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December 30, 2015

A Christmas Day Event!

December 25, 2015 — Christmas Morning — We are officially 6 years into our “events” as of this day. It started in December of 2009. I know that is hard to believe, at least for me it is… I have a hard time with the speed at which time passes, but I believe that is one of the pitfalls of age. Bob and I are both approaching our 60th!! birthdays. Goodness, how time flies. But I divert… I came down Christmas morning, and Bob asked me to look at an email he sent. He’d been up earlier with the dogs, who always, no matter how late we try to sleep, get us up before 8 AM (or at least get Bob up by 8 AM, sometimes earlier). We are LUCKY if we can sleep til 8. So here is the text of the email:

“Came out to office with dups this morning, Niko and Lu went right to door, Niko was whining to get in, Lu was making the strangest sound, not a whine, not a bark, didn’t even know what it was at first, didn’t think it was coming from Lu. Opened the office door and all three piled in ahead of me. Found this:

So there is a cross on the office chair. I should explain “office”. It’s not the office we have in the house, it’s an outer building, and it actually now houses an elliptical exercise machine that Bob and I use. We no longer use it as an “office” per se, but still refer to it as “the office”. In the infamous Ivan flood of 2004, this building was up to its windows in water, so we no longer use it as the home office. So there this cross sat, made out of the rolled up shades that our son Stewie had hung when he, for a time, used this out-building as his bedroom. They have sat out there since, and this day, Christmas Day, Nuttah (?) had seen fit to arrange them on a chair in a cross shape. So that means she does at least understand the meaning of our holiday, which is saying something, because Christianity is not something they would have even known about. She must be picking up the clues from present day.

As always, Stewie's paper doll character mysteriously shows up whenever he arrives in person.

As always, Stewie’s paper doll character mysteriously shows up whenever he arrives in person.

But speaking of Stewie, he and his girlfriend came out to visit and to stay overnight on Christmas Day. At one point, I was wondering if the Stewie “character” had joined us yet, as inevitably, every time Stewie had visited, his paper character would also mysteriously show up somewhere too. Never in the same place, but it would always make an appearance. I hadn’t seen the character yet, and Bob reported he had not either. I have certain places I do look for the arrival of the Stewie character, and sometime later on Christmas evening, I found him. And here he is, on the hutch in the foyer, hiding behind this silly Oaxacan donkey. I have yet to post all the year’s worth of appearances of this character, but he shows up every time the actual Stewie does, and when we say good-bye to Stew, the character is always still there, and then Stewie leaves, and we come back in the house and it’s gone. I don’t have any idea where he “resides” in the intervals, but certainly nowhere that we can find him.


February 2, 2012

Event #297: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bob had mentioned during our nightly phone call that he was hearing the drums again in the bedroom. So, as I do every night, I came home and checked the dresser, and this time was surprised to see there had been some movement. It had been awhile. I don’t have a picture of the way things were before this arrangement, all I can say is that the day we had company in early January, all characters had been put on a tray and brought upstairs to be hidden on the dresser in our bedroom. Most likely, nobody would look there and ask a question. And they’d been there that way, nothing moving, since January 7 when we took it all upstairs.

So the next morning, here is an excerpt from my email to Bob: “There was movement last night on the dresser, lots of character movement, will type that up tonight and include a picture.” And below is the picture. There is so much going on here that it requires a little explanation, and since I do roughly remember the way things were before, I think I can comment on the changes. Nuttah has moved her character over to be with Bob. The trajectory of where she “gazes” would be toward the bed. The Duke/Tëme pair have been moved forward, and my Mom was brought from a shelf off in the corner to sit right next to them. Behind all is the bark-hut, my character and the she-wolf. In the photograph, it makes things look like I’m further forward than I am, and since I have lost my ‘doll-stand’, my character is upright only because I am wedged by the tray against the wall. Some comment on the flora: There still remains on the dresser some of the clover that was left by Nuttah on my computer keyboard in December. It is, of course, dried out by now, but it actually dried pretty intact, as you can see by the still-purple clover in the lower right of the picture. Two turtles sit at the very front of the arrangement, but they were in that position before. Heart-charms are still on the tray, but they didn’t move this time. I am left wondering what it all means. This comment I am adding after I’ve already published the post, as I then looked at how the picture came across on the blog when I posted it. It was then that I noticed that the green tray everything is on (it is a football field tray) says “TIME”. There are other words before that (probably FOOTBALL), but the only one left exposed is the word “TIME!”.

