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July 18, 2012

Wolf Dreams

GourdThe next day, July 18th, Bob wrote me this email:
I had a whacked out night of sleep/nonsleep. I spent a part of the night in a “dream” with Dukey/Teme and Nuttah by the creek, flanking me while we just stayed by the creek with a small fire. Just sat there, not much said,  petting puppy and just smiling back and forth with Nuttah. She is looking very pregnant, either that or eating well. Maybe it was just a dream, didn’t seem to have much direction other than sitting there with a puppy/ies, sipping water by the fire from a gourd. Sort of like us having coffee on the deck when we had all our dogs.

Wolf-pup on pillow

One of the wolf-pups is laying on my pillow when I came up to bed.

And from me: I figured there was something involving the wolves and pups. When I came up to bed, one of the pups was on my pillow, and for the first time, the Duke/Teme pair was on my bedside table, laying down on top of a book. What part of the night was your dream? Was it before that time you got up to go to the bathroom when I was still up? That’s why I was asking you if anything happened with wolves, but you probably don’t remember.

Bob: I don’t know what part of night the dream was. Don’t remember you saying anything to me either. You had dups on your pillow? Woman upstairs had a wolf-pup dream too. Water, fire, me (red version) and pups. No idea what to make of that. She was happy it wasn’t a scary dream, she is very tired of them.

The Duke/Tëme pair appears on my bedside table, the night of Bob's "wolf-dream"

The Duke/Tëme pair appears on my bedside table, the night of Bob’s “wolf-dream”

I’ve inserted here the two pictures of what I found when I got home that night. It is interesting that the “woman upstairs” had the same dream as this one that Bob had too. I don’t know what to make of that either. I’m also curious about these “situations”, for lack of a better word, that seem to be 2 spirits that occupy one being. For instance, we call the dog/wolf combination of Duke/Tëme a PAIR, but they really are not a double-being, they are a single being. They joined when Duke died. Actually, they were joined before that, but it became obvious when Duke died, because Tëme laid down and died at the same moment. That’s when it became obvious to us how inextricably linked they were. I’m thinking there might be other beings in this whole scenario that are linked in this same way. For instance, I am really curious about the “woman upstairs” and Nuttah. Are they linked? Somehow they must be. They are both pregnant what appears to be exactly the same amount of time. Also, how is the woman upstairs getting the dreams? Are they being “delivered” to her? I don’t think that this is, by any means, a random event. I’m not sure why (or if) she was “picked” for this role, and I’m sure she isn’t either, but this will be something to follow. Below is the picture that I took 2 days after Duke passed, when I came home to this display on the dresser, and it became clear to both of us, that Duke/Tëme were one being. The picture links to the post about it on September 24, 2011:

Duke and Teme have been turned to the wall, they appear as 2 ghosts

Duke and Teme have been turned to the wall, they appear as 2 ghosts

July 17, 2012

Bob and a Guest Have a Mutual Sighting

I came home the night of July 16, 2012 to a new arrangement on Bob’s side of the bed. It would be morning before I found out if there had also been some communication with Bob.

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob's bedside table

This is the arrangement I came home to on Bob’s bedside table

Bob wrote me this email the next morning:
Woke at 12:12 briefly last night, then woke at 1:15 AM in a total sweat. My fan was off…..Nuttah had been there earlier in the evening, just visiting. She sat on the bed.  I guess she could have turned it off,  but I dont know why she would. Either way I was drenched, really don’t like summer.

My email to Bob: I figured Nuttah had visited, she left an arrangement on your side of the bed. It’s herself, a heart and the pewter turtle.

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

A web rendition of what Bob might have seen, glancing across the creek

Then later that evening, Bob called me at work, our usual nightly phone call before he goes to bed. What he was to tell me gave me chills every time I thought about it after that. We’d been having some work done on our house for the better part of the summer. This is all still the fix-up work of that hurricane in August of 2011 – Irene, which is the 2nd hurricane that flooded our house. The contractor (name is “Dave”) that was doing the work had stopped over in the early evening to pick up a check to get paid. Bob invited him to sit outside on the deck and have a beer with him. Dave accepted, and they sat out facing the creek and drinking their beers. They were chatting about this and that, both of them like to fish, and that is the usual topic. Bob told me that he was just casually gazing at the woods across the creek, and suddenly, out of nowhere, he spots a line of Lenape braves in the woods, cruising along as they are hunting. He starts, alarmed, stops in mid-sentence, and glances over to see if Dave might have seen them too. Dave is as white as a ghost, and suddenly gets up, saying, “Geez, think I better go get something to eat, this beer is going right to my head.” He departs without saying another word, his beer only half finished. There was no doubt in Bob’s mind that Dave saw the hunters too. I wish there was some way that I could tell Dave that he wasn’t just imagining it, that he is not crazy, that he saw what he saw. But how do you bring that up? I can’t. I simply must stay mum about it, course I pretty much announce it to the world here, but Dave lives on our street and knows a lot of people we know, so it just isn’t possible. I’m sure Dave by now has found a way to rationalize what he no doubt saw.

