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November 27, 2016

More on the Fish Tank, and I play around with Photoshop filters

I took the original phone-camera picture that Bob took of the fish tank into Photoshop. I played around with a number of filters, effects, and “image-adjusting” tools. I think the best result below is the one called “sepia” but I already forget how I arrived at that. I wish I’d recorded my steps, because I’m not sure that I can duplicate it.

Anyway, the point was, I wanted to see if it revealed anything that we may have not discovered in the original picture. So far, the interpretation hasn’t changed. Although, son, Stewie says that he sees 4 people. Today he is here, and he pointed out where he sees the 3rd and 4th. I do see what Stewie means by the 3rd, but I’m not seeing 4. He says they look like 2 children. I guess it is possible that it’s kind of a “family grouping”, in that the ‘parents’ are behind the children, holding the children in front of them. Well, at best that is a stretch. I’ve posted the variations below. You are, of course, welcome to come to your own conclusions. Just remember, we have in the past reported on things we thought were the ‘overlap’ family in the house with us. Bob has had many experiences with this. Just a family living here but in a different ‘dimension’, parallel time-line, or just “other”.

This is the cropped only, unretouched image

This is the cropped only, unretouched image


With the Photoshop “Film Grain” filter applied

Photoshop filter "Grain"

Photoshop filter “Grain”

Photoshop "Halftone" filter

Photoshop “Halftone” filter

Photoshop "inverted" filter

Photoshop “inverted” filter

With "Sepia-tone" applied

With “Sepia-tone” applied


These pictures you can click for a larger version


In this picture, I circled the ‘boy’ that Stewie thinks is another person in this group. He says there is a matching one under the ‘woman’s’ face. I can’t see that. Maybe others can. They might be out of scale though, in relation to the size of the larger faces.

July 17, 2012

Bob and a Guest Have a Mutual Sighting

I came home the night of July 16, 2012 to a new arrangement on Bob’s side of the bed. It would be morning before I found out if there had also been some communication with Bob.

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob's bedside table

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob’s bedside table

Bob wrote me this email the next morning:
Woke at 12:12 briefly last night, then woke at 1:15 AM in a total sweat. My fan was off…..Nuttah had been there earlier in the evening, just visiting. She sat on the bed.  I guess she could have turned it off,  but I dont know why she would. Either way I was drenched, really don’t like summer.

My email to Bob: I figured Nuttah had visited, she left an arrangement on your side of the bed. It’s herself, a heart and the pewter turtle.

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

Then later that evening, Bob called me at work, our usual nightly phone call before he goes to bed. What he was to tell me gave me chills every time I thought about it after that. We’d been having some work done on our house for the better part of the summer. This is all still the fix-up work of that hurricane in August of 2011 – Irene, which is the 2nd hurricane that flooded our house. The contractor (name is “Dave”) that was doing the work had stopped over in the early evening to pick up a check to get paid. Bob invited him to sit outside on the deck and have a beer with him. Dave accepted, and they sat out facing the creek and drinking their beers. They were chatting about this and that, both of them like to fish, and that is the usual topic. Bob told me that he was just casually gazing at the woods across the creek, and suddenly, out of nowhere, he spots a line of Lenape braves in the woods, cruising along as they are hunting. He starts, alarmed, stops in mid-sentence, and glances over to see if Dave might have seen them too. Dave is as white as a ghost, and suddenly gets up, saying, “Geez, think I better go get something to eat, this beer is going right to my head.” He departs without saying another word, his beer only half finished. There was no doubt in Bob’s mind that Dave saw the hunters too. I wish there was some way that I could tell Dave that he wasn’t just imagining it, that he is not crazy, that he saw what he saw. But how do you bring that up? I can’t. I simply must stay mum about it, course I pretty much announce it to the world here, but Dave lives on our street and knows a lot of people we know, so it just isn’t possible. I’m sure Dave by now has found a way to rationalize what he no doubt saw.