The night of Feb. 1, our characters were all rearranged on the dresser in our "new" bedroom

January 31, 2012

Event #295-296, Tuesday Jan. 31, 2012

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

Bob wrote me this email Jan. 30th about the previous night: “Lots of drums last night too by the way. I looked to see if Stewie was still in cabinet this morning, initially I thought he was gone, but then realized I was looking at the wrong shelf, there was Stewie standing behind the blue vase with his hand sticking out. So he is still here.”

My response: “I did hear the drums too, when I went to bed, and then when you got up to let Stupe out. I thought initially, that’s what you were up for — investigating noise. Also, I just checked, the Stew character is not there now.”

So, the references above are to the Stewie character that showed up in the china cabinet this past weekend when Stew was home. That was a previous post on January 27. Early Monday morning when Bob left for work, Stew was still in the cabinet. By the time I got up and noticed, his character had disappeared. We still don’t know where he goes when he’s not here, but Stew has come to visit three times since he left the area in October, and each time his character has arrived either shortly before he does, or right after he does.

There was something else that I also noticed on Monday. Opposite our ‘new’ bedroom in the front of the house, there is another bedroom the same size and shape. We have a dresser in there too that I am using. These bedrooms are really small, and we can’t fit everything into one. Monday, I was rearranging some things on top of it, and while doing so encountered Kate’s character on that dresser! When is the last time she has surfaced?? She really has not figured into any of the arrangements since last summer, and has not lived here for a couple of years. We did a lot of moving around of furniture on Saturday, which is why Stew was here, perhaps that is when Kate also appeared. She was still there as of Sat. Feb. 4, but Bob put her away because his sister, Rue is coming overnight again. Here is a picture of how she appeared, and behind her is a baby picture of Kate:

Along with Stewie that weekend, Kate's character also makes an appearance

January 28, 2012

Friday-Saturday, January 27-28, 2012

Friday, I was home and I worked for awhile emptying out a hutch/cabinet of a huge amount of books and stuff because I wanted it moved out of my office. I was going to exchange it for a different set of bookcases that were elsewhere in the house. This piece is, essentially, a dining room hutch, like a china cabinet. Stewie was coming up for the weekend and was going to be able to help us move a lot of stuff around in the house. He was also coming to pick up our little “Wobbler” dog, the one I walk with every morning. He is taking Wobbles to his new apartment with him. I am going to miss my little Wobbler, but a couple of events made this decision for us. First, Stewie wanted him. Second, more than a year ago the wobbler had figured out how to jump out of our yard, and has done so at least half a dozen times. Each time, thus far, he was brought back to us by good Samaritans because our address is on his collar. It was only going to be a matter of time before something tragic happened. We tried many ways to prevent the jumping, but he managed to thwart all of them. So, to Stewie’s he went. And with the china cabinet now empty, we awaited Stewie’s help in moving it. But he wasn’t going to be here ’til Saturday.

During the night (actually early Saturday morning) we were both awakened to some kind of noise outside our bedroom door, which is always closed due to the heat of the stove.  From my side of the bed, furthest from the door, all I can say is that it was a noise that woke me up. Bob is closest to the door, and described what he heard as footsteps of someone (or something) coming up the stairs. I think Bob was already lying there awake. I heard him sit up, and he didn’t get up right away. He said he was watching the door and saw the shadow of something moving past it in the space between the door and the floor, as there is a light on in the hallway that creates a crack of light there. This got him up out of bed, and he went around through another door to check on things, but there was nothing there. Curious that this kind of stuff doesn’t keep us up all night.

Stewie's small character sits in a corner of the emptied hutch, behind a glass panel

However, when we came down in the morning I stopped in the office for something. I don’t know what drew my eye there, but I glanced over at the empty hutch. There was now something in it, and I know it had been completely empty the day before. Inside the glass sliding door of the upper portion of the hutch, was Stewie’s character, which had not been here since his last visit around Christmas.

A close up of Stew's character on the shelf in the hutch. The books are reflected in the glass

And yet, here he was. How did she know that Stewie would be involved in this moving today? Did I mentally picture the hutch being moved by Bob & Stewie as I emptied it? Did she somehow know that Stewie was on his way? However she picked it up, here was his character, and the real Stewie was in fact, on his way. Now I wonder if she will also pick up the fact that Wobbles went with Stewie too.

