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October 1, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

Well, this morning we dodged a bullet and found out how our new wall can stand up to a potential flood. However, if the creek had come up 6” higher, we would have had a different scene. Bob is speculating that Nuttah may have made her visits yesterday because of this impending possibility. I was rudely awakened at 5 AM to Stewie banging on the bedroom door:

“Mom, you better get up and look at the creek”.
The sound of the rain, and the rushing and rising water of the creek had awakened him, but not me; Bob has the windows of the bedroom closed for the air conditioner. I had actually gone to bed with a sense of confidence that we would not be facing anything horrendous overnight. In fact, my email of the night before to Leann, who has a home on the river was full of blustering confidence:

Leann was hearing on the news threats of river flooding, and since was not currently in the area, her email was titled “How bad is it?” (Leann has 3 times since 2004 faced major flooding in her home along the river)

My response:
“Hey Leann,
Not bad at all really, not now anyway. Even if it kept up at this rate, we’d still be alright, it’s a pretty slow rain. We were thinking differently last night, bought tarp and everything at Home Depot, and I announced at work I would be manning the home front and wouldn’t be in — but as this morning wore on with no rain at all, I checked the radar pics and the river and creek  gauges, and it looked like the worst of it had swung west of us, so I went in to work. I’m just coming home now, it is still raining, but the creek is still low. The local river gauge is showing the crest at 22 ft., but that’s below the “moderate” stage. I think everyone will be okay. Nuttah paid us a visit last night, I think it was to calm us down, knowing we were worried about the creek.”

Picture of the creek 2 1/2 hours after crest, the wall is on the left

And now Stewie is banging on the door for me to get up and look. Bob had left for work an hour before. I jumped out of bed, threw open the window, and gasped. The creek was within 6” of cresting the wall. Running downstairs with Stewie, I tried to think of what would make sense to do first. You have to make some very quick decisions about what to pay attention to at that point, it had already risen about 10 ft. since Bob had left about an hour before. These flash floods act quickly when they start to unfold, as we found out in the Hurricane Ivan flood of ’04. Dogs, vehicles, basement, then stuff. I knew we had a small amount of time before we had to do something about the dogs; if the creek began to crest the wall and overflow into the the yard, it would take a while to spread out. We had inches, and maybe 10 minutes. Same with the cars… unless… a situation like Ivan developed where the water came from the front, not the back. We lost all 4 of our vehicles to the flood of Ivan, so Stewie and I worked on getting our 2 vehicles out onto higher ground in a neighbor’s driveway. We then cleared the deck; no small task, but everything would be wiped off it if we didn’t. Sealed the basement. Now the dogs in the upstairs bedrooms. All this took about an hour, meanwhile, the creek was still rising, but slowly. A little pool of water is forming at the end of the yard, where the water was creeping in. It was too dark still to get a good reference point, and I was too busy to really pay attention, but it did seem as if it was not coming up anymore, but had crested, and may even have started to recede. By 7, when it was lighter, it was obvious it was going down, and not coming up anymore. The picture above was taken at 7:30 am, well after crest. I was just too busy (and it was too dark) to take any pictures as the madness was unfolding. Plus, it was still raining, and I didn’t want to get the camera wet.

Normal creek level. You'll see the same exact angle below, with about 10 more feet of water in the creek

In this 1st picture to the right, you can see the creek at its normal level. The 2nd picture below it is taken from exactly the same angle; you can kind of see our wall stretching along the top right of the picture, and it’s the house lights reflecting into the water. I’m shooting from the bridge.

After cresting; the time on this picture is 7:35 AM, same angle as the picture above it

The bottom picture is shot from the deck along the fence, which is the black separator to the right of the picture. It shows the thin line that separates us from disaster, rushing creek on one side, yard/house on the other. That’s our little Wobbles tied to his chain in the yard. Water was receding at this point.