December 22, 2011

Event #282? – Thursday, December 22, 2011

The "impression" I had of a Lenape canoe

This morning, I was doing my usual jog along the towpath with my little “wobbler”. I had a little extra time, so decided to do some extra walking for a few minutes beyond where I usually stop. The view of the river there is wide open, and the path hugs right along the side of it. I’ve already finished my main exercise, and I’m pretty relaxed, and running early, because it is a work day. Right at this point, an image came into my mind, hard to describe, more like an “impression”. This idea had not been in my head, it just popped in, almost as if I was really “seeing” it. It was of a canoe with Indians in it, paddling intently toward the river bank, right where I was at that moment. They appeared to be kneeling in the canoe, a somewhat rough-hewn one, similar to this one I found a picture of on the internet. There were 3 of them, also just like in this picture, wearing buckskin. It was a very brief impression, almost like I was “seeing” a scene from a time long-past. I stopped and stared for awhile to see if the impression would turn into something else. It did not, and was lost. However, I continued on, northward. The river has a sharp curve here and I glanced upriver. Now I had the impression of a battery of multiple Lenape canoes, about a dozen or more of them coming around the curve. I could see this in silhouette. However, it’s not really there. I don’t know what this is, or if I really “saw” anything… but when I related this incident to Bob, he said to me, “That happens to me all the time”. We were outside on our deck, looking across the creek. “What do you mean?”, I asked.
“Well, for instance”, Bob continued, “Over there, up on the hillside across the creek, I see braves all the time, they’re hunting.”
“Are there any there now?”, I wondered.
“No. But I’ve seen this frequently.” Bob said.
“You never mentioned it.” I mused.
“I know, this stuff always just gets weirder and weirder to me, I can’t mention all of it, because sometimes it just seems so crazy.”
My guess is that it took me saying that I was seeing something for Bob to admit that he too, was seeing silhouettes of Lenape just going about their business. Since then, every time I step outside, I glance across the creek to see what I might see. Winter affords a better view of everything – no underbrush to block my view — if a squirrel was over there, I would see it. But nothing — and the canoes on the river event has not happened again either.

May 18, 2011

Event #218a: Tuesday night, May 17, 2011

Lenape huts similar to what I picture Bob may have 'seen'.

Bob also described some huts that he observed on his way to the field. He must have been by these on previous visits, but this time it was daylight, and he could see them clearly. He said they were little oval-type ‘houses’; a series of them, apparently individual dwellings. “Almost like a cone, or an inverted cup.” he explained.

“The wolf puppies were there too.” Bob continued. “There is something about wolves – nobody will hurt a wolf.” he explained. “It’s almost like it’s a ‘religious’ thing, they are revered – they don’t kill them. And it isn’t just wolves they feel this way about – there are other things.” Bob said.

“Turkeys?” I wondered, not sure why.

“No… I just ‘got’ this impression of rattlesnakes too, and there are other things that they won’t hurt. I’m thinking rabbit, but that doesn’t make sense, you’d think rabbit would be a staple food. But I did get that impression.”

“What do you think was the occasion for this 2nd visit?” I wondered, since even one visit has been a pretty rare occurrence of late.

“I guess to see more detail of the scene — the fields.” Bob explained. “This time it was very bright there. It was only 7:30 or so, and they’re having a bit sunnier weather than we are right now.” Bob refers here to the week of non-stop rain we’ve had.
He went on to explain, “Her father is from the north of here. ‘Mintzi’, ‘Mitzi’? tribe – a wolf tribe from up north. ”

“You mean like the ‘Minsi’ Trail?” I wondered.

“I guess, now that you say that. At least that’s what it sounded like.” Bob answered.

And I just found this information from a website about the “Munsee” branch of the Lenape:

The three tribes were the Minsi (Munsee/Mahican); which meant “Stone Land or Mountain People“, believed to be the oldest tribe as well as the tribe that stayed pretty much in the mountains of Pennsylvania and New York since about 1000 ad. The Munsee were the primary meat gatherers of the Delaware as farming was very difficult in the mountains rocky soil. The Delaware referred to the Munsee as the  “Wolf Tribe“.  (And maybe why the wolves were revered?)

The article goes on to add that the other two tribes were the “Unami” or “Turtle Tribe” from the area around the Delaware River and the “Unalachticos or Turkey Tribe” from the Jersey shore area.

That was about it for Bob’s observations from his “trip”. Mostly it was about gardening, with some observations as he saw things on the way to the fields. I do hope that this is not a commentary on OUR gardening style. It is, for the most part, an experiment, and our first attempt at growing actual vegetables. We didn’t learn about “Three-Sisters Agriculture” until Nuttah showed Bob the ‘mound’ style of planting that I illustrated in the last post. I do still wonder if it’s too late to experiment with this — can’t hurt to try, I suppose. We do have the soil and the seeds. If I have some time this week, maybe we’ll give it a shot.

