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January 27, 2018

Activity Ramps Up; The Elders Want the Apartment Empty

Well, there is a lot to report. Things have not stopped happening, the problem is that my time to report them is minimal. Considering that each post takes about 45 min. to an hour for me, and there are 505 published posts, well the math adds up to over 500 hrs. of work. That’s a big chunk of time in a working woman’s life. Time excuse aside, I know I owe a lot to ‘catch up’. I would like to… just have to find the time. A list of things to sum up activity over the missing years:

  1. Lois started to knit – and knitting is a very enjoyable activity that often intruded on blog posting.
  2. Things never did stop happening. Just my ability to write it all up and report has been compromised.
  3. The area of the house where it all began in 2009? — we rented it for the last 4 years as an apartment. The 4-year occupant just moved out in December (2017) and son Stewie is about to rent it, starting Feb. 1.
  4. Nuttah has been kidnapped – about a month ago (more on that in future post).
  5. And lastly, sadly, Niko died on my birthday in 2017, and as Niko goes, so goes Tëme.

An internet picture to depict “The Elders”

So, the best way to deal with this backlog of story, I think, is to just start with now. So this is what is happening now. Today is Saturday, January 27, 2018. Sometimes when I write that year (2018), I just can’t believe it is actually that number, so far along. I hear other people saying it too, that what used to be a month now feels like a week of time. Like time is speeding up. I feel that every day; time just slips away, speeding along. I hear young people say it too, so I know it’s not just a factor of age. I think the only people not complaining are 10 and under.

Anyway, back to TODAY. We are home, it’s Saturday. We were expecting 3 things today:

1) A firewood delivery
2) Stewie dropping off the lion’s share of furnishings as part of his move-in process to the now-empty apartment
3) An electrician to wrap up a project that was supposed to take a day (we’re now more than a week into it, because of problems encountered with this 100 yr. old house, wiring and such).

Two of these events have already postponed: 1 & 2. The electrician I’m just waiting to hear from, but given the scenario, there is a good chance he will also postpone. Why, you might wonder? Because the elders have taken over the apartment. Bob went in there last night, he says he was met with strong resistance. He says it was obvious he was not wanted in there and he was shuffled right on out. Upstairs, there was a big noise. He came back to our part of the house a bit perturbed and asked me to go over and check it out. “NO!”, I said – I don’t like putting myself in the midst of that activity, on the chance that I would perceive it, it freaks me out a bit much, like walking into a room full of ghosts. Would you do it? I think not. So why are they there? Well Bob was ‘given’ a bit of a hint overnight in a dream. He was shown that they are there, and they ‘need’ the space to be left alone and empty for their purposes. How was this information conveyed? Why did Stewie postpone, why did Mike, who was bringing the firewood delivery, postpone? Somehow they – the elders – influenced all of that too. Bob got a text from Stew this morning, that he was not prepared yet (truck rentals, etc.) for it to happen today. Bob replied that he was shown last night that this would not happen today.

Here’s how the texting went back and forth:

Stewie: Pushing back the uhaul til tomorrow if that’s okay with you, realized I still have a bunch to prep for it, plus there’s no 17 footers available

Bob’s reply: I saw that last night

Stew: Huh?

Bob: There was activity last night in the apartment, and it was made clear that you would not be here today

Stew: Wow, how?

Bob: The old joints were having some ritual when I went in and made it clear that no one would be allowed in until it was complete, they would delay stuff to ensure that that would not happen, and they kicked me out, essentially.

I guess it was more or less no surprise then when Mike postponed the firewood delivery. So what is his relevance to this scenario? We don’t get firewood in the apartment and it’s delivered to the street on ‘our’ side of the house. But Mike, coincidentally, is also the person that ran the wall replacement project. We’ve been buying firewood from him ever since, so we’re on our 9th year with Mike. The wall is relevant, because it’s when all this activity started – or thereabouts. The electrician? Well, he hasn’t postponed yet, but maybe will because electrical activity might interfere with what they are doing?

Bob just walked in to a text from the electrician: he is “feeling under the weather”, and wants to reschedule to Monday.