Looking downstream from the deck, Wobbles in the yard to the right, post-crest

So for the first time in the morning, Stewie and I had a chance to stop for a minute and take a breath, and we stood looking over the fence at the creek, knowing that the worst was over and that disaster had been skirted. Stewie then exclaims, “Look at that.” I wasn’t sure where he was referring to, so I glanced to see where he was looking, and then spotted it…  a bird was flying upstream, along the top of the flooded creek, about 6 ft. or so above the water, seemingly struggling to fly as if into a strong headwind. My first impression was that it was a heron. A relatively small one. My second impression was that it was… white. I said to Stewie, “Was that a white bird?” He wasn’t sure, maybe light grey he thought. It was already out of site, and I couldn’t find where it went. And that marked the end of our hectic almost flooded morning. Then I crashed. I’d had only 4 hours of sleep, the stress of a potential flood…  I was shot.

A creek gauge showing a 12' "spike" in no time - that's how it happens along creeks. These gauges have become a part of our life living here.

I wrote an email to Bob later: Looks like all the creek stone held, I don’t see any obvious sections of it missing, so that’s good. It do B raining here yet again, but lightly. I wonder how Rue did, looks like Brandywine was a mess too. Saw a gauge where Perkiomen at Schwenksville spiked to 12 ft. I’d like to see a graph like that in terms of minutes, and not days, to see how quickly that happens.

Narrating: I think this kind of spike mimics what we have here at our creek, but there is no gauge on this one. And where was Nuttah this whole time? I had absolutely no sense of her the entire morning.  I can only think that she must have known we wouldn’t truly get “hit”, like we did in Ivan. Perhaps I should trust her intuition, and save my nerves.

March 8, 2010

Event #38 : Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh, man. Bob called me at work, and said Joe was cowering downstairs, and wouldn’t even come up to the bedroom. Of course I asked if anything looked out of place, yet he had found nothing amiss. I thought this odd, but later, while we were still on the phone, he called Joe about 10 times and he finally came upstairs. All the way home from work I was thinking about this, and I had the sensation that something had definitely happened. I would have said I was 100% sure that something had happened. So I get up there, and Bob and Joe are both sleeping. TV off. Nothing amiss on my bureau – ducks in place, remotes in place. However… as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, I noticed there was a lot of writing on Bob’s little notebook. I ran it downstairs to my computer room and scanned the page. Here it is, to the right. My assessment of what all this means, before I get Bob’s email tomorrow morning is that of course it means “she” visited again. No more moving stuff, I guess; she now has our attention, and we’re “getting it”. I think… sort of… getting it. So as far as the content of what that says: Nuttah, our visitor, is 21-22 years old. She has long hair. They live on the same spot that is where we live. It was then all wooded. There is this weird description there about the men and how they look – bald with a small patch of hair. Was that the “style”? Then, the water thing. I know that every time she has “communicated”, there has been an element about water. Bob kept picking it up as a fear of the water. She was afraid OF the water. I’m guessing that it’s not that – she is afraid FOR the water. Bob writes, “Not fear of water, fear for water. Got it”. Is this a message from the past to the future? Protect the water? Is she trying to convey that we are destroying it? Or did she pick up destruction from all the massive (and potentially destructive) equipment that was here? Well, I will email Bob tonight asking about what he wrote, and await his response tomorrow morning.

Here is my email to Bob:
I found nothing amiss in the room, except that I saw you had a “visitor”. I scanned the notebook page and put it back (in case you need to write more). Sounds very interesting, but I’ll let you elaborate on what you wrote, which, as best as I can interpret is this:
The first word, I can’t really read. Looks like “METEING”, or “METEINC”, but was it supposed to be “MEETING”?
Then – NUTTAH.
Not fear of water
fear for water — got it
2 long houses on property
all trees long hair
men seem bald. sm. patch
on head
fuckin’ crazy
(I’m guessing the last phrase was your editorial).
I’ll be waiting with baited breath! — hope your Blackberry works today.
I love you,

