it actually now houses an elliptical exercise machine that Bob and I use. We no longer use it as an “office” per se, but still refer to it as “the office”. In the infamous Ivan flood of 2004, this building was up to its windows in water, so we no longer use it as the home office. So there this cross sat, made out of the rolled up shades that our son Stewie had hung when he, for a time, used this out-building as his bedroom. They have sat out there since, and this day, Christmas Day, Nuttah (?) had seen fit to arrange them on a chair in a cross shape. So that means she does at least understand the meaning of our holiday, which is saying something, because Christianity is not something they would have even known about. She must be picking up the clues from present day.

As always, Stewie's paper doll character mysteriously shows up whenever he arrives in person.

As always, Stewie’s paper doll character mysteriously shows up whenever he arrives in person.

But speaking of Stewie, he and his girlfriend came out to visit and to stay overnight on Christmas Day. At one point, I was wondering if the Stewie “character” had joined us yet, as inevitably, every time Stewie had visited, his paper character would also mysteriously show up somewhere too. Never in the same place, but it would always make an appearance. I hadn’t seen the character yet, and Bob reported he had not either. I have certain places I do look for the arrival of the Stewie character, and sometime later on Christmas evening, I found him. And here he is, on the hutch in the foyer, hiding behind this silly Oaxacan donkey. I have yet to post all the year’s worth of appearances of this character, but he shows up every time the actual Stewie does, and when we say good-bye to Stew, the character is always still there, and then Stewie leaves, and we come back in the house and it’s gone. I don’t have any idea where he “resides” in the intervals, but certainly nowhere that we can find him.


May 26, 2013

Another incident in the “office” and Bob has a feeling of dread

Two things happened Memorial Day weekend. Well, “sort of” happened, we don’t really have anything to substantiate it except for Niko’s behavior. There was one overnight incident, when Bob felt the chill of ice creeping up over him from his feet on up. He got up to check things out because he had a “grave feeling of dread”. What he found was only Niko upstairs by our bedroom, outside the bathroom door, having “busted” out of the basement. He must have busted out for a reason though; being apart from Bob was probably difficult for him, and maybe Niko felt the chill of ice and grave feeling of dread too. What was THAT about?

Niko has bonded to Bob to serve as his protector

Niko has bonded to Bob to serve as his protector

Then on Saturday, May 25, Bob has an “incident” outside by the office as we’re readying to leave for a friend’s Memorial Day Barbeque. Bob came in from taking the pups out to relieve themselves. He says his adrenaline is still surging and his heart is beating like crazy.  What happened is that Niko literally attacks the office door and tries to get in the windows, snarling, barking and growling. Bob of course opens the door and checks around inside, but finds nothing. But after this incident, Niko won’t leave Bob alone. While Bob is taking a shower, Niko stakes himself on the floor outside the shower door, as if he can’t leave Bob’s side for a second.

Later, I went out with the pups. I specifically did this because I wanted to observe how Niko behaved this time as we approach the office, which is on the way to the yard. As we approach the door, Niko is cautiously looking around. I observe him glancing toward the office windows, then he stares down the gravel pathway leading to the office, looking out towards street, and glances up to the side of the house. This is definitely not his normal activity there. What was he looking for? What did he experience earlier when he attacked the door? Why does this keep happening? This is not the first time Niko has apparently “sensed” something going on in the office. I posted something in February about the same thing, and about how I always bring a light out with me when I take the pups out for their last spin in the yard at night. The room has some weird energy. It makes me nervous. I don’t go in there anymore, and yet we call it “the office” because it literally used to be my office. (Got destroyed in the flood brought on by Hurricane Ivan in September of 2004, but that is another story… I haven’t used it as an “office” since then). But what is the energy or entity that is hanging out out there? I wish it would go away, it’s a room we could probably use for something.

May 16, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day

A bouquet of flowers in front of Nuttah on my computer keyboard for Mother’s Day

I don’t have any notes about what happened this day, but I have a date on the picture that I took and it happened to be Mother’s Day! So I’m treating this as a very sweet Mother’s Day bouquet of flowers from Nuttah; simply one of my favorites, the early spring violet. After a week of Bob’s sightings of “Evil” it was nice to get something good.

Note about timing: I am still catching up, writing this on Sept. 25, 2012 about happenings in May.