So there you go… all three scheduled Saturday events have been ’caused’ to not happen so that the elders can conduct their business in peace. And what is their business? They are discussing the annual ceremony that takes place about this time every year; every year since (our year) 2013 anyway. So this would have been the 5 year anniversary celebration of saving the Lenape tribe from annihilation.  Bob was part of that time-travel foray into their time to assist both with strategizing and the actual event. So was Duke/Tëme/Niko; they were instrumental. I say “They”, but they exist in the body of one. As does Bob and his (their time) avatar. Hard to explain, I won’t get into the details of this now. But Bob believes that the elders are trying to remedy the problem of not having Nuttah there to perform the proper ceremony. Nuttah is now an important Shaman (woman), and because of that, she has been kidnapped. I will get into that in another post, because Bob (and avatar) has been part of that scenario as well. Nuttah has not been able to communicate much since her kidnapping and we don’t know where she is being ‘kept’. Prior to this, we did hear from her occasionally, enough to know that she still could and would communicate. All for future posts, I did document it all.

So you see, there is lots to post. I am overwhelmed in a way with the volume/magnitude of it, but all I can do is chip away slowly, one post at a time. And leave the elders to their important task.

If you want to catch up on the past events that led to the ceremony they have now at the beginning of every year, here is a link to the one I wrote up last year, which then includes links to the event that started it:



February 21, 2016

Dreams, Vibrations, and Bob hears Drums

Nuttah looks out the window

Nuttah & a heart; facing out the window toward the creek behind the house

Thursday night, February 18, coming home from work, I got out of my car in the driveway and immediately noticed the ‘hum/buzz’. I have not heard it in a LONG time, months really; a couple of times since fall, at best. I wondered momentarily what this was about now, as it kind of ‘followed’ me into the house. This was, at one time a couple years ago, a pretty daily event, but not so much now. Not sure what to attribute this to… maybe the ‘travel’ is hard on her as well. O r with her boy, now 3, she doesn’t ‘get out as much’. Or is this what the ‘buzz’ is even about? I often equated it to drumming or music from ‘their time’ bleeding over into ours. I mentioned to Bob that I’d heard it Thursday, I think this was Friday when I said this, and he told me then that he’d been hearing drums and music for almost 2 weeks. He hadn’t said anything til now so I was surprised. At about that time, I’d gone upstairs to our bedroom and I found that Nuttah was now on the air conditioner facing out the window, looking toward the creek in the back. There was a heart in front of her, pointed outward also and the picture is included here.

Dups arranged on table

The Niko-Duke-Teme-Teme combo that inhabits Niko, is again arranged with Bob’s stone on his bedside table.

Then on Saturday, we were doing stuff around the house, here and there; our usual Saturday chores and what-not. Bob had taken a clock-radio he found in the basement up to try out the radio on his side of the bed. He can’t get reception on his side well enough to hear Coast to Coast at night and sometimes he wishes he could, but this radio was no better. I went up a bit later and I noticed the dog-cutouts were again all arranged like they are in this picture. Bob said when he was testing the radio, they’d all been just laying around the table, knocked over since my last post about it Feb. 10.

The only other thing to mention is that in the early hours of dawn Saturday morning, I had an odd dream about a cat. It was not one of our cats (we still have two) but a similar one in black and white. What was notable about this dream is that it was apparent to me that the cat teleported somehow. Like it was in one world, and then suddenly it was in another, and the ‘other’ is the one I was seeing it in. I’m not sure how this was obvious, but again, it’s a dream, and that’s how dreams are. I’ve gotten much better at remembering them lately, but I’m making a specific effort about doing this every night, and then recording them when I can remember. It seems to get easier as you do.

Bob mentioned today that last night, he had one of his ‘travel through history’ dreams. He was flying over the places he ‘was shown’, and able to look from current times back through millenia into history. I wish he would write this up while fresh in his mind

December 21, 2013

“Beam-me-up, Scotty”!

On December 19, 2013 at 6:17 pm, I received this text from Bob. He is home and I’m at work:
“Lot of drumming and rattles. Kind of unnerving. No sense of Nuttah, just a presence of many males.”


We all know what this is. (Don’t we??)

Then immediately after, this text came through at 6:21 PM: “Holy F***, Niko and Red just ended up upstairs! Both seem kind of unnerved. Wow, that was weird.”

Me, 6:24 PM: “What do u mean, where were they? They got relocated?”

6:27 PM: “They were downstairs with me. When I came to, they were locked upstairs.”

Me, 6:54 PM: “Where is everybody now? Things calmed down?”

I didn’t pursue it by text any further, because usually Bob calls me shortly after 7 pm, so I would just wait for his phone call to get further details. What I wanted to inquire about was the “came to” part of his text; did that mean that Bob traveled too, or was he “out” for awhile?

