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April 27, 2012

Is the “Evil One” an Interdimensional Being?

The characters all swapped over to Bob’s Bedside Table.

Then on April 25, I wrote this email to Bob: Did you have any activity last night, after we talked or during the night? You have characters lined up on your table, looking at you. Duke-Tëme, my Mom and Nuttah, all were moved to your bedside table. This happened before I got home.

There was no response or explanation from Bob about this change (remember, from 4/18, they’d been on MY side of the bed), so I just assumed that nothing went along with it. In other words, no communication from Nuttah.

On April 27th, while at work, I received this text from bob:
“I am leaving  now. Just talked to my buddy.” (4:45 pm)

Then, less than 1/2 hour later, Bob sent this text: “Just saw my buddy again [at an intersection on the way home] (5:39 pm)

I texted Bob “What was he doing?”

Bob: Standing at intersection. Smiled and waved.

This was the first indication that we had that the Evil one could be an inter-dimensional being. I will explain. Bob leaves the plant in his car and texts me about the first verbal interaction he has with “the Evil one”. Less than 1/2 hr. later, the same dude is standing on a corner as Bob drives through, again, watching him, leering at Bob. How did he get there? He wasn’t driving and he was out of a car. For this to happen, immediately upon Bob leaving the plant, the Evil One would have had to find some pretty fast transportation in rush-hour traffic to relocate himself to a more northern intersection and be casually standing on the corner when Bob does drive through. Certainly not entirely impossible, but not likely either. And why?? Why does he do it? I think just to harass, torment, let Bob know he can be wherever he wants to be and whenever he wants to be there. It is not Bob who can control it, it is the Evil One. And how does he look at this new intersection? Bob says not entirely out of place there either. Slightly odd, looking so native, but nothing that would raise that big a question. Can other people see him, I wonder? I could not remember when I wrote this up months later what the communication with Bob and him had actually been, and that is as important as finding out that the Evil One may come from the other dimension. So today, as I’m writing this up from so many months ago, I had to email Bob to find out what happened there. I was pretty sure that he would remember. So this morning, I wrote this:

“I was typing up last night the time your “buddy” and you first spoke. It was at the gate as you were leaving [the plant] and it was the same day that he appeared not much later further north. (I won’t mention in the post the actual street names). What did you say, and did he say something back? Also, at the 2nd spot, was there any acknowledgement from him?”

The response from Bob was this:
“I don’t remember actually. I think he said something casually threatening and I believe this was when I told him he couldn’t hurt me, but not sure. When he showed up further north, he nodded towards me as if to show me that maybe I was wrong about not being able to hurt me. Something like that anyway from what I remember.”

After this interaction, and also musing on it from the standpoint of a separation of time, I’m wondering if other sitings have been this being — maybe the woman at the physical therapist was just him in another guise. Maybe he can make himself look like anything, anyone, even innocent if he has to. And what is his mission, and why?? I am haunted repeatedly by the warnings:
“You should not be alone. He will find you.” And what do you do to stop that?

April 24, 2012

Another Interdimensional Being?

On April 19, 2012, I received this email excerpt from Bob:

Almost forgot to mention, saw my jackwagon buddy [at intersection near the plant] this morning.

This is Bob’s first reference to him as the “Jackwagon-buddy”.

I responded with this: Is this the first time you have seen the jackwagon in the morning? Isn’t that only a couple blocks away? Was there any interaction?

Apparently there was not, as Bob did not respond to tell me one way or the other. Then a few days later on the 24th, I get this text:

“My buddy was outside the gate when I was closing it leaving.” This was not good, as it meant the Evil one was tracking him, almost taunting him, knew where he would be during certain times of the day, and literally seemed to be laying in wait for him. To do what? I worried about Bob all the time. He seemed concerned, but not overly concerned. I knew it would be really difficult, if not impossible for Bob to heed the warning: “You should not be alone. He will find you.”

Then on April 24th, I got this odd text from Bob after he’d been to the chiropractor. (For that shoulder problem from January that never got solved by medical doctors).

“Just had an interesting chiro appt. call if you can”

I called as soon as I could (since I was at work), as I was very curious what might have happened, especially since that episode from awhile back that occurred during a different physical therapy session. The one where we thought some inter-dimensional being had followed Bob to his appointment, or at least appeared there, and there was no explanation for who “she” was, even by the office staff.