September 24, 2011

Event #252: Saturday, September 24, 2011

In our grief on Saturday, we busied ourselves with different things around the house. My heart was not in anything, nor was Bob’s. Everything felt awful. I even blew off a mini-high school reunion event I had committed to be part of. Just couldn’t muster the energy or desire, and I knew Bob would find it unbearable, so it was an easy decision. I was not getting anything productive done, so decided to do something related to what Nuttah had shown Bob the previous evening. What he’d been shown was so disturbing to both of us that we could barely think about it, but I wanted to understand. I thought that I should give Nuttah some characters to work with, as most had disintegrated by now. Looking through pictures on my computer, I found a good one of each one of our dogs: Duke, Stupe, and Wiley, who we most often call “Wobbles”. For each dog, I crafted a stand-up “character”, similar to the dolls I’d made for each of us. Then I found on the internet a good resemblance that would represent the male wolf, and another one for the female wolf. And lastly, I recreated Bob’s still-missing character. And I don’t know why, but I also added a bark-hut to the mix. One of those little huts that Bob saw on one of his trips there, but this picture was taken at the Lenape Village. Here is the whole array of characters, the way I left them set up on the bureau; our 3 dogs, the wolves, Bob & me, Nuttah as the angel, and of course a couple of hearts:

Our 3 pups + 2 of the Teme, me, Bob, Nuttah and the bark-hut: click to see full size

Then I got busy doing our usual Saturday stuff. Bob was really too depressed to do much of anything, and I understood that. There was some college ball on that he could distract himself with. I went up to the bedroom a bit later, just to see if there had been any change. At first, it almost eluded me. As soon as I realized what it was though, I gasped. Oh no. What I was seeing, was almost exactly the same scene that I had left, except Duke and the male wolf were now turned around. They were reversed, so that what showed was the back of them which is solid white. It was clear though: they were ghosts – the 2 of them; white, blank ghosts in the field of dogs. On the one hand, I was relieved that she’d visited and left a message, but on the other hand, it was so disturbing what the message was, and it just reinforced all that we’d gotten so far. I was so sad about this afterwards, that I eventually went back up and turned them back around to face front so that we wouldn’t have to continually look at their “ghost” sides.

Duke and Teme have been turned to the wall, they appear as 2 ghosts

August 14, 2011

Event #240: Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nuttah in the office

Her new "office" character: a Lenape-girl paper doll, with the green necklace

We have both noticed her absence. If I go back and look at the last time that she was actually ‘here’, as in an event, it was way back on July 28th. Of course, in the past, there have been longer absences than this. And I do think that it has something to do with this time of year. However, Bob got up this morning and said he felt he’d been aware last night of her ‘presence’. He was not sure it was a dream or an actual feeling.

“When was that?” I wondered. I’d had a somewhat sleepless night (lots of rain and fear of flooding were keeping me up between 3 and 5 a.m.)

“About 1:30 in the morning”, was Bob’s response. The fact is, I had tried, during my sleepless time, to communicate with her. I tried to ask if there was a need to worry… would she even know? I tried to ‘ask’, “Where have you been?”. I was awake and restless, but it did not coincide with Bob’s ‘event’. I got up after Bob did, and before I went downstairs, I had looked around the room at the various spots where changes have sometimes occurred, and there was nothing different. It was when I arrived in the kitchen that Bob told me what he had sensed last night, and my next stop was the office. And THAT is where the change was. So, she HAD been here. For the first time, she used a Lenape-girl paper doll that I got from Dover Books. I’ve had her cut out and set up in the office for maybe a week now, just to see if she would do something with her. This was supposed to be a whole diorama on my part, but I just have not yet had the time to do it. In front of the paper doll, is the green necklace from upstairs. It had been put away in one of my drawers, as I’d cleaned off the bureau, re-arranged everything, and reorganized all my jewelry. (Did have time for that). Is the shape a heart or a wolf? Bob was seeing a wolf-head. He may be right.  I will include below here the last 2 times that the same necklace was used. The most recent before today was the wolf head upstairs on the dresser, which is the picture to the left. And then the picture to the right, is the same green necklace in use as a turtle shape. And now? It’s downstairs in the office with me. One thing that I failed to mention is that I brought her new flowers yesterday. Yellow flowers from the river, that I think might be some kind of St. John’s wort, but have not yet ID’d.

Two turtles within a turtle, a new formation Monday night on the dresser

The necklace always used to make a 'turtle' shape, has now been put in use as a wolf-head. Three small turtle charms sit inside it.

June 27, 2011

Update: Monday, June 27, 2011

The 3 regular ducks show up right in the middle of the bed; we were out all evening and came home to this

Wow, how the month of June has flown. I truly do not know what happens to “time”; as soon as a month starts, I turn around and it’s the end of the month already. Does this happen to anyone else? I have a feeling of acceleration, that as we age, time just speeds up, and every day is a second or more shorter. This should be good news to Bob — summer will be over before you know it! (Bob is not a fan of summer, to say the least).

There is much to report. That is another thing — I have run out of time to work on it. I am behind by about 5 posts — 3 of them are events that happened specifically to Bob at the end of May/early June, and I still need his permission to post. One happened after those last 3 flower sprigs appeared, the yellow ones that I did write up. There were then another 3 of a different flower, and although I have the pictures, I haven’t had time to write it all up. And then lastly, we came home Saturday night (6/25) to a change in the bedroom — and this was a ‘first’: the ducks were ON THE BED! I do have a picture to add, which is to the left here, and even though things are out of order, I’ll just take some liberties, and do it now.

The first vegetable from the garden, planted 5/13: a Pea pod

And there is one other thing I would like to add, before I work on updating some of these other posts. This weekend, we actually produced our first vegetable from the garden. This was an exciting moment and we discovered it almost by accident. Considering I am weeding in the vegetable garden daily, you would think I would have noticed this. Saturday, Bob added some twine attached to sticks at each end of the garden to give the peas some support. I went in and wound the pea plants up through the twine so they’d have something to grab onto. The plants themselves are at least about 12-15″ tall, and they are starting to flop over. In this process, I discovered that we actually had pea-pods growing! Okay, maybe this sounds hokey, but it was our first produce from the garden and we were both really excited. I immediately picked it, split it in half and before you could say ‘pea-pod’, we ate it. Then, we found more, but have to let them mature a bit, for a few days.

The cover of the Paper Doll book: Woodlands Indian Girl

And then one last thing. I finally found some new paper dolls. I ordered some cheap ‘Dover publications’ Indian doll books. My plan is to replace the dolls we’ve been using, as it seems that she has more or less abandoned them (and Bob’s character is still missing since January). Every once in awhile, there is a change with my character here in the office, but it’s been pretty rare. So this is something I hope to launch this weekend. The plan is that there will be a Lenape version of each of us, and the current-day version of us, perhaps on the reverse. If I have time, I’ll give her other ‘diorama’ objects to work with. It is always interesting to see how these things get used. I’ll be working the rest of this week on getting the blog current.

February 12, 2011

Event #182a: Later on Sat., Feb.12

Saturday night, Bob had planned for us an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, which this year falls on a Monday. Bob planned dinner out at one of our all-time favorite places. We were having a very enjoyable dinner and at some point, I was telling Bob about the dream and the vision of the previous evening. Bob immediately recognized my description of the kneeling buckskins with the gnarled hands as one of the elders: “The older one, that’s not from here. That’s exactly how he sits”, Bob confirmed. I felt somewhat validated. I can’t always validate or verify these visions that I have as anything in particular, so it was a relief in a way that this one meant something. However, what that meaning is, I don’t know. Just a picture for me to view.

I know that Bob has been feeling ignored by Nuttah, “abandoned”, as he puts it. I have tried to keep assuring him that she would not have gone to all this effort and work, and simply “up and abandoned” him this far into it. I only base that on what I’ve seen over the past year. What else is there? It hardly seems likely that she would just “leave” him. And, after all, there is still some “contact” with me. I think that she will “get over it”, eventually. That’s what I keep telling Bob, but of course he has his doubts. There is something, however, going on with Bob that he divulged to me tonight at dinner, and that I witnessed, but I am not at liberty at this point in time to say what it is. Perhaps at some future time, but I have to leave that up to Bob, and I understand his reticence. A lot of this is pretty hard to absorb, and it is not just anyone that we tell about it. In fact, just tonight, I have added to the blog a poll. It sits in the right-hand column, if you scroll down far enough. The poll question is: “Do you believe Nuttah is a real person in her time?” Feel free to answer with the options I’ve provided, or write in your own. I appreciate the feedback.

Tonight (coincidentally on Valentine's Day), Bob has a heart on his lamp-base

Then later on Monday, February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day!):
Something happened today/tonight, that I noticed when I came home from work. Bob has a heart on his lamp-base! This is the first thing that’s officially happened “to” Bob, since his character got turned to the wall, and then disappeared. He didn’t believe me at first, so I sent him this picture in an email. That’s his clock-radio in the bottom front. So, she apparently has not totally abandoned Bob. And as soon as I get a moment, I am going to give us all new characters — 2-sided characters. On one side, will be the people that we are today – Bob & Lois. And then on the other side, I will find a Lenape character to represent us in that era. Just curious to see how she will “play” with the new dolls…. got to get busy. Please answer the new poll. I figured that out tonight, and it took some doing. Thank you!