March 24, 2011

Event #197: March 24, 2011

Excerpts of emails of Thursday morning, March 24th,

8:30 AM, From Bob: “Well, I guess I now have a semi answer as to whether I am dreaming. I got to [that same intersection] this morning listening to Coast-2-Coast; the light turned red, and as soon as I stop the giant white bird flies over at about the height of the light. I glance over at the guy in next lane, he doesn’t seem to have seen it, and at the same time the bird flies over, the radio changes [from the talk show] to playing a song.”

Bob was sitting there at the intersection where the White Bird sightings have happened numerous other times, always at odd hours; clearly when birds are not usually out flying. And right in the middle of the Coast to Coast talk radio program, a song starts playing that has some significance to Bob & I, and although it’s common for this station to play ‘bumper music’, it was not at the time that bumper music should be playing. And Bob and I had just recently been talking about this particular song. Then, while it is playing, Bob has a momentary, instantaneous vision of a life that was different from our life together — In this vision, something else happened instead of us getting married, and living where we do. It was like he was being shown “us” in a different time line, or was it possibly a ‘parallel’ universe? In this scenario, we did not know each other; had never met. There were a lot of specific details to the vision and it was clearly not anything like the way our life actually is now. And as soon as the bird flew out of view, the vision was over, the light turned green, and both cars sitting at the light continued on… Could there actually be a timeline in which this scenario is happening, and Bob was given a momentary view of it?

Bob continues in the email: “Pretty powerful “dream”, you would ‘have to have been there’ sort of thing to know what I mean, overwhelming. All of this happened in a few seconds I presume because I wasn’t sitting at the light any longer than the guy next to me. Funny I was thinking about the bird yesterday.”

March 19, 2011

Event #194: Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bob came into the office behind me stating the following:

“Patterns of information”.
“What is that?” I wondered.
“It’s how she transmits information to me, it’s how I am able to ‘get it’.” Bob said.
And he continued, “Those are my words for it, but all there really is, is all these strings; running patterns, very basic patterns of information. It was just a flash, but it contains everything. I guess the best thing you can compare it to is like primary colors: Red, Yellow, Blue. All colors can be made from just the 3 colors, and I guess it’s like that. So there are just these primary strings or ‘patterns of information’ and all information can be created from these primary patterns. They’re complex looking to me, but simple I guess. It’s almost like computer code, or similar to that code in ‘Matrix’ but it’s in colors and it has a pattern and there are sequences of information, maybe almost like geometric figures, but it went by too fast for me to really grasp it.”

I asked Bob, “So what do you think you were looking at?”
“I don’t know — how do you describe something you have no frame of reference for?” Bob wondered.
“Well, what is the question she is answering with this ‘flash’ of information?” I asked.
“I wondered in my head how she is able to communicate with me so that I can understand, and how does she understand our language and our symbology? Like the heart thing. That’s not a heart, it’s our symbol for ‘love’, and that was one of the first things that she figured out. That really makes it even less likely that this is all real, rather than a matrix or a game.” Bob said.

I wondered, “So does she tap into a universal information database, that is universally available?
“It’s all present, it’s all happening right now. How do you reconcile that all of our moments are recorded?” Bob wondered.
“I can’t.” was my response.
“So all time is present. I had a brief flash of it, and I don’t really know what I was seeing, but it was the way that she is able to communicate and understand, through these patterns. We are too hard-wired to this reality, and we don’t have the mental power to see outside of it. What sense does it make that the Higgs-Boson Singlet can go back and forth to the past and transmit information? Or to the future or to now?” Bob exclaimed.

“So others have conceieved of this possibility and are experimenting with ways to make it happen.”, me stating the obvious to try to get my brain around it.
“Yeah, and the Hadron Collider – the most complex machine ever built.”

Later on Saturday, there was another slight change. The Maya Civilization book, which still sat on the rocking chair, was now opened. I checked the page numbers it was left open to: 166-167. I had to ask Bob if he had done this, he said no. Bob picked it up and read the pages that the book was opened to. He said that it had to with war and the politics of the era. I thought it might be because of Libya and what was going on today, but Bob says no, something more sinister and something having to do with her in her time.