What happened here though, on this day, was something different, yet again. Bob said that the chiropractor was working on him  (this could have been maybe the 3rd or 4th appointment). This chiropractic therapy was having a good result for Bob, finally, after months of no relief. And I don’t remember exactly how this was said, or how it came up, but the doctor said something to Bob that he was picking up on:  “When I work on you,  I feel your spirit, which is one, but then I also feel the spirit of another.”

There was barely any response from Bob, as he had no idea where the doctor was going with this, or what had made him bring it up. He felt too awkward to even respond.

“I feel the spirit of two, not just you, but as if you have some ‘protection’. But I’m not sure that it is human, it feels like it might be animal”, the doctor continued.

Bob, not knowing quite how to respond, simply grunted a “huh”, and let it go at that.

But then the man said, “I sometimes work with a woman who is a Native American Shaman. I’d like you to meet her. I feel something with you that I’ve not picked up before.”

Bob didn’t say yea or nay to this, merely wrapped up the appointment and let it go. But he did text me to tell me about it. Fascinating, I thought, what could it be? Well, at least maybe I could worry slightly less about Bob and his jack-wagon buddy if he had some kind of hidden protection. Or at least hidden from the average Joe.

Then Bob went back to the chiropractor later that week. It’s important to know that Bob is a “walk-in” patient, this doctor does not require an appointment. If he can work you in, he allows walk-ins, so Bob would always just go on his way home, without making an appointment and he could be seen. This day, he was leaving after an unscheduled visit, and he was about to get in his car. A woman was coming toward him from the direction of the chiropractor’s office with a sense of purpose, as if she knew him. She was calling something to him from quite a distance away.

“He’s right!”, she called out. “He’s right! There are two!”

“Two what?”, Bob wondered, as the woman got closer. She was dressed in a somewhat colorful outfit that Bob thought looked roughly “peasant” or South American, or possibly even present day Native American. Long skirt in a bright fabric, long, braided hair. She approached Bob like she knew him.

“Two spirits, and one is an animal!”, the woman exclaimed.

Bob didn’t quite know how to react to her, humors her with “Well, okay. Sorry, gotta go.”

I wish that he’d spent more time with her. I asked Bob to get her name. I wanted to talk to her. But Bob was afraid that if he ever went in to the chiropractor and asked about the Shaman, or what the doctor meant by what he said, that he would deny ever having said it, or deny there was any Shaman. Unfortunately, I think that could happen — maybe it was just something else “playing” through these people, or maybe the Shaman(woman) was another inter-dimensional being. Bob did have a couple more appointments; it never came up again, and after that, Bob was basically “cured”. He is much better now, no longer on any pain killers, and back to his usual level of functioning. However, we are left to wonder about this incident — what did they see/feel, if it really happened at all? That was Bob’s hesitance about bringing it up again, as I was encouraging him to talk to the Shaman(woman). He was afraid that the doctor would look at him like, “I never said that.” That’s the weird thing about all of this so far — you do have to be careful about what you divulge, if anything at all. I am sure that most people think that it is just plain crazy, and believe me, sometimes we think that too.

April 20, 2012

Bob has a visit with Duke-Tëme

There were a couple of things that happened the weekend of April 14-15 that never got logged into the journal. I did take pictures, but because it was a weekend, we never wrote back and forth about it, only spoke about the happenings. But I do have photos that documented the events, the first of which was when I came up to the bedroom sometime Sunday, I found Nuttah’s character sitting on my side of the bed next to a vase of spring flowers. From the looks of it, we have some bleeding hearts, violets, and what looks like the shadbush buds in bloom. There is also the small, silver heart-charm on the bed in front of Nuttah. The picture of this is to the right.

The same weekend, I photographed this arrangement on Bob’s side of the bed: Duke-Tëme and a heart were arranged on Bob’s clock radio to look at him. This was to be a prelude to Bob later having a “dream” about them:

Then on April 18, 2012, Bob wrote me this email:
I had an interesting dream last night. Your Mom (in her Lenape guise), Nuttah, DUKEY-Tëme!! were all imploring me to be more like I was, more like the father of Nuttah. Duke-Tëme came and sat beside me, it felt so good to feel his head against me, I can’t tell you.

Nuttah said “he will be with you”, then she made some sort of motion with her hands, like an incantation, followed by your Mom doing the same thing, sort of like a circle and acknowledging the cardinal points.

Then your Mom said “Your woman will need you, be aware.”

I said to them “I am not afraid, my nemesis should be“. Nuttah smiled and just said “Father”.

Your Mom looked satisfied, said “Care for them, stay well”.

I can still hear them talking, really strange, I hear it in Lenape, but can immediately translate. This all happened in a few minutes standing in the woods by the creek in a BRILLIANT moonlight. Nothing like what we will ever see.

Duke-Tëme, my Mother and Nuttah are moved to MY bedside table.

Me to Bob: When I came up last night (the first time was shortly before 11), I was curious to find Duke-Tëme  on MY side of the bed. So Nuttah, my Mom and the Tëme were all in your dream and are on my bedside table? I was wondering about that. Glad you were able to have a “visit” with them. I don’t really see any other changes. I thought maybe you had done it because the fan was blowing things, but guess not. Interesting dream otherwise. Since I haven’t had any dreams despite my pleas for what’s going on, I’ve switched it to something specific. I’ve asked to be shown the artifact in a dream. Persistence may be the key.

I noticed, looking at this picture later, that Bob’s special stone is also in the picture. This stone almost always only pertains to Bob, and I think it is a rare event that it is used in one of my arrangements, so I am not really sure how to interpret this. In front, there is also a series of hearts pointing at the whole group.

April 18, 2012

The “Evil One” makes an appearance outside of a dream

So far, the one I refer to as “The Evil One” has only made his appearance in Bob’s dreams. But on April 11, while I was at work, I started getting some texts from Bob:

The first one was this:
“Guess who I saw tonight, I think anyway?”
Me: “Who!?”
Bob: My nemesis, I think
Me: Where?
Bob: Ghetto, right around the corner from work.
Me: Are you sure it was him?
Bob: Definitely. Very Maya look
Me: What did he do?

Bob: He made the motion of firing a rifle at me and smiled. Nice, friendly guy. Fuckin asshole.
Me: Is he an inter-dimensional being?
Bob: I don’t think so, I think he is here. Real asshole.
Me: Does he look out of place there?
Bob: He is distinct looking but not out of place in a city. I think I have seen him before. I am looking now.

Then on April 17, Bob again texted that he’d seen his “friend”:
“Met my friend again tonight.”

Bob refers to this character as “his friend”, his “buddy”, and I refer to him as “the evil one”. He is inherently evil. Where Nuttah represents the good, even though her message was sometimes urgent and disturbing, this one is the opposite, totally embodying the bad, the evil side. This occurrence on the city streets around Bob’s work is the first time that “the evil one” appeared outside of one of Bob’s dreams. But the “dream” had been so real to him, so vivid, so clear, down to minute details, that it was almost as if it was real. Bob knew who he was immediately, “the evil one” did not even have to do the fake rifle-firing move for Bob to recognize him from the dream. But what IS this new twist?? A wrinkle in the time fabric? Is he inter-dimensional? Bob sure seemed to think he was just like any other character on the streets of the ghetto, not looking particularly out of place, mainly due to where they are. You accept a certain degree of bizarreness that would be completely out of place further out from the city. What is it? Is Bob in danger? It would certainly seem so with all the warnings that were imparted through various dreams. But why? There is part of me that thinks once a portal is opened, as in the portal connection that Nuttah visits through, that maybe “other” entities can then begin to take advantage of the same passageway. Is this what is at work here? We do not know.

April 11, 2012

Flowers that send a message: It’s planting time

A bouquet of Violets in a pewter vase in the guest room

On Saturday, April 7, we were preparing for Bob’s sister Rue to come spend the night. It was “jazz” night at a local pub and she likes to come out for that. We were making up the bed, and getting the bedroom in order, when I noticed something on the bedside table in the guest room. You guessed it: A bouquet of flowers. The thing that was notably different here, is that I think Nuttah has caught on to the fact that I always put her gifts of flowers in water. Because for the first time, these flowers were placed in a small vessel with water in it! The flowers were some early-blooming spring violets, the common blue violet that is everywhere around here in the early spring. In fact, I love them so much I have transplanted these to our property and they grow in our gardens. I probably didn’t have to do that, they would have found their way here anyway.

Beautiful, deliciously sweet-smelling, pink buds appear in a vase on my bedside table with Nuttah’s character.

