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January 21, 2014

Lights on and some rather insistent drumming

 As we are readying the apartment for the as-yet-not-moved-in tenant (February?), I moved some lamps over there that had been in the basement for months. Since the apartment painting project, I would guess. These lamps have to be either “always-on” or plugged into a wall-switch-operated-outlet to be turned on because the chain-pulls on them have permanently come out. So I made one of the lamps, pictured against the far wall here an “always on” downstairs night light more or less. After that, we  no longer found the lights turned on in the apartment, as had been going on all fall. Bob probably had been going out there daily to shut the light off in the stairwell. Maybe that is ALL it was ever about – having some kind of night light? Do the “night-lights” ward off evil and that’s why it kept being turned on? Perhaps I should put one in the office!
Lights on in the apartment have stopped the daily trek to turn them off

Lights on in the apartment have stopped the daily trek to turn them off

Nuttah "moved" herself to the dresser sometime Saturday, 1/18. Today is 1/21, and she still sits there in front of the TV

Nuttah “moved” herself to the dresser sometime Saturday, 1/18. Today is 1/21, and she still sits there in front of the TV

All weekend (January 18-19) Bob and I were hearing serious drums. There was also a minor movement of Nuttah’s character in our bedroom. This happened Saturday night while we were out. We came back, and instead of on my bedside table where she had been, she is now in front of the TV, right where we’d see her if we’re lying in bed staring at the TV (which both of us spend some time doing every night).Is there something to that? She seems to be purposely putting herself in our line of site.
Getting back to the drumming we’d been hearing: Bob hears the drums themselves, I hear a pretty solid-sounding vibration with some degree of variant tone, always in my left ear. We heard it Saturday night, loud, and we still heard it Sunday morning from downstairs as we sat in the stove room. It was loud and “insistent” enough to prompt me to go up to the bedroom and see if anything else had moved around. As Bob assured me it wouldn’t have, it hadn’t. Then Sunday night, I was hearing it again. I guess I should say “them”, not “it”. To me, a vibration sound is an “it”. I hear “it”. But Sunday morning I started asking Bob what it was he heard, since I don’t hear “drums”, just a vibration.”How many do you think it is?”, I wondered.”Four or five” Bob answered. “Four, I guess… one for each of the cardinal points. I think there is a tie-in with that, especially with these we’re hearing now. I only hear the drums this time, no rattles, no flutes”.
Could we construct this? (From the site:

Could we construct this? (From the site:

I think the Lenape used the sounds to invoke something.

“What do you think it might be about?”, I wondered.

“No idea.” Bob replied.

Last night, which was Monday night, January 20, I got home around 9 PM. I got out of the car in the driveway, and heard an intense buzz/vibration. It followed me to the mailbox and back to the house. It disappears for awhile in the busier, noisier parts of the house, but as soon as I get upstairs into our bathroom, I hear it loudly vibrating in my left ear again.

Some day I want to make one of these (see picture of hut above) and see where it leads. We would bring a couple of drums in with us, or even just trash cans to bang on with a wooden spoon. I think we might be surprised by what might happen. I feel there is something I am missing by being so caught up in our industrial/technical world. Something we are all missing. Provided nothing happens in the next day or two, my next post is going to be a quote from a Coast episode that I listened to on my Podcast on the way home last night. It was about a ceremony that took place on the Winter Solstice in December. Very thought-provoking for those of us consumed by what has become our distracted way of life.

December 26, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Just to clarify, this post is part of one of my “catch-up” posts, about events that occurred earlier:

One of the 2 days before or after Christmas, Bob related to me something that had happened to him the previous evening. We sat in front of the wood stove having our morning coffee, and, as Bob related the story, I scribbled notes in pink highlighter, the first pen I could grab, onto a scrap of paper.

Bob said, “I took a trip last night:

This drum, a picture from the internet, is similar to what Bob sees them using

There was a lot of drum-playing going on; it was a ceremony of some sort. It was inside the sweat-lodge. The newly-married husbands, who are really just teens, were having some kind of ritual. Maybe it was something that takes place a certain amount of months after the marriage ceremonies.”

Bob then described how the young men repeatedly went into the sweat-lodge, where the ceremony was being facilitated by the elders. After the sweat-lodge, they would come out and immerse themselves in the freezing cold water of the creek. For each participant, this ritual took place at least 2 to 3 times, maybe more, according to what Bob was witnessing.

From "": Construction and Symbolism of the Sweat Lodge -- one of the sites I found that night of searching

They were in the sweat lodge warming (or cleansing?) for a good 20 min. to 1/2 hour. They would then dunk themselves in the creek. Throughout the ceremony, 10 to 12 of the older men were playing drums of all different sizes. The men were covered in animal skins, but rather than buckskin,  the skins still had the hair of the animal on them. I asked Bob what he thought the skins might be from, he said most were deer skin, but some were darker/hairier and could have been bear. They were outside of the sweat lodge, in a semi-circle around a central fire on the ground. Of the drums they were playing, they were all different shapes and sizes, and played in different ways.

Another internet picture of "Lenape" style drums, by Bob's report

They ranged from a hollowed out log, to logs with skins taut over the tops, and sometimes logs with skins on the sides, like a 2-sided horizontal drum, played on both sides. One type of drum was played with a stone, as opposed to more traditional drumsticks, similar to those pictured here. Bob was standing at a distance watching the ceremony with the women, including Nuttah, who was standing with Bob. They stood like an audience watching the ritual. Bob felt that he was there observing for a total of about an hour.

Then on Christmas Day, December 25, 2011, I woke up after Bob and he told me to go look at an email he had sent me earlier. Bob’s email related a long, continuous Christmas dream, where he awoke and returned to the dream several times.  In the dream, Bob spent hours with Dukey/Tëme and Pink (Pink was a dog we lost in 2008 who’d been with us since about 1995). Bob said he played in the woods by the creek with them, and sat by the water and was able to hold them. “Nuttah just left me with them, [she] stood to the side and watched. What an unbelievable experience”.

September 13, 2011

Event #249: Tuesday evening, September 13, 2011

Tuesday evening, Bob wrote me this email:
I got up from sitting on the deck having a brew with the puppies to get their water bucket for fresh water, walked to the edge of the deck and stepped off to another place. [I was] met by a pack of wolves, Waffles and Duke in tow. Creekside with dups (the pups) and Nuttah. She put a necklace on me and smiled at me, it had bone and shell in it, maybe some stones, she was very happy. We walked along the creek, downstream, past the sweat lodge. Never gone this way before that I remember. [There was a] wide open pool about 100 yards downstream from where our house would be. Very deep, I think, full of beautiful brookies, 100’s of them. All swimming in place at the top of the pool. Duke is not missing any hair and I have no shirt, just pants that are not all the way to my ankles. Deerskin, I guess. I remembered to ask about across the stream. It is still there, but not across from us, upstream. No idea what it is. The [wolf] puppies are not small anymore, they are almost the size of the parents, but much more carefree. Duke went off with the father into the woods, I tried to call him by name, nothing came out. I yelled temě, they both stopped and came back immediately. Nuttah smiled and said “they listen”, at least that is what I remember. I said, can you bring An’na, she said yes, if she will come. She will, I said. Tell An’na I miss her.

[Then I am] back on the step, [with the] dups in the walk way. I am seeing a pattern, [I have to be] either somnolent or slightly intoxicated. I love you Awup An’na. Please come to her, she wants you there.

Bob called me at work to have me look at this email, which I did. All I could do was marvel over it. This hasn’t happened in awhile, and I was curious as to why then? Bob refers in it to the thing that was uncovered in the flood waters. It turns out that despite our fears that it was dislodged or washed away in flood #2 (the high waters as a result of Tropical Storm Lee), it is actually still there. We have just been looking in the wrong place. Must go upstream sometime soon, and see if we can see whatever it is.

