Tell Your Story

I would like to begin to collect others “Time Stories”. If you have a story to tell that I can post, please submit it using the form below. Here is an example of a good time story, just heard this on Coast to Coast from the “Open Lines” part of the show on  Feb. 17, Hour 3:

A man called in describing a fishing trip with some buddies. They were at the Bighorn River in Montana. A freak, intense thunder storm sent them all for cover in the tent, as the lightning was too threatening to stay out in the open. When the storm was over, they emerged from their cover, and resumed fishing. The caller described how he then saw, coming from their side of the river bank and out of a group of trees, 6 Indians on horseback, who then rode down into the river to cross it. One of the men in the fishing party had a dog that started to bark like mad, but as the Indians crossed the river, one looked behind him to the fishing party, stared at them and the dog, which made the dog whimper, and cry and hush up. The Indians continued on across the river to a camp on the other side, where the caller described camp-fires going, and tee pees set up, where there had not been anything before. Another thing the caller mentioned was that this was adjacent to what is now a Crow Reservation in Montana.

This, I believe, is very similar to that which we are experiencing here. Bob sometimes has “seen” hunting parties in the woods across from our creek. I think with much of what is going on, we are experiencing a “time-overlap”, for lack of a better explanation, and that is what that man calling in saw. They are THERE, in a different time-frame. The Lenape are HERE, in a different time-frame, or in a parallel time. He did not see the current Crow Indians, he saw them as they’d been in the past, when the land was theirs. So if you have a good story, where you think you witnessed an “overlap” event, please tell it here, I will post them. Thank you.


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