Then a couple of days later, on Tuesday, April 10, I came in at night from work to find flowers on my own bedside table. The following morning, I received this email from Bob:

Before I forget to mention, I woke at about 9:30 last night, just shortly after falling asleep, to a clear sense of Nuttah being there. [She] actually startled me initially, seems like it is less frequent that she comes and hangs out. I attribute that to her being married now, though he seems not to be much in the picture, at least with regard to our interactions.

Me: She was definitely there – she left the pewter cup of water with a new sprig of flowers in it — looks like something from a flowering tree, not from our yard. Curious to see what they will be. I got home just after 9:30 I think. I came up shortly to our bedroom, and in the TV light, I could see that her character was now on my side of the bed – and the flowers were right in front of her. I’ll take a picture later. They’re pink buds, and smell great. Also heard loud drumming in bathroom and in bed. I don’t know if she was still there though, when I was. Could have been. You were asleep.

The buds on the actual Shad Tree (Bush) across the creek, April 11

Me, later: I was across the creek for a trout lily picture (they are all spent already, bummer), but on the way back, I noticed a Shad bush blooming. Then I took notice that the buds are the same as what she brought me last night – the pink aromatic buds in the pewter cup. I’ll send some pictures. I’m glad she’s putting our flowers in water now. Did you hear the drums too when you woke up?

Bob: I heard them at 9:30 last night. Very loud.

Then later, from Bob: Where the heck are these trees/bushes or whatever?? I don’t recall seeing them any other year, course that doesn’t mean much.

Me: The bloom period is really short, esp. right now with the buds. Guess sort of like Trout lily, must be those “fish” plants. It’s right across the bridge on the right. If you were to go down to the creek on our side of the bridge, but across it, you’d go right under it. It’s blooming right now. It’s called Shad bush, but this one looks more tree-like. I do believe that this is the tree from which Nuttah’s pink buds came. Once the flower opens, they are actually very white-looking, but intensely pink as buds. The berries are known as Service Berries.

Here is some info I found tonight on a website that seems the most relevant (and short):

Shadbush roots and bark were sometimes used as medicinal herbs in a number of tribes, and among the Iroquois and Lenape, shadbush blossoms were seen as the sign that the right time had come to plant corn.

Perhaps it was a sign to get busy with the garden. Awfully early for planting here on April 10, but maybe corn is hardier. We are definitely not ready yet, this early.

The Buds and Blossoms of the Shadbush Tree

April 7, 2012

An Inter-Dimensional Being?

My mother’s character appears again, this time with a small bouquet of flowers and a heart.

Excerpt of my email to Bob, on April 5, 2012:  When I came home last night, I heard the buzzing and came up to find my Mom’s character on my bedside table. In front of her was the heart charm (that was hers) pointing at the bed and a little bouquet of flowers; purple violets, celandine and speedwell. I put them in water last night and some have sprung back. Interesting, because when I went to sleep the night before I made a mental appeal to my Mother to help me understand what was going on. Nothing yet except some odd dreams that I guess I should take note of. And of course, this. Then last night washing up, the buzzing sounded more like drumming.

Then the night of April 5, Bob told me this very odd story:

Bob had an appointment with a physical therapist for the shoulder problem that had happened in late January. This was just one more in this long chain of pointless medical appointments that Bob was less than thrilled with, because so far, he had found no solution to or relief from the problem. This appointment occurred at the orthopedic doctor’s office, and Bob was taken to a room by the therapist where the first, of what was to be several, physical therapy sessions were going to take place. The therapist got Bob situated on a table, and said she’d be right back. She then left the room. While she was gone, a small, Asian woman entered the therapy room. She seemed to Bob like any other employee of the place, dressed like them in scrubs, busying herself like them. She was doing things around the room that Bob was dimly aware of, but when nearer to him she said to Bob,

“The person that is looking for you is here.”

“What??”, Bob asked, surprised.

“He’s here. The person that is looking for you is here.” she said again.

“Who’s here?? Who’s looking for me?? Bob asked, startled, a chill creeping along his neck.

He sat up, but the woman had scuttled out of the room. Shortly after this, the therapist came back in, and Bob asked her who was the woman that came in while she was gone.

“What woman?”, asked the therapist.