July 12, 2012

More Sightings, Visions and Dreams – the Evil One

Mayan-God-CamazotzOn July 10, Bob wrote me this email about the woman upstairs. I will refresh your memories about the woman “upstairs”. By upstairs, Bob is referring to an area of the plant, the upstairs vs. the downstairs. It’s where a lot of inspection/packaging goes on, and is a primarily Laotian crew. I first mentioned her in a post that occurred on February 22nd: “A Woman’s Prophetic Dream, The First One“. She had begun having dreams or visions that related to what was going on in Bob’s life, through no power or choice of her own, they just “came” to her. Her visions generally seemed to relate to what I call “the Evil One”, and what Bob calls, sarcastically, his “Buddy”. When it got particularly bad or was something that she felt Bob had to be told  because she felt he was in danger, she would find a way to tell him through a translator. Another important thing to know about the Lao “woman upstairs” is that she is also pregnant, for almost exactly the length of time that Nuttah is expecting. I wrote this event up in this post: “News about Nuttah, A Papoose on the Way.” That event/announcement happened on May 1, 2012.

Here is the email from July 10th:

What does the "woman upstairs" see, when she needs to warn Bob?

What does the “woman upstairs” see, when she needs to warn Bob?

The woman upstairs told my crew she didn’t sleep at all because she was afraid, she would go to sleep and “that thing would be there”. Funny because I had nothing. He is out and about, but not in dreams. I was kind of hoping this would stop after the break, dont know why it would, but I was hoping. I dont know why he has to screw with the woman upstairs though.

I wrote back to Bob: Hope nothing comes of the woman upstair’s dreams today. That would have been interesting if he’d shown up on our “tour”.

[Here, I refer to a day trip Bob and I took in July, driving to all of the places we had lived in as a married couple (8 different places) and one or two that we each had lived in before we met. It took several hours, covered several counties, and lots of mileage. It was interesting to see how little some things had changed].

Bob responded: I don’t think anything will happen with my buddy, at least not right away.

But then later, on July 11, the next day, Bob wrote this email: I was met by the woman upstairs when I came out of the office this morning. She just grabbed me and held on, said I have to get away before it happens. I said “before what happens”, she said before he hurts you. I told her nothing is going to happen, she started crying, I told her to talk to my crew or have her husband call me, had to calm her down, just finished that, nice way to start the day. I will probably talk to her husband today. Maybe, if I’m lucky my boss will call me too.

Me: I hope the woman’s dreams are avoidable – you should be more careful than usual, there is probably something to it. Are you getting any sense of anything? I’m not. Except lying awake last night, I had the vision of how a timeline might work, how you could slide one way or the other on the line. I was listening to a C2C on the way home talking about CERN and the collider, how much money is going into that, if they only knew they don’t need a machine.

Man-in-Alley-3Then the next day on July 12, Bob wrote me this email: My crew shivered and moved over in the seat when we went by my buddy today. Interesting to see his reaction, I just said to him, “Did you see anyone?” and he said he didn’t he just feels scared. I told him the woman upstairs sees the person he feels. “Oh, very bad, very scary”. We talked a little about the whole thing, first time we really did that. He said all of the people upstairs are scared of what could happen, they think I should stay away and let Paul and Randy learn to do the work.

I told him there was nothing to worry about, it would all work out in time. He just said ” very, very bad thing, not man, she see him like man in dream, but he is ghost”. I said he is an asshole, he can’t do anything. He said, “I don’t like, don’t want to see”. I think the next time I see him by the plant and I am by myself I am going to confront him, not necessarily physically, just verbally. It is getting tiresome and it is disrupting upstairs, especially yesterday.

Me: Interesting what the people at work are seeing/feeling/picking up. How is it you feel so confident that it’s going to go your way? It’s not that I doubt you (don’t know what the hell I could do about it if I did), but I’m hoping that you see it differently (than they do) and that you expect an outcome in your favor. I don’t know how you can consciously go up against the being that he is, given what he is. It’s not like he’s a physical street thug. I just hope that the powers that be are on your side when it happens. I really don’t want to go on in this life without you, so it BETTER go your way

Bob: I will not have an issue with the assclown.

I do hope that Bob is right. It is hard to know what it is, what it means. Who is he? We’ve been dealing with this now for several months. And how, if at all, does he tie in to our other events?

July 10, 2012

Update: July 10, 2012

I know I have been remiss in posting to the blog. It does not mean, however, that activity has stopped. In fact, it became too much for me to keep up with; documenting all of the events and getting it all posted, especially once I started working full time in February. And then Spring cranked up, and that always pulls Bob and me out into the yard for our gardening endeavors.  I intend to make a concerted effort, a bit every week, to get caught up. There is SO much to report, some of it scary, most of it just plain confounding, and some of it charming. I don’t know what to make of any of it…  still no closer to understanding anything, nor is Bob. All I can say is that it continues, so please stay tuned for more and thanks for being patient.
Here is just one of the many pictures I will be posting related to recent gifts and configurations of flowers. Bob says there is a specific meaning to this, notably because of the way the flowers are arranged showing the Cardinal points; N, S, E, W. There is something about this related to a ceremony the Lenape have/had. The picture is from June 25, 2012. I am not aware of any of this miniature form of thistle growing around our yard. Bob & I were both having dreams about the wolves around the time this arrangement appeared on top of my clock radio on my bedside table: