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February 20, 2013

A dream of significance? Or not?

The remaining month of February was pretty quiet; not much activity at all. I was kind of welcoming that, not just because of the scariness of the events since the turn of the year, but because I was (am) so pathetically behind in posting our events. I always harbor the hope that I can devote a slew of time to this and catch up, but life and other duties intervene, and I do it whenever I can. The slowness of February was a welcome reprieve.

I had a dream the night of February 20, and at 8:50 AM, I wrote this email to Bob:

alice_through_the_looking_glassI just had this dream: In it, I had put on an item of clothing, something sort of weird for me, it was a tight fitting, very colorful, striped vest, something I would never wear, but a circus clown might.

The vest looked sort of like this

The vest looked sort of like this

When I got it on, I stood in front of this mirror, and in two other nearby reflective surfaces, like a window, I could see the vest on me, but not in the mirror that I was looking at. But in the exact moment that it dawned on me that “something was weird”, I felt a movement backward and I knew I was “going there”.  It was the same feeling I had in that “dream” once before. (this links to my post of April 24, 2010; the first time I thought she tried to “take me there”) This time, though, I did consciously try to sort of “go with it”, but instead, I fell backward into a closet door, sort of like the red bedroom closet in our house.  I hit my head and landed on the floor like I’d fainted backward. I was laying there sort of stunned and couldn’t get up. Then Kate (our daughter) came in with you, only she was much younger.

Kate picked up a beautiful marble that somehow appeared on the floor

Kate picked up a beautiful marble that somehow appeared on the floor

You both found me still laying there disoriented, but I made some dumb excuse for her sake (can’t imagine what it was!)  and she then leaned down and picked up something from the floor near me. This item had not been there before; it was a glass marble, in shades of white, pink, and red. She handed it to me, and I examined it, and put it aside on a dresser, confused by what it was, or what it meant.

There was much more to this dream: the 2nd scene was us relocating just about every planted item and fence in our yard to another spot. My sister and her husband and my Dad were all here helping, even another sister and husband were here.  Our son Stewie was too.  The stuff wasn’t being relocated to another property, just somewhere else ON the property.

Then, I’m getting a “tour” of my old high school, similar to the first day I was there. Then I was trying to call this retired detective, whose experience about something had been written up later in a non-fiction book, and I thought if he was still alive and we could talk to him, he might shed some light on what was going on. There was also something I can’t remember clearly now where I was carrying around a blind cat.

Was all this somehow symbolism for Nuttah’s world? I don’t know why, I have this weird feeling that she was somehow involved in this, at least the first part. I do still hear drums/vibration, I don’t mean right now, but regularly at night.

Later at 10:50 AM, Bob responded: Well the reflective stuff and the falling sure sounds familiar… the colors could be your interpretation of the colors you see “enroute” which are pretty vibrant and streaming by pretty fast. I have had the thing with rearranging stuff on the property, although it was more for “hunkering down” and consolidating, sort of like what we seem to be doing anyway only on a much more primitive level.

Me later, to Bob, 11 AM: I am convinced now that last night’s dream, with a lot of symbolism, was a trip to her world. The cat – her baby, the mirror – “through the looking glass”, the vest with the bright vertical colors — the “slide” to that world. In the dream, I put this vest on top of 2 other things I was already wearing, and it barely fit over them. That’s why it was so tight-fitting. The replanting and relocating of all the stuff – Nuttah’s tribe relocating since the assault? And what about the marble?? What was the marble? Your stone? The colors were like that of Valentine’s day – red, white, pink. A symbol for a heart? Why not just a heart then?

I was clearly trying to read a lot into this dream. It could just be random things, like many dreams are, it could also have contained the symbolism that I suspected. I’ll go with the latter. It is rare that I remember a dream anymore in such detail, don’t know why. I filled up 2 notebooks with dreams before all this started. Then I stopped dreaming, or at least remembering them. Perhaps my mind was preoccupied with all this other stuff going on. Anyway, I’m getting better at remembering now, because I implemented some “dream recall” techniques I learned on Coast to Coast. I’ll get into that later, and share the techniques, because it has really worked. Even I was surprised.

December 19, 2012

Just Some Musings and is Time Real?