And this is part of an email Bob sent me the next morning:
Can’t get the memory of the trout pool out of my head, that was pretty amazing. I am really wondering where I am during these episodes, what is actually happening. Why am I not completely freaked out and having panic attacks? Maybe I am as dumb as the dups.

April 5, 2011

Event #203: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Email Bob wrote of Tues. April 5th,  morning:
BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.

Then tonight, April 5, 2011, this is an excerpt of Bob’s email:

Nuttah has re-arranged us like this - she no longer leans against 'me'; a heart points at each of us

I was sitting outside with the puppies having a brew, and had just finished talking to Kate on the phone. Just after hanging up and just sitting with the pups drinking a Double Dog watching the water, I suddenly was in a tunnel of light, then, just as suddenly in the sweat lodge/hut. The elder gents are there and looking very earnest, just got a severe chill writing this.

Bob was then given a “vision” of how “we” – he and I – were THEN. Then, as soon as that vision was gone, he was shown us as we are now:
“Sitting in the creek on chairs having a brew, with a definite connection to each other and the water, and just as I had a thought about not being as happy as we/they were I was told it was because we have lost our way but we are on the correct trail now, not to lose sight, not to give up, to have a sense of urgency, this may end in an instant. Enjoy each other while you are together. That is it, I was back with the pups on the deck. Scared out of my mind. I love you Wup An’na

Now me narrating again: When I got home, there was again a buzz in the driveway and a re-arrangement of my character with Nuttah in the office. She is no longer leaning against me, but standing straight up and a heart points at me, and one at her. I’ve included a picture of this to the right.

January 6, 2011

Event #168a: Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

Excerpts of our emails the next day about Event #168:
Bob: I suspect we had activity last night. I was having some extremely vivid dreams of the creek, sweat lodge and longhouses last night. I woke up and had company, there is a connection between fire, sweat lodge and ancestors/history. I guess that is why our fire is important. I should have put that together sooner.  I also see where the creek is at her place in relation to our house, at least at this point the egde is about where the bathroom is, there was some sort of “altar” or at least a few items placed at the edge as an “offering”, I think. The most prominent was a turtle shell. Of course this might simply be a dream, including being awake, I might have dreamed that also. But Joe was initially freaked out when I came up and then calmed back down, maybe his need for routine overrode his fear. Did you have any awareness of Nuttah being around? I get concerned when I don’t hear from her. Like I said, I don’t know if this was strictly dream or not, there was also something to do with the “meteor stone” in the offering arrangement, whatever, the more I think of it the more I think it was a normal dream.

The pewter turtle is in the linen closet now (the teabag? Sometimes I grab a tea bag to take to work, and then empty my pockets in here later - obviously I didn't use it.)

Me: No, I wouldn’t disregard it. I knew when you told me about Joe that I’d be coming home to a new arrangement on the dresser. And sure enough. It’s the most changes I’ve seen in a long time — the biggest ones being the weighty-pewter turtle is in the bathroom closet, and your meteor stone is moved to the center of her turtle on the dresser. The grouping of us is changed around as well as my plant sprigs for her. We all have a “heart” pointing at us — all 4 of us there on the dresser.

Each character has a "heart" pointed at us, along with the other changes

The "Turtle on the Dresser" now has Bob's "Meteor-Stone" as part of it

I sensed “something” when I closed my eyes, swirling, motion… thought I would have a vision, but I also was really tired, and I think I was asleep in minutes. It’s the closest that I’ve come to a vision in a couple months I think. Got up to go to the bathroom and had it again. Sound-wise, the hum/vibration was very distant, dim. I thought she’d be there after the dresser changes, so I listened carefully. At first it wasn’t there at all, but then I could hear it dimly, far away, not like sometimes it is, sounding like a motor under the bed. So I think that you might have actually had an excursion, and it was not a dream. Think more about the fire connection, and what you remember there.

Bob: The turtle in the bathroom closet is interesting, that, I think, is the edge of the creek, also where the offerings were set, I think I saw nuts, maybe chestnuts or something like that. Those red berries were there as well as what I think was dried squash and corn???, not real clear about that. Some other things like ornaments, I think. It is dark and only fire light to “see” with. The fire connection to the sweat lodge and history makes sense now. It is integral to the experience. Something to ponder.

December 4, 2010

149a: Saturday, December 4, 2010

I was really curious about how she got across to Bob the idea of the sweat lodge (not being universal), so I asked him to describe it better for me:

“How does she get across the idea of the sweat lodge being used by her culture, and not others (or her clan)?” I wondered.

“She uses pictures… they just come in and I know they’re not me and I know it’s her and I know she’s there. I get these concepts coming through – I really don’t know how to explain it because I don’t have anything to relate it to. I get from her that ‘we are one of the few that use them’ [a sweat lodge].” Bob explained.

“And she shows you all this in pictures?” I wondered.

“Well, she speaks, I mean there is a constant audio. I don’t really understand it, I get it through the idea-graphs and the pictures that she presents. She’ll show pictures of her clan (with the sweat lodge), and then there’s this great separation and there are others shown and it’s not there, and from that I get what she’s trying to convey.” Bob continues.

“Okay… I sort of get it.” I finally concede. But I still could not help but thinking that there was a reason this whole sweat-lodge business came up at all, and could it have been because I was looking them up and researching them?

December 2, 2010

Event #149: Thursday, December 2, 2010

I talked to Bob Thursday night from work. Somewhere early in the conversation, he kind of randomly launched this statement:

“The sweat lodge is not that common among the tribes of the east and the north, it was primarily Lenape”.

“Okay…”, I responded… “but what brought that up?”
“She told me this. Tonight. While I was making the fire downstairs.”
“Really. Did you ask about that?” I wondered.
“No, I have no idea why she was telling me, it was just one of those things.” Bob responded.
I wondered, “How was she conveying this idea to you, I mean, I can understand that you knew it was about a sweat lodge, but how do you know the part that it’s unique to them, that other tribes didn’t really use it?”
“I don’t know, it’s just in pictures.” Bob responds. “Sometimes she uses language but it doesn’t matter, I can’t understand it, I can understand the pictures.”
“But how is she saying that they use it, and not other Indian cultures?” I asked.
“The pictures are just kind of ‘dropped in’… I don’t know, but it was clear that she was trying to convey or impart some knowledge. I see different tribes, and she indicates ‘us… us’. I get the idea somehow. It’s almost like it’s telepathic. It’s like she’s telling me and trying to get me to understand the words too.”

Then he went on to explain about the use of the plants and the herbs:
“Different types of plants and herbs were put on the hot rocks, they were aromatic, and the smells, the aromas were what triggered her abilities. She was obviously gifted from the beginning, but this helped to trigger it. She was dressed in long, buckskin trousers, and a long dress, like a tunic, to her knees.” Bob added.

I asked if he knew why she could not communicate to me in pictures the same way.
“I can’t answer that”, was the answer.

From "": Construction and Symbolism of the Sweat Lodge -- one of the sites I found that night of searching

So something bears mentioning here, and that is the fact that I’ve been thinking about sweat lodges. Not just thinking about them either, one night I went on the internet looking for pictures, and information. I found quite a bit. I wanted specifically though, to see one on the inside, and that image was a little harder to find. In fact, I am not sure that I did find anything. I looked at my finds again the next morning, as I’d left all the tabs open in my browser of what I’d found the night before. I think she must have picked up on that. Sometimes I think she must be in the room here with me too. She certainly has done some things in here at times.