February 1, 2011

Event #178: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“Bob is Missing”

Tonight, Bob sounded really depressed on the phone, but I knew better than to ask about “her”. He is really concerned, and he thinks that she has left [him]. He feels that the event that happened the last time they “communicated” was final. “She left in a very final way, like a door slammed.” was how he said it. And yet, 4 days ago, on the 27th, she moved her character over to be closer to Bob. Monday, when I left for work, I wanted to arrange everybody closer together, in a classic “Nuttah” configuration, with hearts pointing at us, etc. But I was afraid that Bob would come home Monday night and think that she had visited, and I didn’t want to unnecessarily get Bob’s hopes up. All I was really trying to do was to get Nuttah to rearrange things “her” way. My actions often would spark new actions on her part. But I didn’t want to disappoint Bob and have to tell him it was me doing it, and not her. I know he is pretty desperate at this point for some contact, however, I am still getting the buzz in my ear every night. The way Bob describes this, is that I still have a “connection”. The “thread” is connected to me. He feels that with him, it has been severed, and that he is at fault for that. Although, I am at a loss to explain or understand why it would be severed with Bob and not me too. Aren’t we in this together? Anyway, back to what I did on the dresser. So rather than disappoint Bob, I put everyone in the drawer. The same drawer I have used all the other times that I have had to put “us” away. I also put all the hearts in a small box, and her stone in it too. I arranged things with Bob to the far right, Nuttah next, and then me, and then Kate, and then the wolves. We were all touching. I spoke to Bob at work Monday night, and I asked him if anyone was out on the dresser – we were not. He was depressed, I could tell. Then this morning, when I left for work, I adjusted everyone in the drawer, to make sure we were all face up, Nuttah was between us, Bob’s arm was touching her… and when Bob and I spoke on the phone tonight, I did not even ask if there was a change on the dresser – and, as I discovered when I got home, there wasn’t. However, I opened the drawer to check on us, and there is an obvious and glaring change in the drawer: Bob is gone. His character is not in there. I looked everywhere for him. I’m there, Nuttah is there, Kate is there – but no Bob. He isn’t in any of the obvious places in the room either, like our bedside tables, or even in the bedside table drawers. A true mystery. But maybe this explains Bob’s mood on the phone earlier. Perhaps he knows something that I don’t?

January 5, 2011

Event #168: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When I spoke to Bob from work tonight, he said that when he came up to our bedroom  that Joe “Yowled & ran”.
“He just yowled, and took off – bolted”.
“Is there anything going on?” I wondered.
“No, not that I can see, but remember, it’s TV light in here.” Bob stated.
“So you didn’t notice anything different?” I asked.
“No, but I’m not really looking.” was Bob’s answer.
“What about you… do you look different to him? You know how he gets sometimes, he thinks you’re someone else. Like those times you sat having ‘conversations’ with Nuttah… Joe always perceived you differently afterwards… is there any communication going on?” I wondered.
“No”, Bob chuckled. “I’m pretty sure I look the same. I think I see him peering around the doorway now. He might be on his way back.”

I was thinking while Bob was telling me this that it reminded me of the “old days” of Nuttah, when something in the room moved around, Joe freaked out, and I would come home to some kind of change in the room… so I was 100% sure that I would come home to a change. In fact, it almost seemed like she might have been in the room right then and there, and these things had just happened.

This is the way the characters on the dresser were before tonight.

So it was a long ride home, with me wondering what I would be coming home to. And just as a reminder, I will insert here a picture of what the dresser did look like —  Have to go back to Part vii for that, as I’m now in Part viii. And here is the old bureau picture to the right, and for now I will just have to describe the changes, as I can’t get a picture ‘til the morning. There are so many of them that I don’t know where to start, and I’m not really sure what sparked it. Nuttah is to my left in that picture here; she now sits to my right. Bob is moved in closer to me, Kate is tighter to him, and lined up in front of all of us are 4 heart shapes pointing at us. All of the green sprigs are moved to the right of Nuttah, as well as the white feather. There had been two turtles inside her original jewelry turtle. Now there was only one, the wooden one, and the pewter one was missing. In its place was Bob’s stone, which had been on his bedside table. And where was the pewter turtle? I looked all over the bureau, and could not find it. Looked on both of our bedside tables – no turtle. Went in the bathroom, and opened the closet – and there it was, where I have also sometimes found a live sprig. This time though? A pewter turtle. Go figure. I’m at a loss to explain all of these changes. Maybe I will find out tonight. As Bob always says, “There is nothing that she does that is without meaning.”