As I’ve mentioned before, I bought an iPod early this year to keep up with the late night radio program, Coast to Coast AM. We bought an “Insider” membership, so that I can download the programs and listen to them either as I walk in the morning, or while driving the long drive to work. Each individual nightly program is not necessarily worth the nearly 4-hour time investment, but many of them are, and I have learned an enormous amount over these months. Of course, the thing that I am most tuned in to and for, is any guest, show, or caller that might talk about things remotely close to what we are experiencing. And although people have all sorts of bizarre and paranormal things going on, nothing quite compares to our events, at least what I have heard so far.

And I have often tried to conceptualize, exactly what it is that Nuttah does, and how does she do it? That, of course, with our limited knowledge, is most impossible to theorize about. I think that one has to step outside of what we consider reality, and try to wrap our minds around something else that exists beyond our own reality. For instance, on December 5th, there was a guest by the name of Dr. Bruce Goldberg. He talked about traveling to the “5th dimension” for healing and spiritual growth. And I quote below from the show, because when I was listening to him, it made me think that he could be talking about Nuttah.

5th-Dimension“What are the advantages, why should I go to the 5th Dimension? You can  eliminate the fear of death, because that’s exactly what happens when the physical body crosses into spirit. You can contact lost loved ones, spirit guides, angels, your higher self, and even time travelers from the future, as well as extra-terrestrials (the good ones)…You can see the future, remember all time is simultaneous once you leave the earth-plane.Those are the advantages of traveling through the 5th dimension, all perfectly safe by the way.”

Pictured below is a photo of the Large Hadron Collider, and a link to the site where I found this picture. It is an interesting blog post titled: “Physicists Believe The Large Hadron Collider Could Open A Door To The 5th Dimension & Time Travel”:

The Large Hadron Collider - Time Travel to the 5th Dimension?

The Large Hadron Collider – Time Travel to the 5th Dimension?

We’ll see.

And I wonder, is this what Nuttah has achieved? The ability to travel to this dimension, the one outside of time? And then speaking of the time factor, which I find to be one of the most confounding parts of this to grasp, I’d like to also add this quote below, from a show on December 13th, just last week. The guest was Josh Warren:

George (the host) asks: Josh, this realm where the spirits kind of “hang-out”, is it a parallel universe, is it another dimension? What is this layer?

Josh: Well, you know, this is an excellent question, George, because for one thing, we, of course, are not even certain how to comprehend what the mathematics are proving about there being at least 11 different dimensions. It’s hard enough for us to get our minds around the concept of time alone. So we may not be able to really understand precisely what this realm is. But I think of it as being akin to the internet. You could say, “Where is the internet?” And of course the question doesn’t quite make sense, because it’s sort of like asking, “What is the color of the wind?” The internet is a stream of energy and it can be processed and interpreted at different points, by different people in various ways. So I kind of feel like this other realm is “encoded” in the fabric of reality around us. And using Newtonian physics to understand how this works is almost like using a thermometer to measure wind speed. It’s just not the right tool for the job. And so, the irony is, we know that this information that is “ghostly”, is sort of ingrained in the environment around us on some dimensional level. And yet most of the past years, the emphasis has been on studying the environmental world. You see people running around with EMF meters, and temperature gauges and all these things. And they’ve been studying the external environmental part, more than what’s happening within the human perception, and yet, we still know very, very little about exactly how that information is stored in the environment. We are learning tons, however, about how people are connecting with the environment to have the experience. So we’ve actually been learning less about the stuff we’ve been studying the most, because we’ve been studying it using the wrong approach.”

not-enough-time-2One of the most confounding and curious things that I keep hearing on Coast to Coast, is numerous guests saying, “All time is present”, or “Time is simultaneous”, or “Take time out of the equation, and ‘it’ all begins to make sense”. Is that true??? How do our limited human brains (mine in particular) grasp these concepts? Our lives seem so driven by “time”: punching the clock when I get to work, punching out, and in the case of tonight, it measured 9.75 hours on the card I punched into the machine. That’s real, isn’t it? I get a paycheck based on that. It takes me 1 hr. to get to work. There are 24 in a day — our lives are driven, seemingly, by the constricts of time, and it sure seems real enough to me. Bob & I don’t have enough time with each other, and our weekends aren’t long enough – TIME-wise. So how do you take time “out of the equation”?? The way we live our lives, it is pretty much THE major factor, is it not? What this boils down to, I believe, is ME taking some TIME to do some research and try to figure this one out. I’ll get right on it. ;-}