December 3rd, but speaking about the previous evening:
No new movements in the room, except I heard the buzz in the driveway again, basically as soon as I got out of the truck, then I was in the bathroom and had the sensation the room was swimming in liquid motion. And this was before I had a glass of wine. In fact, for the past two nights, upon laying down in bed, I have gotten the sense of motion and images in my head. I can’t really be any more descriptive than that. I try to zone in on something, but to no avail. I cannot focus on all the visions being sent my way; it’s almost like moving down a fast tube like in a roller coaster, and not being able to see what’s is passing by you as you stream along.

July 1, 2010

Event #77: Thursday Night, July 1, 2010

"Us" on the dresser with Tëme and Nuttah's "Turtle" (and a couple hearts)

I just got home from work,  and then went upstairs to check on “stuff”. Here is the email I wrote Bob that he will get tomorrow morning:

“I keep hearing weird noises outside, I’m getting a little freaked; I already put the dogs away. First on the creek side, now on the driveway side, yet I was just out there banging around with the dogs and unloading the truck. I see you had a visitor: you and I are placed surrounding her at the end of the turtle, the wolves are on your side, and the sweat hut is behind all of us. The heart is on the corner, and the stone is on my lamp base tonight. (I will have a picture of it in the morning, hopefully will have time).”

Picture is included to the left.

I must mention something that has been happening to me, however if I hear one more weird noise outside (see email), I’m “outta” here. I think I may have mentioned on one occasion the “liquid motion” that I’ve been experiencing in my vision. One night, I thought that it meant that I would be going on an “adventure”. I fell asleep instead, and nothing happened. I am exhausted tonight, and was from about 5 pm on at work as well, because I kept waking up all morning for no apparent reason, from about the time Bob left for work at 4. Or at least for no reason that I could discern. One time it was definitely the bird right outside the window, which is the one I’ve been trying to ID all summer. Or at least all month, it’s only been summer since last weekend. I want to say that I was cold, because all of a sudden the temp just dropped about 20 degrees at night. We’d been having this just awful heat wave, and we’ve had the AC running continuously in our room for more than a week, because even at night it’s in the high 70’s outside. Or at least it WAS. Now it’s got to be in the 50’s. Very nice, cool sleeping weather. And I get cold really easily when I’m sleeping, so that is what I was THINKING was keeping me up, every time I woke up, but now in retrospect, I believe it might have been something else. Then there was what I experienced when I went to bed. I turned off the TV and closed my eyes exhausted at about 12:15 AM. But suddenly there was swirling in my vision, and I wasn’t even sure my eyes were closed. I opened them to be sure, and they were. I closed them again, and the motion started up again. How do I describe what goes on here? There are colors, patterns, motion; it is very fluid, liquid, like India ink in water. Or somewhat like a heat mirage. The colors are blue, green, red, pink. No yellow. No orange. And lots of black. Everything is against a black background. Movement is constant, and sometimes seems to go at different speeds, like slow and swirling, as if I can notice things that go by, and then so fast it’s like a blur. Sometimes the shapes change, and sometimes I get an impression of a “scene” or an object, or something that if I could look at it long enough, I might recognize what it is. I could not help but think that Nuttah was involved in some way in this experience. The idea of that was very strong. I was wide awake now, I heard on the radio that it was now going on 1 AM, and my heart was thumping fast in anticipation of… something… I know not what. I waited, and watched, and kind of hoped. Lots and lots of things were going through my mind, and now I’m not sleepy anymore, I’m more interested in what is happening in my head. However, now I have to pee really bad, so I did have to open my eyes and get up. I came back, and it’s now 1, and Coast to Coast (radio program) is starting, and I’m sensing that Bob is now awake too… I wanted to ask him if she was with us, but I didn’t want to disturb him, just in case I was imagining him awake. So I asked the next day, and he said he woke up around 1, and she was definitely there. I don’t know what all this means; perhaps I am beginning to get a sense of her, perhaps she is “grooming me for a mission”… I don’t know. How could I know? I’m off to bed, and maybe tonight it will happen again.