Bob then described her: her Asian look, how she was dressed, all the details that he could remember. The therapist then replied, “Well, you are the last patient of the day, and there are only two of us here still and nobody that looks like that. In fact, nobody that looks like that works here any time of the day, so I’ve no idea WHO that was. Sorry.”

Bob laid there for the rest of his appointment wondering WHAT he had seen and what had just happened. Of course, he’s now thinking of the evil man from his dreams; “the person that is looking for you.” The one that wants to kill you in all of your lives. Bob texted me this later:

“The more I consider that encounter at the Physical Therapy joint, the weirder it is. Stuff b weird.

Excerpt of my email on April 6, 2012: That incident at the PT was VERY weird! And scary and freaky. It’s like the man in white suit in “Entangled”. He can take other guises, and follows you in other dimensions. Super weird and eery. I don’t like that at all. Ask the woman upstairs if she sensed anything?? After 3 nights of appealing to my mother, I only have a few dreams to go by, and nothing that seems consequential. Won’t stop me though. Do you FEEL any better after the PT though?

We were both left wondering about this episode: was the mysterious Asian woman a messenger of, or could she be that Evil one from the dreams in disguise? And is Bob safe anywhere, since this appearance was in a doctor’s office? The incident left us both shaken and wondering… what can they do to you coming from other dimensions, and how can you avoid them? And of course there were the words of warning echoing from Bob’s dream of just the prior evening: “Be aware of what is around you, you should not be alone. He will find you.

Bob was scheduled for future therapy sessions at the same place, but he cancelled the appointments and never went back, partially due to the fact that he felt it wasn’t working, but I believe part of it also because of the sheer bizarreness of this episode. I agreed with him, I did not want him to go back there.

April 5, 2012

Another Adventure to the Lenape World

An excerpt of email sent by Bob: April 4, 8:15 AM

Woke up completely out of it this morning. Spent a portion of my night away from home. Did you notice anything? I was back by the creek, upstream, watching the white bird ceremony. The group of guys covering themselves in the mud and something else, not sure what. The old joints were participants, but not in the active manner as the others, more just chanting and shaking rattles occasionally. I sat back in the woods with Nuttah, Mom wolf and the pups. Just watched. The ceremony ended, the men that were covering themselves in stuff went into the water and washed, the bird just sort of hovered around, clearly not afraid. The old joints walked back to us. They started their stuff about being prepared and said what your Mom said to me about needing to survive to take care of you in the event things start to fall apart. I must be more like I was when I was younger, more like I was here (I believe that is a reference to being there and being Nuttah’s father). Be aware of what is around you, you should not be alone. He will find you. ??? I said “who and why”. No response. Thanks. All I got from the old joints from my questions was something I remember from before, they repeated it 3 times, I can still hear it as I write “alewi ki kuwatu” , almost sure I have that right because I hear it, may be off by a letter or two. I know what they were saying when I am there, it becomes somewhat more vague as I remember it, but I will see if you can find anything, I think it has something to do with me knowing the answers. Nuttah said to me “kaski lesiv” or something to that effect, not so sure on that one, but she also repeated it 3 times, she held my hand and squeezed it tighter each time she said it, not sure if it meant anything or if it was her just becoming more urgent. And then it was over and I woke standing in the bathroom. I’m starting to think they have a stake in my survival that goes beyond just caring, maybe not Nuttah, but the old joints. The one old joint travels to the creek for these ceremonies and for the “meetings”, he is not part of their clan/group/village whatever you want to call it. I have forgotten a lot of what I used to know when I was going to see them on a more regular basis!

Excerpt of my response: April 4, 8:50 AM

I found myself for some reason on a post of 4/5/11 and it was about the first white merganser sighting you had: 2 regular mergansers and the one all-white one. The first “alewi ki kuwati” reference in the blog happened on 4/1/10, and that post was about when you found out how she lost you. “Alewi ki kuwatu” is “you know more“. (I have that in the heading of the blog too). I’ll look up Nuttah’s phrase. The other thing I noticed was the buzz pretty strong last night, and then the night before, she had moved her character back to your bedside table. “Kaski” means “You can”. The other word I’m not finding. Any context? An English word I can search on? There does not appear to be a “V” in their language, I could be wrong, but maybe it’s like the Gaelic, which uses a “bh” for “V”, or another combo? The ceremony last year happened on May 26, 2011, that one by the creek where they were smeared with mud. Interesting night though! It’s been a long time. I didn’t notice anything overnight, except I had some pretty vivid dreams.