He did call me shortly after that and elaborated somewhat on what happened, which must have occurred between the first 2 texts, between 6:17 and 6:21 PM. Bob said he “came to” sitting in the stove-room chair; the room was warm from the fire, but he was freezing. (very unusual for Bob to even use the word “freezing”; he never gets cold, and even wears shirt-sleeves out in weather in the teens) He told me later on the phone, he was “still trying to warm up”. His body was in deep chill from whatever happened when the pups ended up upstairs. They had been down in the stove-room with Bob and the two other pups, and when Bob “woke up”, they were gone. He got up and went looking for them in other parts of the house, even the basement and outside. Then he heard some noises upstairs and went up to find them locked in the spare bedroom. I do have a theory that perhaps they were (again) needed for some kind of help in “their” world, hence the presence of all the Lenape males right before it happened. I think Bob is not able to ‘go’ anymore unless it proves really urgent. Or maybe Bob did go, but his memory was wiped out about it. Or maybe he was put into a kind of trance while they “borrowed” the pups. And what were they involved in and what did they do? On the phone, Bob described the drumming this time as somewhat “different”. “Ominous” was the word he used. I fully expected to come home again to some kind of change, but there was nothing at all new or rearranged, at least that I noticed.  I did hear a bit of a “hum” when I got out of the car in the driveway, but that was all.

Niko laying down. Once down, he doesn't really want to get up.

Niko laying down. Once down, he doesn’t really want to get up.

Clearly, Niko was perturbed by it into the night. Later, when I was typing here at my computer, he joined me from where he’d been sleeping on the bed upstairs with Bob. He never does that, he’s so comfortable on the bed, that even when I come in, go upstairs, change, and take Red out, Niko never even gets up. Just lifts his head from laying there next to Bob, gives me a little tail wag, and lays back down. He is not interested in getting off the bed. So to have him jump up, and come down, and then keep nudging at me like he was is highly unusual. I finally tried letting him out, but that didn’t seem to be what it was about either. He was just really wound up.

Email this morning from Bob: No continuation from the beginning of the night with the pups; don’t know what that was about, but I am glad that nothing more happened. Niko did go after something across the creek this morning, was barking and jumping on the wall, I assume it was deer.

Red. Such a pretty girl. But she is not answering any questions.

Red. Such a pretty girl. But she is not answering any questions.

My reply to Bob: “Niko seems really unsettled since whatever happened last night. He actually came down in the evening to nudge me, wouldn’t leave me alone, I had him out but that didn’t seem to be what it was about. He never went back up til I went to bed. Then I heard the barking at 3 AM, he was really going nuts over something, guess it was a deer. Gotta love the noise at that hour. Just now, he got me up at 7, had to go out, that’s unusual too. Seems really on edge about something, wonder what’s going on? And of course wonder what happened last night?? I found no changes when I got home, guess that makes sense since it was not Nuttah, as you said, but a roomful of men.”

It’s now a couple of days later. Something clearly happened to Niko that night, both of them really; they are ‘different’ since they ‘returned’, but it’s hard to pin down how. Needier maybe, more affectionate, a little unnerved-seeming, cautious. Like I said, hard to describe. Probably a lot less impact than if it had been a person involved. I asked both of them to ‘tell’ me what happened, even if it was only in pictures, but I’ve yet to get any response, just more or less blank stares. Pups on an adventure.

October 25, 2013

Oh no, where did the PUPS GO?

The evening of October 23, Bob comes home and texts me at work at 5:35 PM:

“Came home like usual, got changed, went out to get the pups and then exercise, couldn’t find Niko or Red! Started to panic. Then I heard one of them bark and (doggy) footsteps upstairs. Ran up and found them locked in office/TV room?! Did you put them there for some reason that I can’t imagine????”

(on my phone this came through as 3 separate texts. Long ones get divided up because my phone can’t handle it).

I responded to Bob at 5:40 PM:
“Good Grief. Absolutely not and I left that door closed 2. Maybe they took a little excursion and were put back in wrong place”. (remembering Bob on a previous excursion. Then there was also this one, where he was “placed” back in the wrong spot, upon “re-entry”).

“Or Nuttah doesn’t like them caged”.

Then I start thinking. We have a brand new couch and loveseat in the office/TV room. In fact, since we got it (in late September), I always specifically leave that door tightly closed, just in case one (or all) of the pups might “bust” out of the basement, into the upstairs. I send Bob this text next:

5:41 PM: “Did they mess up the couch?”

Bob, 5:47 pm: “No, doesn’t look like they went on either. Door was closed, they couldn’t leave office”.

Me to Bob at 5:48 PM: “Well u know I would not have done that. I left them like I always do. Pretty weird”.

Bob, 5:50 pm:
“I assumed you didn’t, just had to check. Yea, weird, this is a first”.

Me to Bob, 5:52 PM:
“I’d B curious 2 look around when I get home 4 any other changes. Was Stupe still in crate and was Sprite outside?”

Above, I am inquiring about our other two dogs; Stupe and Sprite.

Bob, 5:53 pm: “Yes, Stupe in crate, Sprite outside”.

The arrangement when I came home, the day Bob finds the Pups closed up in the office.

The arrangement when I came home, the day Bob finds the Pups closed up in the office.

That night, I thought about this all the way home, and I just knew there would be some change when I got in. I looked at my desk; Nuttah and papoose were no longer on it, so I knew she’d been here and moved things around (not just the pups). I then found her in front of the TV. I’ve included the picture I took here. Bob happened to still be awake when I went upstairs, probably sleepless because of the events of the early evening. I mentioned the moving of Nuttah’s character. Then I asked,

“Any more insight into what might have happened earlier?”

“None, whatsoever”, was the reply.

“Maybe ‘Lao woman’ will know something”, I mused. This is what I always think now, automatically. If Bob doesn’t get info on what’s going on, she usually seems to. Very tuned in to the Lenape Indian wavelength, this Lao woman is. Makes sense, due to the similarities of the cultures.

Then sure enough, the next day, October 24, I got this text from Bob at 11:44 AM:

“From Lao woman: 2 friends up, young girl family need them stop trouble, big one very good friend, never leave. Don’t forget them ever”.

My response to Bob at 11:55 AM: “What was the trouble?”

Bob, 11:57 AM: “I think roaming band of marauders, not positive.”

Niko in front, "Red" the new female shepherd behind him, shot through the kitchen window.

Niko in front, “Red” the new female shepherd behind him, shot through the kitchen window.

Me, 12:03 PM: “What does ‘2 friends up’ mean?”

Bob, 12:04 PM: “I think that means the Pups up in office”

So, what was this about? Something happened in “their time”, and Nuttah put the pups (well, at least Niko and Red) into emergency use? Okay. And they were brought back to a different room altogether! That minor fact hardly seems relevant in the overall scheme of what happened that day; imagine the tale the pups could tell if we could find out what adventure they were participating in. It disturbs me that they were still needed for something along these lines. I thought we were done with that, but I guess in Lenape terms, you just never know when these problems could re-emerge. Luckily there were “helpers” available, but I’m also glad they were returned in one piece, albeit to a different spot.

And with this, I am within ONE POST of being caught up to November 2013!

June 15, 2013

Loop Quantum Gravity? What on earth does it mean?

So there is a finite number in front of me now to “catch up” with the posts of summer. Then we will be into September (which is the actual month I write in at this time) and since “activity” is relatively infrequent at the moment (but still does happen) I should be able to keep up with it. It would be nice finally to be able to post something the day it happened. There would probably be a lot more energy and excitement about it from me, because it would be new, not writing it up months later, when I am trying to remember everything else that was going on too. Anyway, that said, I just counted, and there are possibly 15 more posts to finish with the summer. Surprisingly many, actually, considering it felt like a “slow” summer. A lot of those incidents concerned pets. Soon to come.

On June 13th, Bob wrote this email:
Last night on deck was unexpected. Out of nowhere, just relaxing with a brew, Bang, there they were. Niko tried to lick Nuttah. He went right through, didn’t perturb him. He sat next to Teme and Nuttah smiled , said “An’na” and it was over. Like it never happened. Maybe it never did.

Me: Interesting visit from Nuttah. Wonder what that was about, we haven’t seen/heard from her in so long, and I saw no changes in the house (that I noticed) whatsoever. I have been trying to have a dream about her, hasn’t worked yet.

That was just a brief “deck visit”, where Bob is just sitting there with our pups, and Nuttah breezes in with Teme to say hello.