February 12, 2011

Event #182a: Later on Sat., Feb.12

Saturday night, Bob had planned for us an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, which this year falls on a Monday. Bob planned dinner out at one of our all-time favorite places. We were having a very enjoyable dinner and at some point, I was telling Bob about the dream and the vision of the previous evening. Bob immediately recognized my description of the kneeling buckskins with the gnarled hands as one of the elders: “The older one, that’s not from here. That’s exactly how he sits”, Bob confirmed. I felt somewhat validated. I can’t always validate or verify these visions that I have as anything in particular, so it was a relief in a way that this one meant something. However, what that meaning is, I don’t know. Just a picture for me to view.

I know that Bob has been feeling ignored by Nuttah, “abandoned”, as he puts it. I have tried to keep assuring him that she would not have gone to all this effort and work, and simply “up and abandoned” him this far into it. I only base that on what I’ve seen over the past year. What else is there? It hardly seems likely that she would just “leave” him. And, after all, there is still some “contact” with me. I think that she will “get over it”, eventually. That’s what I keep telling Bob, but of course he has his doubts. There is something, however, going on with Bob that he divulged to me tonight at dinner, and that I witnessed, but I am not at liberty at this point in time to say what it is. Perhaps at some future time, but I have to leave that up to Bob, and I understand his reticence. A lot of this is pretty hard to absorb, and it is not just anyone that we tell about it. In fact, just tonight, I have added to the blog a poll. It sits in the right-hand column, if you scroll down far enough. The poll question is: “Do you believe Nuttah is a real person in her time?” Feel free to answer with the options I’ve provided, or write in your own. I appreciate the feedback.

Tonight (coincidentally on Valentine's Day), Bob has a heart on his lamp-base

Then later on Monday, February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day!):
Something happened today/tonight, that I noticed when I came home from work. Bob has a heart on his lamp-base! This is the first thing that’s officially happened “to” Bob, since his character got turned to the wall, and then disappeared. He didn’t believe me at first, so I sent him this picture in an email. That’s his clock-radio in the bottom front. So, she apparently has not totally abandoned Bob. And as soon as I get a moment, I am going to give us all new characters — 2-sided characters. On one side, will be the people that we are today – Bob & Lois. And then on the other side, I will find a Lenape character to represent us in that era. Just curious to see how she will “play” with the new dolls…. got to get busy. Please answer the new poll. I figured that out tonight, and it took some doing. Thank you!

February 12, 2011

Event #182: Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011

I had a dream overnight that was so much like a vision or some kind of experience that I just have to log it here as an “event”. Although, Bob has reported some “dreams” that were in fact visitations from Nuttah, so regardless of dream or event I will report it. It started with me and Bob, and we were both in the bed, and I thought that I noticed something in the room move. I said to Bob, “Did you see that, over there, look, I swear I saw something move.” We both looked in the direction of the TV, which now sat on a table with legs, rather than on the dresser it does sit on. I thought I had seen a very small figure dash from the right to the left under the table, and as I was describing it to Bob, there it was again, clearly a small little being, running underneath this table. Then Bob saw it too. “There! Did you see it then?” “Yeah”, he says as he sits up more and now the being is over by the window (the same window that figured into our “Early Days” events that looked out onto the work being done. The being, a girl or young woman, now sat over there; she was doing something, I couldn’t tell what, just that she was there, and Bob and I were both sitting up in the bed now watching intently. Then I started to see something begin to happen, and it started just as creeping streams of smoke, and then a dark orange flame joined the smoke, and it was behind her, but creeping up around the furniture, and the closet over there, and I started to get up to address it so that our house didn’t burn down, but Bob stopped me. “Don’t,” he said, “It’s not real, it’s not really happening, it’s just a vision – we’re seeing something.” He said. “Is it her?” I wondered. “Yeah, I think so.”

There wasn’t much else to this vision, just the being, and the fire, and the clarity of the “vision”. But then in a later awake state, I was “delivered” yet again, another image. I always want to say “delivered” because these visions so clearly seem to “come to me” from somewhere else. There is no logic to them, no association with anything else that is going on in my head, and sometimes, the clarity of them is such that I feel like I am looking at this thing in real life. However, I cannot say that I can always identify what I’m being shown.

The knees & hands of an old Lenape man, credit to Native Stock Pictures (

This one looked like somebody’s knees, as if they were kneeling. It was just the rounded part of the knees, which were covered in buckskin and possibly, the hands resting on the knees. I think the hands were gnarly and wrinkled, definitely a darker skin color, but the gnarled-ness may have actually been the fabric all wrinkled up too, but it did seem more like the hands. And that was it. It was brief, it was clear, and it was a flash, and gone just like that. I do try to zero in on more, or hold it there longer to see more, but that is never up to me. Then, when I got up this morning, I heard the buzz/hum in my ear in the room for the first time in a while. She has not been around much of late, and has more or less “abandoned” Bob (that’s how he describes it) altogether, ever since their last encounter in the living room, and since Bob’s character is missing in action.