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April 18, 2012

The “Evil One” makes an appearance outside of a dream

So far, the one I refer to as “The Evil One” has only made his appearance in Bob’s dreams. But on April 11, while I was at work, I started getting some texts from Bob:

The first one was this:
“Guess who I saw tonight, I think anyway?”
Me: “Who!?”
Bob: My nemesis, I think
Me: Where?
Bob: Ghetto, right around the corner from work.
Me: Are you sure it was him?
Bob: Definitely. Very Maya look
Me: What did he do?

Bob: He made the motion of firing a rifle at me and smiled. Nice, friendly guy. Fuckin asshole.
Me: Is he an inter-dimensional being?
Bob: I don’t think so, I think he is here. Real asshole.
Me: Does he look out of place there?
Bob: He is distinct looking but not out of place in a city. I think I have seen him before. I am looking now.

Then on April 17, Bob again texted that he’d seen his “friend”:
“Met my friend again tonight.”

Bob refers to this character as “his friend”, his “buddy”, and I refer to him as “the evil one”. He is inherently evil. Where Nuttah represents the good, even though her message was sometimes urgent and disturbing, this one is the opposite, totally embodying the bad, the evil side. This occurrence on the city streets around Bob’s work is the first time that “the evil one” appeared outside of one of Bob’s dreams. But the “dream” had been so real to him, so vivid, so clear, down to minute details, that it was almost as if it was real. Bob knew who he was immediately, “the evil one” did not even have to do the fake rifle-firing move for Bob to recognize him from the dream. But what IS this new twist?? A wrinkle in the time fabric? Is he inter-dimensional? Bob sure seemed to think he was just like any other character on the streets of the ghetto, not looking particularly out of place, mainly due to where they are. You accept a certain degree of bizarreness that would be completely out of place further out from the city. What is it? Is Bob in danger? It would certainly seem so with all the warnings that were imparted through various dreams. But why? There is part of me that thinks once a portal is opened, as in the portal connection that Nuttah visits through, that maybe “other” entities can then begin to take advantage of the same passageway. Is this what is at work here? We do not know.

March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

One of the reasons that I’ve been hesitant to pull together all of the posts of the past month, besides those reasons that I’ve already stated, is that things became somewhat macabre and, well, just downright scary. It was both difficult to absorb and to write about, especially because there was a part of me that wanted to deny what was happening and the meaning of it. There still is. But having given myself the last month to think about it, I can now better portray, or at least I hope I can, the gist of what went on. It has to do with Bob, and a couple of near death experiences. And then, being given, through various means that will be divulged, the knowledge that these experiences were no mere coincidence, that there was a plan, a design, part of a greater picture perhaps, or maybe even something that was happening in one of the possibly many parallel worlds. Which is why I threw in that interview with the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku. I’m going to spend some time this week pulling together all of the emails, conversations, thoughts and scrawled notes that piled up since Feb. 10, the date of the first NDE, or Near Death Experience. I hope I can finish. I don’t pretend to know what ANY of it means — I can only say that I know that it is happening, continues to happen, that there is regular evidence in the form of physical changes of our dioramas, and then the inclusion of a person that would substantiate and corroborate all that was presented to Bob from the — from the WHERE? Where is this coming from? For lack of a better explanation, from the parallel world that has now become a regular overlap into OUR world, such that we now believe that all time-frames are possibly concurrently happening and that a connection, between at least 2 of them, has been established.

The “HOW” that she was able to do that might forever remain a mystery. Or, we might be given that information, but be unable to understand it; far too complex, too “out of the realm” of things that our brains are wired to conceive. I think that is more than the better part of the problem here: our brains are wired for only 3 dimensions, yet we know, at least theoretically, that there are 11 dimensions, so perhaps we just can’t see the obvious right in front of or around us. Would a fish necessarily know about the world outside of the surface of the water? Maybe there is something like that going on that we just can’t see, and can’t even conceive of. An infinite number of parallel worlds, an infinite number of instances of yourself: pretty “out-of-the-realm” concepts to deal with, but perhaps not entirely theoretically impossible. And I sure did not think 2 years ago that I would be going down this path in my thought process.