Then the next day, Bob sent this email:
“Oh, and just for the record, in the event I am not around, listen for these [terms] when you hear and see the “news” in the future: LQG (loop quantum gravity) and electromagnetism. LQG is not quite accurate, but it is going to lead to the understanding that Hawkings is not quite right about black holes. They are not (as conventional wisdom perceives them) where standard and quantum physics break down, but rather where a higher order of these take place. Black holes are a path to elsewhere. They are not the end of energy, they do not violate the laws of physics, in fact, they are not actually holes at all, at least not the way we think of them currently.”

Later, Bob was to email me a link that was to explain that better. He wrote, “This is it. It is what I have been saying, only easy to understand. It’s what I told your Mom at Rosemont Cafe. This is great. It is what Nuttah understands”: Here is the link to the article, and a graphic below from it. I wish he hadn’t said “easy to understand”. I printed it out, and sat with a highlighter trying to read it and understand it. It was pretty much hopeless. Some of the comments were helpful, but the article? I still don’t understand. What is it going to take? Some great awakening? Oh, and don’t be perturbed by the fact that this post is dated June, and the article is 8/28/13: Bob did mention it in June, and then emailed me the link to the article a couple of months later. One more reason to get caught up.

A graphic from the article linked above.

A graphic from the article linked above.

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January 13, 2013

“A Perfect Breeding Ground” for Trout

This was my reply to Bob’s email about the vision he saw in the last post:
Jan. 11, 9:06 AM: I have to run my car to the repair shop, then I will be back, and I will write a proper email. You said something last night, clear as day, but in your sleep, because I responded back to you and you didn’t say anything. What you said was:

“It’s a perfect breeding ground”.

I said “What is?”, and you rolled over away from me and apparently were never awake. This was about midnight, 12:30 maybe.

I knew there was a presence as I heard the vibration. Actually, I still do this morning. Don’t like the sound of your “vision” very much.

blackfoot-river-pictureBob, later, 9:28 AM:
“Wow,you heard the statement??!! It was in English?! obviously!! It was not English when I said it to Nuttah, it was in Lenape. It was a reference to the land they showed me. It was a perfect setting for the spawning of trout, the way the land sloped and the large pebble-bottomed pools of easy running water in the river, perfect spawning grounds, perfect shelter/structure. It appears to be in the west, which makes sense. I am not feeling good about this at all.”

Me: Yes, you said it clear as day in English. There was no question to me what you said, and I glanced at the commercial that was on to see if you were responding to that and had been awake — but you weren’t. Course I didn’t know WHAT you were talking about, and then I thought, well, he couldn’t be “there” because you said it in English. But you didn’t there, that’s interesting. I plugged in your two words as a phrase at “” and got nothing, so I plugged each Lenape word in separately. The first word is “a pretty place (such as a park)”, or “good land”. The 2nd is “Freedom”. Just like you said. You got the spelling perfectly. When you say in the west, are you talking western US or western PA? With everything else that has happened I know we have to pay attention to this “dream”, but don’t know how. How was it made clear to you that we’d have to leave? How is Nuttah and baby doing?

A couple of days later, there was movement of the objects that were on my bedside table. I don’t seem to have a picture of that, but I guess it involved the flowers that she arranged there in December, the tiny little white asters. I don’t really know what to make of Bob’s dream/vision, or the “perfect breeding ground”. I had not initially realized how detailed his vision had been of where we are supposed to be going, eventually. I just hope that this is not a reality in the semi-immediate future, we’re pretty comfortable here where we are, and I hate to even imagine what might precipitate this.

January 9, 2013

Bob gets to visit with dogs of the past

It was the next day, and Bob sent me this email. The reference to “Pink and Dukey” below, is about two of our dogs that have since passed on:

1/9/13, 7:50 AM:  Had some time with Pink and Dukey last night. It is always so natural and so real, I don’t immediately realize how privileged I am, when I do it is overwhelming. It didn’t last long, but at least it happened. All seems to be well with Nuttah and her group, which seems to be a blending of several small groups that were affected by my buddy and his “friendly guys”. They are planning a new ceremony to commemorate the event and to honor those involved. It will be performed every year at this time. I can’t help thinking this is all coming to a close. Very mixed feeling about this.

Me, 9:30 AM: I thought there might be some activity last night, the drums were really loud. Quiet when I first came up, later, louder than I’ve heard yet. I don’t think things will stop, you are a hero to them, why would it? She will not just abandon you now like a tool to dispose of, I don’t know what indication you would have to even think that way, the way the past 3 years have been. Glad you got to see Dukey, Pink last night, how are they doing? Where is the group right now? Are they where they were when all this started? What will the ceremony be and what will it entail? I wonder if current-day Lenape still perform it?