I forgot to mention that before that vision popped in, I’d been getting a couple flashes in the darkness of my “closed-eye” vision of the bright star that I’ve come to interpret as her presence.

When I went up to the bedroom later, I heard the buzz-sound, but it sounded really distant and far away; it sounded like an airplane flying outside but far away. As I focused in on that sound though, it seemed to come closer to me (or become more apparent) and by the time I was finished in the bedroom it was again right in my ear, as I’m used to hearing it.

February 6, 2011

Event #180: Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nuttah and I seem to be playing this game of “hearts”. (Funny, I play that game a lot on the computer – “Hearts” – it’s a card game) I point one of the hearts at her, and then I come back to my desk and find one pointing at “me”! This has happened 3 times in the past 2 days, including just recently while Bob and I were in the other room.

Overnight: when I laid down last night, which was actually still Saturday night, I heard the “Buzz” in my ear unusually loudly. And it was rhythmic, almost musical (but more or less monotone). When I got up this morning to tell Bob about it, I related it as if I was possibly overhearing (was it “leaking” through?) a ceremony, where they were drumming and doing rhythmic chanting. It kind of had that sound, but I hear it as a vibration. Maybe if you were deaf, and you could feel a vibration or hear a dim vibration of music being performed, but not the music itself, perhaps that is what it would sound like.

Similar to what I see in my vision; this is from ""

Then, when I shut my eyes, for the first time in awhile, there were colors and fluidity in my vision; the liquid motion. Bright royal blue blobs, turning to a deep purple blob, sometimes a flash of white brightness. Any color was always in the deep purple to blue range, very fluid. Sometimes, I would also get vision flashes like I was moving through a corridor with windows, and the windows faced out onto something outside of the corridor that I didn’t have time to look at. And then, for the first time, I also had this other sensation as I “looked” into the scene of motion in my closed-eye vision. I felt that if I could train my eyes to focus in a certain way, that within that scene of fluidity, was what I really wanted to be seeing. It was dark, but there seemed to be some stillness to it, like I was looking at a scene on the ground. What it was, I could not make out. All I can really say about it, is that it seemed to be there. And my eye needed to be better trained. Or my brain… one or the other, or perhaps even both. Sometimes, I can’t get away from that sensation that I just don’t have the knowledge or skill to achieve these … That slowly, slowly, she is trying to train me, my brain, to pick up on things. For instance, a year ago, I did not hear that sound at all. And only towards the end of the summer did I begin to pick up the visions. And each time it happens, I try to notice more – is there a difference to the sound this time, am I hearing it somewhere else in the house? Does it have a rhythm, a cadence, and what might that remind me of? Reminding me of something is almost impossible, as these are life experiences that have not happened in this lifetime.

When I sat down at my desk this morning, my character, next to Nuttah to the side of me here was the way I’d left us last night, and I’d pointed all 3 hearts at her. They stayed that way as I sat at my desk all morning, and about an hour ago, I got up and made some breakfast for everybody, and I’m just now getting back here… the silver heart now points at “me”.

January 23, 2011

Event #176: Sunday, January 23, 2011

I had a brief flash of a vision this morning. I was asleep, woke up thirsty, and when I went back to bed, I laid down and I could hear the buzz in my ear, and then a vision flashed into my head. It was a piece of cloth, possibly a flag? It had stitching along the outer edges; even, overlapping, very neat stitches in a darker color than the garment or flag or whatever it was, like blanket stitching. The other parts of the fabric were mainly green with hints or places of red here and there. That part was pretty muddled. This vision came to me at least twice.

Then later, Sunday night, Bob’s sister Rue came over for dinner. When she left, I went upstairs, and sensed something. Not that she was “there”, but Joe was all out of sorts, and I just sensed that something might be different. The only thing that I was able to find was the pewter turtle in the closet had been relocated. It was still in the closet, but he moved to sit on top of the Q-Tip box for some odd reason. Then I saw the book “Joe & Me” in our bathroom book bin (and this book has shown up before when Rue visits), but when I asked Bob about it, he says he is reading it! Okay, so that explains that one.