February 28, 2012

Another Event with Bob – self-imposed

On Saturday night, Feb. 25, 2012, we were visiting and having dinner with some friends in a town a bit downriver from us. We’d had some drinks, and were moving on to dessert and dessert drinks. We’d been having quite a good time, and were just sitting around a table talking and laughing. There were only 4 of us: the other couple and Bob and me. Bob had been taking some heavy-duty pain killers for a shoulder problem he’d had since moving some furniture for me in late January. Then someone addressed a question to Bob, and I glanced over at him next to me because he didn’t answer right away. It was then that I realized that he had seemingly dozed off. I called his name, and he didn’t respond. I shook him a little and he didn’t respond. Then I shook him hard and he didn’t respond. Called out his name, shaking him, and he wasn’t waking up. Well, this was weird, and a bit unnerving. To me, he looked like he had twice before: the first time was that time on our front porch when he spilled the coffee on himself because he had gone “there” and was relatively unconscious “here”. Then there was that time he fell out of bed right after Dukey died, when in fact he was “there” and I was seeing his unconscious body here. These episodes are scary, and this was no different. However, this time I also knew about the strong pain-killers he’d been taking that day, possibly now mixed with some beer, and I was scared for Bob. Our friends were too. Bob was not waking up, at least not the way someone should if you shake them or shout at them. After a few minutes (seemed like longer) of trying to rouse him, Bob woke up. I can’t say exactly how long it had been, but long enough that we were really worried. At first he seemed really woozy and out of it, but he came around pretty quickly, looking around at us and seeming like he was trying to put together what had happened. I wanted to ask him if he’d gone “there”, but not in front of the others. So when we were leaving, I was driving, and the first thing that I asked Bob was if he’d had some kind of “experience” back there. “Yeah”, was the reply, and continued: “I was in the long-house, outside of a circle of the elders around a fire. There was some kind of meeting or council going on. They just looked at me briefly and then continued. I felt out of place, weird. Nuttah was not there, and I’m not sure what the meeting was about.”

I wondered if they’d called him in, and that was why he “disappeared” from us in the middle of a social gathering. Also a little worried, as it seemed as if this could now happen anywhere, and not just on the relative “safety” of our property. It was the first time we’d really had such an “off-site event” with the exception of that intersection that always wreaked havoc with Bob.  Bob said that he wasn’t really sure about his presence there being facilitated, but that he had felt really out of place. Like they’d been in a serious meeting, Bob pops in, diverts their attention for a moment, and then they go back to what they’d been talking about. What Bob knew was that one minute, he’d been at the dinner table, somewhat bored with the conversation, and the next minute, he was at a fire in a “council meeting” in Lenape-world. I have begun to notice how completely hard it is to “bring him back” when he goes. This is concerning me. This situation appeared as if it could possibly go another way, and I don’t really want to entertain the possibilities of that. I just hope that it doesn’t happen again.

That was really all there was to it until a couple of days later, I received one morning this email from Bob:
Bob, Feb. 28, 7 AM: “I did have an interesting dream; the woman here that has dreams about my Mom was in [my] dream last night. She told me a girl/woman that looked similar to her people told her that what happened Saturday night was done by me not “them”, and I could have died from it. Pretty weird. The council was for them. Came in this morning, when Thom (my crew) got here the first thing he told me was the woman had a dream about me last night but it was not with my Mom, a girl/woman that looked sort of like them, telling her I did it myself and not to, very dangerous. You must be very careful with your life. Good to know!

Me, Feb. 28, 9 AM:
So what you are saying is you both had the same dream with the same character? (I wonder if it was also the same time at night??) How much like Nuttah does this woman look – I mean is there a similarity between the Lao and the Lenape? This is pretty wild. Did you feel like you “did it yourself”? (Didn’t know that was possible). I sort of felt like you could have died too — esp. when we couldn’t rouse you, but what I kept telling myself is that I was rarely around the other times, and I never saw, except those 2 times, what happened to your “here” body. Maybe that is why Nuttah doesn’t do it often anymore. Interesting that this other way to communicate has developed. This woman at work may start to wonder, if she hasn’t already. I hope she doesn’t become self-conscious about it, or they start to tease her. She might stop telling you the dreams. How old is she?