January 28, 2012

Friday-Saturday, January 27-28, 2012

Friday, I was home and I worked for awhile emptying out a hutch/cabinet of a huge amount of books and stuff because I wanted it moved out of my office. I was going to exchange it for a different set of bookcases that were elsewhere in the house. This piece is, essentially, a dining room hutch, like a china cabinet. Stewie was coming up for the weekend and was going to be able to help us move a lot of stuff around in the house. He was also coming to pick up our little “Wobbler” dog, the one I walk with every morning. He is taking Wobbles to his new apartment with him. I am going to miss my little Wobbler, but a couple of events made this decision for us. First, Stewie wanted him. Second, more than a year ago the wobbler had figured out how to jump out of our yard, and has done so at least half a dozen times. Each time, thus far, he was brought back to us by good Samaritans because our address is on his collar. It was only going to be a matter of time before something tragic happened. We tried many ways to prevent the jumping, but he managed to thwart all of them. So, to Stewie’s he went. And with the china cabinet now empty, we awaited Stewie’s help in moving it. But he wasn’t going to be here ’til Saturday.

During the night (actually early Saturday morning) we were both awakened to some kind of noise outside our bedroom door, which is always closed due to the heat of the stove.  From my side of the bed, furthest from the door, all I can say is that it was a noise that woke me up. Bob is closest to the door, and described what he heard as footsteps of someone (or something) coming up the stairs. I think Bob was already lying there awake. I heard him sit up, and he didn’t get up right away. He said he was watching the door and saw the shadow of something moving past it in the space between the door and the floor, as there is a light on in the hallway that creates a crack of light there. This got him up out of bed, and he went around through another door to check on things, but there was nothing there. Curious that this kind of stuff doesn’t keep us up all night.

Stewie's small character sits in a corner of the emptied hutch, behind a glass panel

However, when we came down in the morning I stopped in the office for something. I don’t know what drew my eye there, but I glanced over at the empty hutch. There was now something in it, and I know it had been completely empty the day before. Inside the glass sliding door of the upper portion of the hutch, was Stewie’s character, which had not been here since his last visit around Christmas.

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

And yet, here he was. How did she know that Stewie would be involved in this moving today? Did I mentally picture the hutch being moved by Bob & Stewie as I emptied it? Did she somehow know that Stewie was on his way? However she picked it up, here was his character, and the real Stewie was in fact, on his way. Now I wonder if she will also pick up the fact that Wobbles went with Stewie too.

January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Except for the constant drumming in our ears and all the other unexplained odd noise in the house, as far as things moving around there has not been much activity since early January. But this morning we were treated to a blast from the past — it was the DUCKS again. When is the last time I even mentioned the ducks? I just checked. The last activity concerning ducks was July of 2011. They were left over in our old bedroom in a part of the house we rarely even go to anymore. Kind of sad, but we’ve more or less abandoned it, not only do we not really need the space since it is just the two of us now, but our insurance company has completely stalled on the matter, and we’ve not done anything to start fixing up from the Irene flood damage. So shut the door and forget it. Joe finally found us over here, and now lives on this side of the house with us.

The papa and little duck appear on the couch in the office

So what might have sparked “Duck” activity after all this time? Bob did tell me that he was out with the pups early this morning, and he mentioned scaring some ducks out of the creek. We actually haven’t even seen many ducks out back in the water this year, not really sure why. So when I entered the office for the first time today, I exclaimed to Bob, “Did you move these over here?” Bob hadn’t. What I consider to be the “Father” duck, and one of the “child” ducks, are seated on the part of the couch where Bob usually sits. This must have happened overnight or sometime that morning. Perhaps when Bob was out and saw ducks in the creek. The only thing that I was aware of, was when I awakened, I heard the drums. It’s not all that usual in the morning, not like it is at night — but this morning they were there. Bob mentioned hearing a “serious bass drum” when he awoke. And I just learned something today, listening to a previous Coast-2-Coast program on my new iPod. I’ve downloaded pod-casts, and I’m trying to keep up with the programming. I learned that people in Costa Rica and other parts of the world are hearing an unexplained “hum”. This was described by some as sounding like a “diesel engine some distance away”. I know at one point when I first started hearing “the hum/buzz”, that’s what I thought it sounded like. Or an airplane way overhead. Or a motor – once I even thought as I walked away from my car that I had somehow left the motor running, until I realized I was hearing the “hum” in the driveway. I’m wondering if the people in these other areas are hearing a motor-hum, or… are they hearing the same kind of hum I hear, and for the same reasons? Only time will tell.