March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Bob has a really interesting theory about “what is going on”. I am buying into it, because in a weird multiple-universe/ parallel universe kind of physics, this might actually make sense. I listen to enough of George Noory on the late-night radio and interviews with Michio Kaku to know that this is something being researched, and wow – how cool that it might be going on right in our OWN BACK YARD. Bob will write something later about what his theory is. Roughly (and I can’t write this myself because I just don’t know enough about it, just in a VERY general way at best) but roughly, he thinks that both cultures – our 21st century culture and her 16th century Lenape Indian culture are living in parallel. She is there now, living her life. She is not a ghost. She is somehow – and this part is not clear – but somehow she is able to make the crossover, and enter into our timeline. The two timelines coexist. Is that possible? I think there is a theory that it is possible. It seems here that the theory might be real. Rather than a straight line of time, I’ve begun to understand that time might meander and curve back on itself. Picture a river that meanders right and left like a zig-zag, and sometimes curves back against itself far enough to actually almost touch another part of it. If we are along that “river” of time; we, meaning us in the 21st century here, and she is on the river of time in the late 1500’s, perhaps early 1600’s and we are in exactly the same place geographically… do you think it might be possible that with a short “jump” through time, you could traverse both times? Could it have been the pounding on the creek bed by the machinery? I don’t think I quite explained well enough how completely loud and vibrating that was when they pounded those 6 foot panels into the creek with that machine, and only 1-2 feet of them were showing when they were done. There seems to be a direct parallel between the date that began, and the step-up in activity. For instance, this picture to the above left of the panels being driven into the creek was taken the very same day that the picture was taken of the remotes on the back of the bureau, from way back there in event #2. The bedroom window is on the top floor of the part of the house showing there. In that picture, I’ve circled in yellow one of the panels being placed. He would lift them over with the excavator bucket and a chain, and then come back with the pounding tip and just ram:ram:ram repeatedly, until they went in as far as he could get them to go. That’s what is happening in the picture to the right, and I’ve circled in yellow the tip of the excavator that is waiting while one of the crew positions the panel properly, and then the ramming will start, as it’s forced in, vibrating through all the rock. By the way, this technique finally worked – it DID control the water, unlike the temporary fabric dam that they had initially tried. They used pumps to keep any seepage away from the work area. I think I mentioned those pumps in a previous incident, when I heard something coming from outside that I couldn’t explain. In this case, I needn’t have worried. But getting back to time… imagine the implications of what might be happening here. My mind needs to grasp the import of it. The possibility of it. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I don’t get it — but I sort of want to believe it is possible and that it is what is happening.

February 2, 2010

Event #25: Tues. evening, Feb. 2, 2010

I asked Bob tonight, since I’ve been dwelling on it since Friday, just HOW he was so sure it was going to end when the wall was finished. As it turns out, the power failure (of just 2 items in the entire house) was the last thing that has happened, and that was back on Saturday, Jan. 28th. He said it was just a very clear “message” from this “entity”. The one that got in the bed.

“Well, what was it exactly?” I pressed. My conversation with Bob went something like this:

“I felt like I had a non-verbal conversation with ‘it’. I was not afraid of ‘it’ at all; it was more like ‘it’ was afraid. She was afraid. It became very clear to me in those seconds that it was about the wall. She was afraid of the water, and would feel “better” or less “vulnerable”, when the wall was back in place”. He said it was overwhelmingly female, and very vulnerable. I asked him if any part of this conversation was out loud, and he had to think for a second, and said, “Well, I might have said, ‘It’s DONE’.” He had a very clear sense of “communicating” this to “her”, and that it would settle down when the wall was finished. I found this to be a fascinating part of all that had gone on up to this point.

Bob read later what I wrote above about this, and added his own words: “It was very clear that it was a woman, and that she was scared of the water. The wall gave her a sense of protection, and that when I said it was “done”, and that when it was finished she would be safe, he felt from “her” that she would finally feel safe when the wall was completed. This was all done by communicating without speaking, back and forth in a way that was understood by both, and Bob got the clear message from “it” that it understood and had a sense of relief that the wall would soon be done. He had the feeling of relief, or joy, or happiness from “it” and it could now go back to whatever it had been doing before.