Bob, Feb. 28, 9:30:
Yes, I believe the girl/woman she was talking to was Nuttah. I am staying away from any potential of “doing it myself”. I know and Nuttah knows it beats the hell out of me. It is not nice. Heart is racing thinking about it. I don’t think the woman will stop, I have been receptive and she saw the picture of my mom and pointed right to her, so she knows there is something. They believe in this stuff anyway. I don’t know how old she is, could be mid to late 30’s, married and has a daughter is all Thom told me. I don’t really talk to her beyond a smile and a hello. They tend to create jealousies if I talk to one and not the other, so it is easier to stay away from it entirely.

So now this is me just narrating about this incident. To recap — Bob has an “incident” while we’re dining with friends. I find out later he goes “there” — he’s completely unconscious here, because he’s present at a ceremony or council meeting in Lenape world — which means that he doesn’t have to be on our property for this to happen. He finds out through joint dreams later that he “did this himself”; Nuttah, for the first time, did not facilitate his transfer to the other time-zone. A woman where Bob works, who is apparently very in touch with the spiritual world, has a dream in which Nuttah appears (“a girl/woman that looked similar to her people”), in which Nuttah warns her to warn Bob not to take this stuff lightly, and not to do it himself: “What happened Saturday night was done by me not “them”, and I could have died from it”. Better take this stuff seriously. Bob has exactly the same dream. Why is this woman figuring into this scenario at all, I wonder? Is it because her mind is “open” to it, that Nuttah (and let’s not forget Bob’s mother), has found a way to convey information to get it to Bob faster, or when they can’t get through to him? And then there is the part about just randomly shooting off to that world at will — Bob has to be careful not to do that again; the warning that has come through is that you can’t do that on your own — you might not come back. Again, I am left at a loss as to what it all means and how to interpret it, I’m just glad we brought Bob back to our world in time.
And just one last thing to clarify something in this post. It is hard to find pictures of what a Lenape woman might look like, obviously, because they come from an era when there was no photography. Yet I’d like to insert these 2 pictures I found of “Lenape Women” on the web that may illustrate a similarity to how they might look, given the Lao woman’s statement: “a girl/woman that looked similar to her people”, meaning the Lao people, and you can see how Lenape women have physical similarities to Asian women:

August 20, 2011

Event #242: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday evening, Bob and I were sitting outside on the porch having an after dinner coffee and tea. It was fairly late, we had eaten out, and were just relaxing on the porch. I’m chattering on about something, and since I notice Bob is not responding, I glance over at him, and he seems to be way off in space. Then, I hear liquid dripping onto the floor, and at first I’m confused;  where is that coming from? Bob’s coffee mug is still in his hands, but he’s let it turn over, and all the coffee is spilling out onto his pants and the floor. He’s drinking out of a travel mug, so it drips out slower than if it was an open cup. Then the mug hits the floor, and I lean over to pick it up, saying, “Do you know you spilled your coffee?” But Bob is not even there. I mean he is sitting there, but he is clearly GONE somewhere. His eyes are darting back and forth like he’s looking at something, he is totally withdrawn ‘into’ himself, and his right hand seems to be ‘pointing’ at something, kind of fixed in a pointed ‘claw’. I really felt as if I was watching him while he was “there”. Not here, but on a “trip” to her world. I don’t think he heard anything I said, and I think it was going on even before the coffee pitched out of his hands. I marvel that he is not aware of having done this, and I’m thinking “What is going on with Bob? Is he in trouble? Is this a medical emergency?” Bob is clearly inaccessible. I have some momentary fear that he is just ‘gone’, and I’m saying something to him and shaking his arm:  “Where are you?!”, or some such thing, he seems oblivious to me. But then, just as suddenly he comes back, after less than a minute, but seeming very disoriented, shaking his head, and wondering how his coffee spilled. I told him, and asked him if he ‘went there’. He answered, “I went somewhere, but it was not what you think.” I’m sure he knew what I thought. Well, how could that be? How could Bob, who is normally so conscious and in control, how could he sit there and spill coffee all over himself and the floor, and be oblivious to it, and not have gone ‘there’?? We went to bed without this question being answered, but I didn’t push it because he clearly didn’t have any memory of what had happened, and where he might have gone.