June 8, 2010

Later Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This was Bob’s email to me about the words he had written:
Had a visit and a lesson last night. I spent time with Nuttah and Teme puppies walking a path along the creek. Wide open woods, very little under growth. She is, as best I can determine no more than 16. She was also still upset about our argument. It is important to her that we are together, as she put it, I think anyway, “in the long past and the long future”.

The long phrase has to do with forefathers, ancestors, history, something like that. She asked if I felt I could handle a “history”. I motioned and SPOKE that I will try a brief period.

The elder two were by the creek when we returned. They motioned a greeting and then went in the sweat lodge. I noticed it had more skins on it and the bark inside was large at the bottom and small at the top. Hard to see clearly. Very small amount was shown, as I requested. The crossing of this massive water was done in the winter when it froze, thousands of people were involved. Not all came and when crossed not all of them stayed together. Over time some split and headed south others went directly east. The way people survived conditions, and didn’t, makes you see how easy we have it now. I don’t know for certain where this took place, but I think it is Alaska and western Canada. You can’t imagine the beauty, but we wouldn’t last a week. It is remarkable how they traveled and adapted. Very determined resolute people. There was a reference to “others” by that I understood not Lenape, came by water routes. Not that I didn’t know this anyway, but if there was any doubt about the BS “Clovis first” belief there isn’t anymore. Getting too busy and too tired to write anymore. That was more or less it anyway, showing the hardship and determination. Many, many died. The meteor was mentioned in reference to me again. When leaving the old men said “I will see you again“. I understood that as clearly as I understand it now. Nuttah stayed outside the lodge this time. She seems so fragile at times, but she can’t be.

And my email back to Bob: Wow, this is exciting. I’m so curious about the history part, I wish I was seeing it too. I can’t even imagine what the scenery would have looked like.  Oh, by the way, another “literal” translation of “ilaonetu” is “warrior spirit“. And now that you gave me a frame of reference for that long word, here it is:

Lenape:    kikayuyëmënaninkahke
English:   our deceased ancestors or parents or forefathers

How do you get the spelling? Just by hearing it over and over? Also does her comment also mean that it is no accident that WE are together?

And Bob’s response:
The landscape, the flora and fauna are stunning, similar to now I guess, but no movie or pictures show what I am being shown; especially the animals. I suspect this is very long in the past. Much longer than our “experts” believe. I’ll bet there are major remains of settlements under the sea along all the coasts in Alaska, probably our entire coast line. You’ll get your chance to understand how I “get the spelling”. Yes, it is no accident we are together. Apparently a very long time.

And mine back to Bob: It would be interesting to find out how long ago this all was. Are you ever able to hover on something longer if you would want to? As in, “Let me see that again?” kind of thing? Or can you ask the elder gents questions? Off for my wobble with a wobbler. Missed it yesterday, he was so disappointed. Sat by the fence out there and stared in at me forlornly.

lapi knewëlch (can also mean “Goodbye“, but lit. is “I will see you again”)

June 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

This was my first attempt at the doll family. In reality, so that Nuttah can recognize us, I have used photographs of each of us on the faces of our characters. However, for the purposes of this blog, I am using a [okay, I know it’s ridiculous] smiley face. I’ll have to label us too, I think. So here we are on the dresser:

Our "Character" family... with sweat-lodge, and tëme (wolves)

And my email to Bob about it: I thought you were going to tell me about a visitor, because I found all our characters arranged differently, but perhaps it was you.

And Bob to me: Wasn’t me, I know she was there last night but only for a little while. What was rearranged? When did you notice? I only know she was there after midnight.

Our characters were all facing up. I had left them the way they blew over, but they were arranged all up. That was what made me notice them. I must fasten them to something that won’t blow around. Rubber band them to rock bases or something. I noticed when I came up around 10:30 or so.