Then I spent some time trying to look up the translation of Nuttah’s Lenape phrase, and found only this:
How about this for a translation:
kàski në laihòsin.
“You can do that”
Closest word I could find to “lesiv”

Curiously, I am re-reading this and posting it several months since it happened. Reading the part about that mud ceremony in the creek, it reminded me of the first time I’d written about it over a year ago. And I wondered if this ceremony had a special significance for them, so for the first time, I actually did an internet search for “Lenape Mud Ceremony”. It turns out that there is something related to mud, and it is part of their “creation story”. I found this site that describes it quite well. So for the 2nd year, Bob was taken there to be part of this ceremony. The only odd thing is that they occurred on different days of the year: May 26, 2011 the first time, and April 4, 2012 the second. So maybe it has more to do with moon cycles, planetary alignment, seasonal events, than an actual fixed “date”.

April 2, 2012

Multiple events: Monday, April 2, 2012

I came home again tonight to the humming/buzzing sound in the driveway. It does not always greet me before I enter the house; only sometimes, and tonight was one of those nights. It’s happened a number of times recently. Then, when I came in the hum was strong in the house, and especially upstairs. When I speak to Bob tomorrow, I will find out if anything particular went on, as there was also a character change: Nuttah has moved herself from the dresser to Bob’s bedside table.

And in the past month, we mentioned these sounds in a few emails here and there, which I’ve included excerpts of below. We don’t always talk about them, as sometimes it just seems like it’s part of the surroundings now, and we have more or less accepted the sounds as that. It’s when something unusual or different happens that we usually comment on it.

Me to Bob, Feb. 21: Morning: I slept lousy too due to being cold and the loud drums. Did you hear them when you were awake? I also heard them immediately getting out of the car in the driveway too. Sort of thought something might have been going on.

Bob: I heard drums and flute when I first woke about 12:40, after that I was in and out, not very focused.

March 9, 7:45 AM:
Bob: Also heard a loud single drum last night, course that could’ve just been my head pounding!

Then me, on March 27, 8:30 AM:  I woke up twice last night to the sound of loud pounding in the house. The first time, I thought you were still here, but I rolled over to see your clock it was 4:30 AM, and when I realized it wasn’t you, I got a little freaked, but went back to sleep. Then it happened again and the noise got incorporated into a weird dream and that was at 5:45. I then laid in bed for an hour listening, but heard nothing, and it started to finally get light. The best I can describe it as just loud thumping, like a gang of people walking around in heavy shoes. Very strange and disconcerting. When I finally got up in full daylight and not at all well rested, I looked all over the house for anything amiss, can’t find anything.  I can’t wait to see what happens when the demolition starts in the back.

Later, same morning: In the shower I heard a door slam (hard) somewhere in the house, came out and all the doors that were open were still open. It is windy, but nothing slammed shut. Just to add to my weird night email before.

Bob: 3/26: Sounds like you might be being treated to some of the stuff I get treated to at night.

Bob, 3/27: Fair amount of activity during the course of the night while I was awake. I wouldn’t let it bother you.
Me: 3/27, 8:40 AM: What was the activity during the night? It doesn’t seem to disturb either of the pets, Joe just came sauntering upstairs looking for food.

So there you have a few weeks of emails about the sounds in the house (and sometimes outside) that can range from drumming, flutes, a hum or buzz sound, doors slamming, or the sound of heavy, stomping footsteps on the floor. Sometimes upstairs, and sometimes down. Bob has also reported hearing creeping sounds across the floor. Our floors creak a lot, being wood, and he’ll report sounds like someone is tip-toeing across the bedroom floor, and yet no one is there. In the next post, I’m going to publish an excerpt of an interview that I heard on Coast to Coast AM. It was the show that aired February 23, 2012, and it was between George Noory and Linda Moulton Howe. It was all about the unusual and unexplainable sounds that people in other parts of the US and the world are hearing. Nothing that specifically resembles OUR sound, but just due to the fact that other people are constantly reporting these different kinds of unexplainable sounds, I think it relevant. Plus, Linda gives some ideas of where these sounds could be coming from that resonates with me. “Dimensional Overlay”, is the idea she finally proposes.