July 21, 2011

Event #237: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bob’s email this morning:
I meant to ask you, did you hear any of Coast to Coast last night?
Physicist on that added some relevance and feasibility to what we have going on, plus gave credence to the way I have been thinking for awhile now. This “universe” is actually looking more and more (quite a few top MIT physicists have written papers to this effect) like a quantum computer. The reason things aren’t “smooth” on the quantum level is that there is a finite memory to the universe, however huge the memory actually is. Something like looking at a computer or TV screen, looks smooth from a distance but the closer you look the rougher it is. Apparently, everything in the universe it turns out can be explained in terms of a quantum simulation. This is looking like it is just one of many. Like the big bang produced infinite numbers of simulations as though they are pages in a book, all going on simultaneously and on top of and next to each other. Ever since my creek incidents from years ago when it became startlingly clear that this was not real at all, and I remember that clearly still, the obviousness of it, just not the understanding, which I had clearly for those few brief seconds. I have had this strong, clear, nagging sense, this is not at all what we think. But then I think, what’s the difference, I still have to live in it. Anyway, back to it. Real or not.

And then my email back to Bob:
I’m waking up late because I was up most of the night. Not because I wasn’t tired, but because I had an incident, while I was just first falling asleep. It comes across in the form of a dream, but in this case it was terrifying, and when my conscious brain slowly kicked in and I realized what was happening, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I am certain that she was tugging at me. I was on my way, and I was sailing through — well, for lack of any better explanation, through our ‘room’ but it didn’t seem like it. I was clawing and grasping onto anything though that I could, including you sleeping in the bed at one point, and right then I think is when my conscious brain kicked in and I woke up. It was a fairly violent escapade, that’s all I can say. Then when I couldn’t sleep after that (was almost afraid to), I was listening to the C2C that you are talking about — I couldn’t hear all of it well, but I was getting the gist of it. When I was hearing it, I was kind of thinking to myself, yeah, well this is all just theory on your part, you should see it in action. Some of what I heard was lending credibility to how I’ve begun to try to conceive that this can be happening.

And Bob’s to me: I know exactly what you mean. I was absolutely sure I was dead the first time. I’m sorry I didn’t wake up to help you, for what it would have been worth, I at least know what it is about. Nothing quite like shear terror is there. Don’t know what else to say about it, except there is no more terror for me, not even the tunnel, just here, and then there. I wish you could see what I see, minus the fear, I would LOVE to go there together, but then, there is a good chance we might not come back.

Mine back to Bob: I know, I kept thinking about that, how you can just ‘flit’ there and back, no issues at all, don’t even really feel like you’re going. Don’t know what has to happen there first… but it hasn’t yet happened to ME obviously.

And now me just narrating: I think that I precipitated the incident that I had while sleeping.  I had posted the blog entry of last night about the changes on the dresser and in the room, and by the time I got upstairs to get ready for bed, I was having doubts about all of it. The whole thing. All the year and a half of ‘events’. I was thinking how bizarre it must all sound, and how some, if I told them, would seriously question Bob’s and my sanity. It was kind of overwhelming me, and I decided to just put it all out of my mind, and not think about it for awhile. And then, as I’m falling asleep, she appears to try to ‘take me there’. I don’t think that this is a coincidence. I woke up from the incident saying outloud: “OKAY, I BELIEVE! I believe it, I do, I believe all of it, I will NEVER question it again!” Being terrified didn’t hurt.

April 5, 2011

Event #203: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Email Bob wrote of Tues. April 5th,  morning:
BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.

Then tonight, April 5, 2011, this is an excerpt of Bob’s email:

Nuttah has re-arranged us like this - she no longer leans against 'me'; a heart points at each of us

I was sitting outside with the puppies having a brew, and had just finished talking to Kate on the phone. Just after hanging up and just sitting with the pups drinking a Double Dog watching the water, I suddenly was in a tunnel of light, then, just as suddenly in the sweat lodge/hut. The elder gents are there and looking very earnest, just got a severe chill writing this.