December 13, 2011

Event #280: Monday night, December 12, 2011

Tonight, Bob & I spoke on the phone while I was at work. He said that while he was reloading the wood stove for the evening, there was a lot of “activity” in the room. “Multiple presences”, was how he described it. But this time no communication. There has been, at times, some information conveyed while Bob works at the stove. The fire does seem to be a direct conduit to their world. I don’t see it, but it works with Bob. There are enough times when I have put logs in that it could have happened, but doesn’t. Then again, only once or twice have I actually built the fire from scratch, and that seems to be when the communication happens. Such as in my last post, the conveyance of a message to Bob about a fire-starter. We should figure out how to make one.

There was something though, about what Bob said, or the way that he said it, that made me think we’d be in for a change. It’s been awhile, and I didn’t really know why. Even the buzz in my ear had died down. It was really strong there for a number of days, especially after I first brought it up that it was happening again, and then maybe for the last week or so, it was just gone. And no changes with the characters. So all the way home I thought about it. I had asked Bob to check the table for me while we were still talking on the phone, but there’s too much going on there for him to discern any changes. So up to the bedroom I went when I first got home. I stared at the table with the light from the TV. There was something different. More than one thing… a couple things missing… no Nuttah… and no ME! And a heart missing too. Where were we? I had a sneaking suspicion that we might be in the office. But what I found there surprised me even more. Here’s the picture of what I walked in to, all laid out on my keyboard:

On my keyboard tonight - 4 sprigs of clover and a heart

Behind the keyboard are my character and Nuttah, staring at me right now as I type here. The fresh, live clover is most surprising. I’ve had my eye out every day when I walk for anything that might still be alive, and there is nothing. We’ve had 2 nights in the 20’s, and even the diehard plants are done. Where did she come up with these? Well, obviously, in their time, it’s not that cold yet. I’m reminded all of a sudden, that this happened last year too. Right around this time. It was December, and she came up with a plant that was dead here, but still alive “there”. I just looked it up. This happened last year on Dec. 1, and it was an Evening Primrose plant. The clover on the keyboard was amazingly fresh. Not just in the fact that it was fresh and alive, like it’s the beginning of spring, but it looked like it had more or less just arrived. I think that this might have been the “action” that was going on when Bob was starting the fire. She was here then, and she was bringing the flowers in. I have them now in water, and they look like they were just picked. Thank you, Nuttah! xèli wanìshi. I’m happy to see flowers after so much time.

I noticed something else tonight. The “buzz” has returned. Only tonight, it sounded less like a “buzz” and more like a rhythm. As in drums. The beat was more defined, like I really was hearing drums. Not one drum, several, or many. The sound is really hard to describe. It was eery, especially considering the implications of what I heard. Gave me chills.

November 28, 2011

Events #274-276: Nov. 25 – 28, 2011

Stewie's character reappears on the couch where he slept

There were about 3 separate events that I photographed during the period surrounding Thanksgiving.
Event #274: First, our son, Stewie had arrived home and he spent the night before Thanksgiving on the pull-out couch in the office. We spent Thanksgiving Day elsewhere, and when we arrived home, I entered the office and found his character on the arm of the couch that he’d slept on. See the picture to the left. Neither Bob nor I were able to say where his character has even been all this time. I suspect it was in the out-building, the last place Stewie stayed before he moved out this summer.

2 new sprigs of yellow flowers are behind Bob's 'arm'

Event #275: Bob pointed this out to me, since I initially missed the new addition to the table-arrangement of figures. I think the table is just getting really cluttered, and it’s easy to miss a subtle, slight change. The arrangement of figures/corn/pups was basically the same, but while I had brought one yellow flower-sprig to the table from my walks, there were now 2 additional ones of the exact same flower. I guess this was Nuttah’s way of saying that the flower is flourishing in late November in her world as well as ours. I don’t have an i.d. on this flower. Also, I separated the sprigs out for a close-up of them below here:

A close-up of the flowers that appeared in the arrangement

Event #276: And one last thing, which requires just a bit of background info to understand. Bob’s sister, Rue had brought us a book to read, something she’d gotten by chance from a charity give-away. The book is called “Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication”, by Penelope Smith. Rue thought that we might find this book interesting given everything going on. Bob had already started to read it, and I came in one night (Monday night, 11/28) and saw the book sitting on the coffee table in our “stove-room”. But the book was not sitting there by itself. There was a turtle shell on the cover. It sat on the ‘face’ picture on the cover, front and center, as if it was the creature’s nose. This is a turtle shell that we had out on the front porch — it’s a real shell of a real turtle, and it has been on the porch outside for at least a couple of seasons.