And then nothing happened for awhile. I was looking around every night and every night we talked on the phone, I would ask if anything was amiss in our room. The day of the last cement pouring had been Thursday, January 28th, and there was nothing of note after that. Until yesterday.

The emails of January 31 and Feb. 1st went only as far as what has appeared here. We never did follow up with Matt about setting up a camera, even though within about a week, things had picked up again. We didn’t pursue it because of the nature of what it was beginning to become. We felt we were dealing with a real personality, not some random “poltergeist”, or “ghost”, or shadow person, or whatever. Bob was getting a true sense of someone, some thing – with a real personality, and something that might actually be “alive”, not a ghost from the past. He was at a loss as to how to explain this, or why he even thought it. But he also thought that somehow, any intrusion such as a video camera in the room, might inhibit or scare our “entity” and he didn’t want this to happen. I felt coming from him a sense of protection for “it”, for lack of a better word, and given that Bob was having much more of the “contact” at that point than I was, I felt that I had to respect that. So after that, the video idea got shelved, so to speak.

January 23, 2010

Event #19-20: Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bob was in the bathroom and had the TV on NFL Network, Channel 29 on our TV. From in the bathroom, he heard the channel change from where he’d set it, and came out and found it on Channel 27. Later, when I went up, Joe came slinking out from underneath the bed, anxiously hopped on top of it and surveyed the room nervously, like he was hiding from something he’d just seen. (Bob had left the room quite a bit earlier). Obviously, there is nothing conclusive about the cat behavior, but the channels changing while you’re watching is something new.
When I downloaded the pictures I had taken, Bob looked at the “handprints” on the blanket that I had talked about at the end of the Wednesday post. He looked carefully, and declared that they were NOT his handprints. He also pointed out to me that the “fingers” go in really awkward directions. So I’ve added one of those pictures here, to the left. Another thing he mentioned was that he purposely has NOT been touching the blanket so as not to confuse his prints with “other” prints; that was after the day I found a fist print on it, and he told me he’d been leaning there looking out the window at the work going on.

Later on Saturday, we’d gone out to dinner nearby, and got home a bit after 9. I went upstairs to change into something comfortable, and Joe was laying curled up on the bed. Nothing was amiss; I looked around at all my (now) usual spots: top of closet, bureau, bed-side-tables for remotes. Nothing was out of sorts. Later, Bob went up to bed ahead of me and I followed after starting another load of wash. I asked Bob if he’d noticed anything, and he said, “Nothing but Joe walking the perimeter of the room and muttering to himself”. Oh, yeah? What was he saying? And with that, Bob did this perfectly ridiculous (and hysterical) imitation of Joe walking around the room all out of sorts muttering away like this:
“This-is-fucking-ridiculous-I’ve-had-enough-of-this-stop-fucking-with-me-I-can’t-take-any-more-of-this-what-are-you-trying-to-do-to-me-on-and-on-and-on” like that, slinking around and muttering along the room’s perimeter. He said it was like something had JUST happened. So I looked around. And sure enough – it was the Ducks again. See picture – the 2 that have already been moved twice are now further down, right to the edge of the closet top. If they move any further, they will be on the floor. And the big duck, the one in front – he was moved further away from the Mama duck, formerly leading her charge. There are “drag” marks in the dust and I photographed them too. The picture below shows all the disturbance in the heavy dust above the closets. I had no idea it was like that up there, I don’t often look. Guess I will in the future, that’s pretty disgusting. I’ve circled in yellow the ducks that were moved off to the left at the end of the closet. Joe calmed down finally after we got in bed, but he was NOT happy. Bob thinks if he’d come up a couple minutes earlier, he might have witnessed it. I asked him to leave the ducks like this, so I could see if there is any more progression.

January 20, 2010

Event #18: Wed., January 20, 2010

I wrote this email below to Bob, after I discovered his remote on my table when I came home Tuesday evening. First, I’d asked him where he’d put his remote when he went to bed, and he said the usual spot, which is on his OWN bedside table.