Bob responded with this email: I don’t know that I am a “hero”. It was just part of the big picture.
I don’t know where exactly the encampment is, it is not their camp along our creek, that was completely destroyed, it will be cleansed and rebuilt in the spring. I have no idea what the ceremony will entail, but it will be an honoring ceremony and a ceremony of thanks for saving the people and culture. Dukey and Pink were wonderful. Their coats have a shine, aura like, a radiance that lights the area around them, they are just wonderful to see. Overwhelming to even write about. I so wish I could share this with you, it seems unfair.

Then the night of January 9th, when Bob got home, he told me that Niko had gone berserk in the basement and completely shredded his bed. Something seemed to have spooked him, but what? There were no changes in the house when I got home, but just a mild buzzing.

I think Nuttah wanted to do something nice for Bob after all these events and his key role in making them happen. Giving him an opportunity to visit with Dukey and Pink was the perfect thing. I’m glad he got to do that; don’t know how it happens, but I don’t question anymore anything that Nuttah can do. I don’t know what Niko shredding his bed was about, maybe there were “visitors” during the day. My overall feeling about how things will go from here, is that she will continue to have contact with us. I hope there is nothing else on the horizon for them that is so destructive. But that’s kind of stupid to say, we all know how it went in the years to come. But I disagree with Bob that it will just abruptly end, I don’t think that he was just a “tool”. But some thoughts were formulating in my head at this point that I verbalized to Bob a little later in the month, and regretted it immediately. But there is more to report before that.

January 8, 2013

Is it Over?

Later that morning, I replied to Bob:

Well, they WERE led and possessed by ancestors and spirits, you – Kitchi – Duke – Niko – Teme, probably the elders too, and others we don’t know about. Good that they (the bad ones) didn’t see you because it just adds to the mystical quality of the event. Wow, what an outcome. I’m so glad she’s safe. It all kind of makes sense now, and maybe in some other time line/event, the outcome didn’t go like this, and you had to be there to “change history”. It has such enormous implications, I’m just not getting all of it. It was 3 years ago now that she first started hinting about this – how could she have known about what was to come, what they were fighting?  It seems even Niko and his presence here was part of the “plan”. How was what you saw last night shown to you? Let me know if you hear anything from the Lao woman, I’m curious if she was shown the same.

Now me just narrating: It was such a relief that Nuttah, who now had a nearly 2 month old baby, could live in relative peace, and enjoy heat and food for the rest of the winter. It is amazing that they survived, given the circumstances. I don’t know how she did it, with her newborn. It just goes to show their resilience, her incredible constitution, and their strong will. With some help from “others” added in. Has this happened other times in history? Where “help” from those (people and animals) living in a different time line was needed to achieve a goal? Was history changed here and perhaps along some other timeline it went an entirely different way? No way of knowing. At least no way for ME to know. I’ve been listening to some “Coast” episodes over the past few months that are finally giving me a better idea of this “information matrix”, as it were. I have to try to pull all that together to add to the blog, it’s all starting to make some degree of sense, better than what I had 3 years ago when all this started. But first, I must continue to try to get caught up.

Lenape-Family-Scene-2The next day, Bob wrote this email:
1/8/13, 7:50 AM, Bob: The Lao woman had the same dream; she feels great relief, she thinks the contact is over, she is quite happy about that. I think she (her culture) has a much greater similarity to the mindset/wiring of the Lenape than I/we do, so the results seemed perfectly reasonable to her. At any rate she doesn’t think she will have any more contact. I have a similar sense, I have accomplished what they needed (almost feel like I was used as a tool) and the job is done. It was/is a big culture-changing, watershed event for them, something that will be added to their folklore, but I fear it is done, not sure how I feel about that.

I responded to Bob later that morning, 9:13 AM: I find it kind of hard to believe that the way Nuttah has been, the contact would just “end”. I’m not sure it was all a ruse to get you to help them, but that she has some real feeling and interest. Anyway, that’s my theory, I think we will see, hear, feel something, maybe when all settles down. I would be rather perturbed if there was nothing. What does the Lao woman think of the whole thing? Have we figured out what her involvement is in it, or why she was involved? All pretty strange, pretty strange. I don’t even know how I write this part up. Might make a good book.