The real turtle shell sits atop the cover of the "Animal Talk" book

I wrote Bob this email the next morning about it:
“Did you bring in the turtle shell from outside and place it on top of the animal book you’re reading?” (I really kind of knew the answer to this before I heard from him.) Bob’s reply: “On the turtle shell, I meant to ask you that last night, I thought you put it there, as a poke at me. I know I saw it around outside recently, don’t remember where, but I think it was out front.”

And sure enough, it was, but now it was sitting on the cover of the book. I asked Bob if it made sense in the context of the book, and he thought absolutely, it did. Here is a better angle of the shell sitting on the book:

October 19, 2011

Event #260: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I wrote Bob this email the morning of October 19:

“I woke to the sense of someone sitting on the bed with me. A small person. Not anything concrete, and could have been part of a dream, but it was just a feeling. I also had the feeling of a connection, “daughter” perhaps. So maybe she was there when I got up?”

And Bob’s reply: That would be interesting if you were able to “sense” Nuttah being with us. Was there anything going on as far as moving stuff or rearranging of stuff?

The first objects appear where we've relocated to our front bedroom - Bob's stone with a relic of a ragweed sprig

And my reply: When I made the bed, I noticed your stone and a flower sprig on your clock-radio (looks like a dried up sprig of the ragweed that she wore on her wedding day). I can’t say when they appeared there – it could have been last night, it could have been this morning. Why did you ask, did you sense something too? Yes it would be something if I could sense her. First time I’ve gotten an impression like that, even counting all those times I used to hear that buzz/hum.

Bob’s reply: No, I slept like a sedate donkey, I just thought there might be some physical evidence. I know it wasn’t there when I went to bed. I set my alarm at night now, I would have noticed it. So much for wondering if she would find us.

And now me just narrating. The sense I had of someone on the bed was definitely nothing concrete, but sometimes, upon awakening, in that sort of “in-between” phase of consciousness, you are maybe aware on a different level. The sense was gone as soon as I became fully conscious, but I was left with as clear an impression as I can have that I had not been alone in the room. And then finding Bob’s stone on his radio — and he said it was not there when he went to bed. So she might have trotted it over this morning and placed it there while I was laying in bed in my dreams, and hung out until I woke up. What a thought. I often wonder how do the things move. I used that phrase, “trotted it over”, but I’m not at all sure how things are relocating, because I have never witnessed it, and Joe sure can’t tell me what he’s seen, although I know he has been witness to it. I’ve often thought that her powers enable her to just “think” something somewhere. She does not have to physically pick it up and put it somewhere, she can visualize it where she wants it and it just goes. I’m really curious about that. Think about the implications of being able to do that though. Sometimes I think we should have taken Dan up on his offer to put us in touch with someone that could provide video equipment, but Bob was really opposed to that idea because he was already getting a clear sense of the “who” that we had in our midst. There is still the fear that doing that could somehow jeopardize something.

One other thing that bears mentioning. Two or three times as I’m preparing for sleep, I’ve had this experience. I’m already in bed, Bob has been asleep for a few hours already, and I have the TV on, and I’m just zoning out… I’ll hear a sound towards the door, like it is about to open. I look over, and I don’t think it has moved, but I know I clearly hear something, like the door just became unlatched or something. And then nothing happens, and I just mentally note it, and go to sleep.

September 10, 2011

Event #248: Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011

A relic of an antler lays on the deck Saturday morning

We were in the kitchen Saturday morning getting our coffee. Bob said something about a thing he’d found on the deck that morning. “It wasn’t there yesterday”, he said. Bob asked me if I’d seen it.

“What is it?”, I wondered.

“Bones… or an antler”, Bob replied. “It was laying on the deck this morning.”

“Show me where it is”, I said.

Bob took me out to the deck, and sure enough, laying there amidst the debris from our Irene flood, some early falling leaves, and the morning’s raindrops, was a bone/antler. I picked it up. When I turned it to its end, I saw that it was definitely an antler — what kind of antler, I was not exactly sure, but it had to be an antler because of its base.  It looked like it had been chewed on too, by some animal. This antler clearly seemed to have been “placed” here – our dogs could not have done it, because they haven’t been on the deck since the flood. The yard got pretty chewed up, and we’re not letting them pass through there.