Bob was then given a “vision” of how “we” – he and I – were THEN. Then, as soon as that vision was gone, he was shown us as we are now:
“Sitting in the creek on chairs having a brew, with a definite connection to each other and the water, and just as I had a thought about not being as happy as we/they were I was told it was because we have lost our way but we are on the correct trail now, not to lose sight, not to give up, to have a sense of urgency, this may end in an instant. Enjoy each other while you are together. That is it, I was back with the pups on the deck. Scared out of my mind. I love you Wup An’na

Now me narrating again: When I got home, there was again a buzz in the driveway and a re-arrangement of my character with Nuttah in the office. She is no longer leaning against me, but standing straight up and a heart points at me, and one at her. I’ve included a picture of this to the right.

September 30, 2010

More from September 30, 2010

The purple asters then revived in a cup of water. They don't grow quite like this in our yard, but they are here in a different variety.

Bob: Wow, that is great that she is making progress with communicating with you. Very nice that you received the flowers and that she knew their significance to you. It is a very pleasant thought that she gave them to you while you were right there. I’m sure she touched you too. She always does, she is very affectionate. That is nice, but I am not glad that you had the sense of sadness too, I don’t know what to do. I do think you may have woken me up once saying “oh God”, I think around 3 AM. Sounds like your night was similar to my travel night. Pretty strange.
Sounds like we might be ok on the rain. I hope so.
I am very happy for you in regard to the flowers, also that I was correct in what I thought I was understanding. These “events” leave me feeling altered and awed for some time. Do you feel that way at all? ktaholël AwupAn’na and all our kids

Me: I know, it’s really cool. When (what time?) was your ‘conversation’ with her, that you got the sense of the flowers? I woke up feeling really disoriented/altered, not being sure what was dream and what was reality/things I saw. Very weird. I guess I was asleep when she laid the flowers there. You’ll see them in the bathroom, they’re on the shelf w/toothpaste. Yes, I am altered and definitely awed.

On to the mundane, reality part of our life now: I brought the tarps in, 3 of them, but the 30 x 50 foot one is going back, we need to make a decision about the others. Had to make room for my food shopping trip tonight. Got to get going, ktaholël, awupAn’na

I probably need to elaborate more on what went on last night, but I don’t know what it was. I just know that something was going on, and it was outside of myself. Bob has used the phrase “she’s really pulling”, or maybe “pushing”. That’s what you feel, the pull or push. In my unconscious mind I must resist, because my unconscious cries out when she does it while I’m asleep. I think she was trying to “bring me there” last night. I felt the pull, I felt the pressure, whatever that is, and then you have weird dreams around it as you try to incorporate what is going on into your sleep. So odd. What weird disorienting nights when that happens, and Bob has actually ‘gone’ there. I guess in some real way I do have a fear of it. Well, I guess in some real way that is totally normal. My fear of course boils down to not being able to “come back”. I’d be stuck there. Or stuck in some sort of ‘in-between’ where I’m not there and I’m not here. And without the consciousness that is what we have in our physical body here, that physical body would not be necessary anymore. Sometimes, I imagine that people go on drug-induced trips, and then they “decide” not to come back to their physical body. But it doesn’t end there. That is one thing that I have become convinced of with all of these events, the continuance of consciousness after our physical body is no more. Soon I will add the stories of Kate’s experiences with her friend Sally who passed away a couple of years ago from breast cancer. Sally keeps visiting Kate, Sally has found a way to “come through” the barrier. And in ways that you would not believe.

September 30, 2010

Event #110: Thursday morning, Sept. 30, 2010

In my last post,  I referred to an event “last night” because I knew Bob would be reading my email in the morning. Then, as it turns out, he didn’t get any of his emails overnight, including mine. I came down this morning to my computer to see what he said about my tarp question, and about the impending weather, and all I had was this comment:

Bob’s email to me:
Below is the message I received:
Error in parsing this message. Couldn’t display the body part!!!

So I sent Bob my detailed tarp question again, but he added this while our emails crossed.