And my email:
“Ok, well that’s another incident then that happened while you were sleeping — when I came up at about 11:30 or so, both remotes were on MY table, and mine had been turned around to face the wall, the same way yours was. (That’s not how I leave it) Also — and this is almost weirder — I had to get up later to FIND my remote when I wanted to switch off the TV — it was no longer on top of the comforter where I’d laid it, it was IN the bed with me, under the cover. I didn’t do that. I did talk to Jim about the pump, he said they meant to leave it on.”
The comment there about the pump is because I was wrapping it up in the bathroom and heard this odd noise coming from what was seemingly right outside the window. It totally freaked me out – I was too scared to lift up the blind and take a look, even with the light off in the bathroom. After I just stood there listening for awhile and couldn’t figure out what was making the noise, I woke up Bob. He had heard it too, and told me the crew had set up a pump in the creek in the last area where they’ll be working; he just wasn’t sure if they’d meant to leave it running, so we left it alone. To the left is the picture of where I found both remotes, and Bob had placed his on his own table when he went to bed. You like my silly mouse (against the wall)?

There was nothing amiss Wed. night when I came home. Just an odd print on the blanket, but I decided later it was probably Bob’s hand prints from looking outside. But last night, when I talked to Bob from work, he said Joe the cat was really freaky when he came up to go to bed. I told him that is usually (now) a good indicator that we’ve had some “activity”. So when I got home Thursday night (Jan. 21), I took a careful look around. I couldn’t see anything really obvious, except an unusual print in a yellow blanket that sits atop a tiny child’s stool. I know Joe can’t sit on the stool, but something has made a depression in that blanket. I will photograph it later, along with the VERY subtle thing I discovered after that. It’s my little sitting angel – she sits between the cow and the chicken, and now she is turned around too, facing the same direction they are. The only thing in that little row that has not been turned is the sheep. We shall see. Did I mention that I removed the ceramic pitchers that sat on the shelf above our bed? I just didn’t want them tipped over falling on us while we sleep. I forgot to take a picture of the angel, and Friday evening, Bob turned all the figurines back the right way.

January 13, 2010

Event 14: Wed., January 13, 2010

I was in the bathroom washing up. It was a little after 11. All this activity (and the hour the work starts outside) has me gearing up to go to bed earlier now. I’m exhausted. I honestly don’t know how I made it through work today, and it’s really busy for me at work. At least it keeps my mind off this stuff. I’m at the sink, and I heard a sound like I was brushing against some material. I turned to see what was making the noise, and realized I was not touching anything. I do have clothes that hang off the door, which was right behind me, but nothing I might have touched would have made that sound, and also, I wasn’t touching them anyway! This freaked me out a bit, though I was so tired I went right to bed after this. I did sleep straight through ‘til 8, when the crew started (this was a concrete-pouring day!), so that was good. I felt much more refreshed, and woke up to no new activity in the bedroom. Although, the next night (Thursday night) I was talking to Bob, and just as an aside when we were talking about this stuff, I mentioned the noise in the bathroom. Then he said this noise thing had happened to him one morning – he’d actually been SO convinced that I was coming into the bathroom that he stopped what he was doing and opened the door for me. Our floor is wooden, and it creaks pretty loudly when someone is walking across it. It is a very distinct and obvious sound, that after years, the 2 of us are very familiar with. Yet I was still in bed. He said never has he thought I was approaching the bathroom to come in before, but he heard someone coming. He was CONVINCED I was coming in. And for 2 or more weeks now, something has been waking Bob up at 2:30 AM every morning. He’s been mentioning this for awhile cause he can’t get back to sleep after that. You want to talk about exhausted. He has to get up at 4 AM. But what is waking him up at 2:30 every morning? He’s not sure…