“Do you think this is the artifact??” I wondered. Was this the thing she’d sent us looking for when we were told that ‘something was uncovered by the flood’?

The base of the "bone" we found; determined to be an antler

Bob said he didn’t think so. Then later that same day, after I’d set the antler up to take some pictures of it, Bob was sitting at the back door just staring at it. (I’m sitting here in my office typing this, and without touching it, my TV has just turned itself off… I don’t even have a remote for this TV, so I could not have put it on timer)

The antler standing up - this seems like a very old relic

Anyway, Bob staring at the antler… As he is doing that, he also gets a strong visual memory of the scene he was taken to see on August 20th, the Saturday night we sat outside together after dinner. That was the night I witnessed Bob being “taken” to her world; when he witnessed part of the final ceremony in honor of the multiple marriages that had taken place. Also, the night he spilled his coffee without knowing it (my TV just switched back on again… I haven’t stopped typing, the TV is just doing that by itself — ‘My Name is Earl’, is what is playing). Along with this vision, Bob also got a strong message from Nuttah – “I need you to do that again, both of you, sitting outside like that — do it tonight”. That was the clear message.

But we didn’t do it. We’ve been pretty busy with flood details, insurance claims, and all the usual business of life, and we just didn’t have a chance to sit outside Saturday night. But we thought about it, and we talked about it, and for some reason, I also think that there was part of Bob that didn’t want to. Kind of a trepidation, it seemed like. On my part too. I think that we both sensed that something might happen. But then the next day, Bob got a message that she was disappointed that we didn’t “show up”.

But getting back to the antler. I studied this object, and I had some doubts about what kind of antler it might actually be. Deer? Moose? Something else? It didn’t really have the smooth, brown (and thin) quality of a deer antler, but I guess it could have been pretty old, or bleached by sun, or eroded by water, or all of the above. I went on the internet to look at antlers, not because I don’t know what deer antlers look like, but just to see if I could maybe find some that resembled this one. It did occur to me that perhaps this might be from “her era”. Most that I found online did not really look like this one, with a single exception. And that was a carving that I found, and coincidentally, it is also a carving of a Native American design. I’ve included a picture of it below. I am not sure of the meaning of the antler that was left for us, but it does seem as if Nuttah is involved, and Bob gets that sense too. However, he is pretty certain that it is NOT the object that the flood uncovered.

An example of a carved antler obtained from the internet

August 14, 2011

Event #240: Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nuttah in the office

Her new "office" character: a Lenape-girl paper doll, with the green necklace

We have both noticed her absence. If I go back and look at the last time that she was actually ‘here’, as in an event, it was way back on July 28th. Of course, in the past, there have been longer absences than this. And I do think that it has something to do with this time of year. However, Bob got up this morning and said he felt he’d been aware last night of her ‘presence’. He was not sure it was a dream or an actual feeling.

“When was that?” I wondered. I’d had a somewhat sleepless night (lots of rain and fear of flooding were keeping me up between 3 and 5 a.m.)

“About 1:30 in the morning”, was Bob’s response. The fact is, I had tried, during my sleepless time, to communicate with her. I tried to ask if there was a need to worry… would she even know? I tried to ‘ask’, “Where have you been?”. I was awake and restless, but it did not coincide with Bob’s ‘event’. I got up after Bob did, and before I went downstairs, I had looked around the room at the various spots where changes have sometimes occurred, and there was nothing different. It was when I arrived in the kitchen that Bob told me what he had sensed last night, and my next stop was the office. And THAT is where the change was. So, she HAD been here. For the first time, she used a Lenape-girl paper doll that I got from Dover Books. I’ve had her cut out and set up in the office for maybe a week now, just to see if she would do something with her. This was supposed to be a whole diorama on my part, but I just have not yet had the time to do it. In front of the paper doll, is the green necklace from upstairs. It had been put away in one of my drawers, as I’d cleaned off the bureau, re-arranged everything, and reorganized all my jewelry. (Did have time for that). Is the shape a heart or a wolf? Bob was seeing a wolf-head. He may be right.  I will include below here the last 2 times that the same necklace was used. The most recent before today was the wolf head upstairs on the dresser, which is the picture to the left. And then the picture to the right, is the same green necklace in use as a turtle shape. And now? It’s downstairs in the office with me. One thing that I failed to mention is that I brought her new flowers yesterday. Yellow flowers from the river, that I think might be some kind of St. John’s wort, but have not yet ID’d.

Two turtles within a turtle, a new formation Monday night on the dresser

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.