Bob: Surprisingly I am not getting mail! I’ve never had computer problems so I am at a loss. [this is Bob being sarcastic about his continued, constant computer problems] I believe the blackberry is functioning now, but all I got from mail that came in last night is a “could not parse”.
It was raining all the way in but has been stopped down here for the last three hours. It is now hot and humid as hell. I have been drenched since 5 this morning. I really have to consider alternatives, I can’t deal with the miserable summers. How did you make out with the tarps? What does the forecast look like?
BT dubs, Nuttah was home last night. She gave me an indication referring to flowers by the stream, for you, a gift I think, although I could be completely wrong about that. Still have a sense of foreboding. She seems to want or need protection. I wish she could just stay with us, maybe she can, I don’t know. I am glad to hear from her, but I am worried, and I have not seen or heard from the puppies in a long time. That has me worried. There is something significant about the rabbit, not just playing. No concept what, but I think it is symbolic or a name of some one or something. Got to get back to sweating. Keep me posted.

Me: So here is what the local weather guys are saying. It seems that the worst rain will be to the west. That area is currently under a flood warning, we are still a flood watch. North and west are going to get the most rain, some could see as much as 6-8 inches, the rest of us 2-4″. It is barely raining here right now, and hasn’t been since about 6 AM. They are calling for more, later today into the evening. The weather website says this: “This storm system will most likely bring around 2-3″ of rain to our area with locally higher amounts in some places.”

Looking at the radar map, we look like we escape almost altogether, with the entire strength of it west of here. I’m actually thinking about going to work, but could just stick around to monitor things. I got pretty caught up [at work] last night. Let me know what you think, and hopefully by now you got my tarp email. Also, I have another Nuttah update. But first, tell me what you experienced last night, and when was it?

Bob: I did tell you in my first email what my experience was. Did you get that? I got something to do with flowers, I think by the creek and for you, a very present sense of foreboding and a need to be protected, which just makes me feel horrible and helpless. As far as time goes, I don’t know, I went to sleep around 9:30, it was after that. When I am not sure. But I think, again I am not sure of this, that she was there multiple times later in the night. I know at least on one visit you might have been there. It is hard to say, things have changed with my perception. Not for the better. It seems now harder to perceive and when something happens I am unaware of my surroundings in our reality.  ktaholël AwupAn’na

A sprig of a Purple Aster is left on the base of my bedside table lamp

And me to Bob: Yes, there was something else, something on my table this morning, that I’m sure wasn’t there when I went to bed. I got flowers again, and these are significant too, will explain below. But first, I have to say, this was one of the more odd nights I have had, not sure if I was even asleep for all of it. I sensed that she was trying to get me to go again. I had the feeling I was making sounds too, did you hear me at all? I kept waking myself up doing that, or I thought that I did. Maybe I didn’t at all, and it was just part of a dream. But I did have again, that strong sense of being pulled somewhere, or just of something “different”, not on the level of that “trip” that other time though. But something nevertheless. Then, after you left, I woke up hearing the rain, and had visions when I closed my eyes again. This time like clouds, bulbous, light colored, cloud-like shapes, perhaps some light blue mixed in like I really was looking at the sky. I sensed other visions, it comes and goes, nothing that I can identify. Last night (this morning) it seemed like she was strongly trying to communicate, and I just can’t get it. Too much other stuff going on, or too much thickness in the density that is my brain. I had a very weird dream about watching people kill a chicken, but in a most bizarre way. The head person was an Abe Lincoln type, tall hat and all. I also had a very brief moment of that extreme sadness that she brought months ago, I’m pretty sure that was when you were already gone, but not positive. I think she was visiting this morning after you left, but I still don’t know the time of your communication. Did she leave the flowers while you were still there? Speaking of those flowers, the particular ones that she left: they are asters, purple asters, and there are some growing right by the creek. The reason I know that is because I just noticed them while I was filling the bird feeders yesterday. And the funny thing is, I’d been looking at all the pictures of these asters that I have saved, because I wanted to use one in my collage for the auction. I didn’t think I had one that was good enough, so when I noticed them in the yard, I was glad they were there, in case I needed to take a new picture. So that is the one that she left on my lamp base. (well, now it’s in water). I’m just trying to figure out when the flowers appeared, because they were not there when I went to bed. Oh, also, you need to comment on the rain situation, unless you did while I was writing this. ktaholël, awup,An’na