January 12, 2010

Event #12-13: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Both Bob and I slept terribly. I was up watching TV ‘til 2 AM, cause I just didn’t want to shut my eyes. I did finally fall asleep fitfully sometime after 2, but the work crew started in the 7’s with pumping out the port-a-pot, which makes a high-pitched wine that you can’t sleep through. Both of us heard a weird scrambling sound across the wood floors. Bob thinks it is actually something on the roof – not like we haven’t had THAT before (infestation of river rats). The next morning, Bob made fun of me for laying my “traps”. I had in fact gotten 2 more of the same kind of blankets that the prints are showing up on like above, and put them in 2 new different places. It occurred to me that it’s possible this has been going on longer than we think, and we just haven’t noticed. That’s truly not that far-fetched. That purple blanket was on the bed until about a week ago, and there is nothing else in the room that would have so clearly recorded these “prints” before, as Joe was always walking all over the bed. Our son, Stewie (not his real name) has suggested sprinkling talcum powder all over the floor, like tracking prints in snow. Not a bad idea really. Today, they are again driving steel plates. Oh dear.

Later this morning I was making the bed, and something made me glance up at the fabric ducks on the top of my closet – I don’t even know why. But I suddenly noticed that they were no longer in a line. Sunday night, when Bob’s closet was “re-arranged”, I had taken pictures of both of our closets, and now I had to run down and check the picture on the computer to see how the ducks looked then. And here, to the left, is the way they appeared (in a line) Sunday night.This is not the best picture, because I was going for the closet, not the ducks, but you can see that the 3 little ducklings are trailing the Mama Duck and all facing the same way, even though the picture cuts off Mama-Duck’s head. And then below that is the picture I took Tuesday morning after I noticed that things had moved. I’ve put a white circle around the 2 last ducks, which are now turned around to face the other way. There is no telling exactly when this might have happened, but it was sometime after midnight on Sunday, and before Tuesday morning. I looked at the dust marks left by this “action”, because the dust is pretty thick up there. I will have to get up there with a flashlight to see what really went on, and I’ll record that later.

January 11, 2010

Event #11: Later on Jan. 11, 2010

HERE! is Joe-the-Cat

Poor Joe (the cat that lives in our bedroom)
He is not taking this well. Joe has probably witnessed all the weird events, and it’s wearing on him. Joe is acting very freaked out most of the time. Bob called me at work tonight, and of course my first question was, “Is anything amiss??” He said nothing except a new print on the blanket. This one I will have to photograph in the morning. It is so clearly a small foot, it’s spooky.  This one echoes the 3 little marks I’d seen in the morning, minus the longer depression behind those 3 “toes” in this picture. And the ones I’d seen in the morning I had smoothed out before I left. As I stared at this print from different angles, I noticed a green bottle in the corner of the windowsill was tilted over tipped into the corner – it had always stood straight.

Looking out the window towards the creek - wall work is still going on

The prints are always looking out the window, as if someone is watching the wall work going on. I have taken a picture shooting out the window that I’ve also included with this post, showing where the wall is in relation to the bedroom window. Well here goes – going to bed. Can’t say I’m not nervous.

A 3-toed footprint in the blanket

January 11, 2010

Event #10: Early on Monday, January 11, 2010

Three incidents are questionable, but bear writing – one is I think I found my radio on Saturday morning, the morning of the 9th described above when I first went up there and found my remote taken out of Bob’s drawer. I thought I had turned it off, but can’t be entirely sure. Then yesterday – Sunday, the 10th – Bob went upstairs and found our cat, Joe, completely unsettled and slinking about the room, very freaked out, hiding under furniture and not wanting to come out. Earlier he’d found him just curled up on the bed.
I went up later, and he was still that way; he was yowling at me and restless. And then this morning – the 11th – Here is the email I sent to Bob:
“The only thing is that I got up and did my usual cursory glance around — the 3 main things I check now are the 2 remotes, and the purple blanket. The crew is what woke me up, so they are here. Everything seemed fine. Then I looked over again at the window, and the purple blanket now had 3 little prints on it. As if you were to take 3 fingers and press them in. But I can’t 100% swear they weren’t there when I first looked and I just didn’t see them. This will be a questionable one — nothing else seemed amiss.