Later that night, coming home from work, I heard a loud buzzing in the house, but there was nothing else. It was very hard for me to believe that it was over. I was having a hard time with that.

January 7, 2013

The Aftermath: Finally, an update

It was not until January 7th, a full 3 days (nights) later, that Bob was to know what was going on. He wrote it up for me in this email:

Mayan-God-Camazotz 1/7/13, 5:50 AM: There has been a major massacre. The result of the removal of my “buddy” has had major consequences. Since no one saw what happened, and the one witness that is alive, the girl in the longhouse with my buddy, is traumatized and only really saw Teme and a brief look at my guy in the doorway. The result at this point is that it is being interpreted as a supernatural event, the totem/ancestors of the wolf tribe took its/their revenge. The event has taken on a mythic quality. The original group that came from the west as well as the local men that joined my buddy have seen it as an event that is a judgement on what they have done. The local guys that had joined as well as the local men that have been in hiding turned on the foreign guys (they are under the belief that they are being hunted by the ancestors, so mindset is fear and defeat), the foreign guys tried to flee, but it didn’t work out, even though they outnumbered the local guys their own fear led them to be unable to fight as they normally would, they are, for the most, dead. The few that remain are on the run.

The situation has turned 180 degrees. Nuttah, baby and the others have moved into the encampment of the bad guys who have vacated (which was a local tribe encampment prior to this anyway). They have shelter, fire, food. The locals that joined the bad guys have submitted to the judgement of the tribes. Won’t be easy for them, but this is being seen as supernatural intervention by all, even those directly involved. They believe they were led and possessed by ancestors/spirits. I think this is what all this was leading up to, all the statements that were said that didn’t make sense or that I couldn’t figure out, or the whole thing with having to keep the fire going so they could watch us, the many statements of being afraid that Nuttah made, the wish for me to stay, the remarks about being able to do more, the witnessing of rituals along the creek, and other things I have forgotten, I think were all related to this one event. I think my usefulness may be over, not sure, but I don’t think I am necessary anymore (my opinion is, I wasn’t necessary period). We’ll see, but at least for now, things seem to be okay; Nuttah and baby were warm and safe for the first time in awhile, that felt good to see. Back to work for me. Exciting. Weird ride in this morning after last night.

My hope is that things have settled down to look more like this. Credit to this site:

My hope is that things have settled down to look more like this. Credit to this site:

January 4, 2013

Jan. 3, 2013 – The Day it Happened

Every night after that last post from December 26 was tense. We regularly checked Niko, making sure he was alive and breathing. Bob didn’t know how things were going to happen, but it was a pretty good certainty that it would, soon. I was nervous. When? We weren’t picking up much of anything in the house, or during the night – no visits, no hums, buzzes, vibrations or drumming. It was nerve-wracking. The new year approached, and we hadn’t had any contact; no updates, no dreams, no visions. Then, finally, on the night of January 3, 2013 the strategy they had planned went down. I knew this by the email that Bob sent the next morning. He has asked me not to relay his word-for-word, blow-by-blow accounting of it in the blog, and I will honor that. It has taken me weeks to figure out how to properly portray this scene, because it was easily the most significant, most terrifying and most life-changing of anything that has happened thus far, and that is saying a lot. Suffice it to say, Niko is alive and still with us. Bob returned unscathed as well, thankfully, as it was not lost on me that if Niko might not survive the venture, it was possible Bob might not either. But they are both back. There were only two minor injuries amongst the strategizers, neither was Bob or Niko, it was the two other braves/warriors that were helping them. The “buddy”, the “evil one”, the leader of the Central American marauders was “taken out” as it were. Here is Bob’s email description of Niko the morning after when he checked him:

1/3/13, 6:27 AM: It seems the situation is changed. I checked Niko as soon as I woke up. He seemed fine. A little out of sorts and a little aggressive, not towards me, but just edgy.

1/3, 9 AM, Me: I wasn’t sure what was up, I could hear the “buzz”, more so than drums, but it was something, mostly upstairs, when I came up, or when it was quiet down here. It’s been a couple of nights that I haven’t heard anything. When you say “My guy”, are you like Niko in this scenario, you are part of it? How are you seeing it in the first person? And what did you see, what was done, who did it and what did you do? How many of “Them” are left alive? How was it done, how did “you” achieve what you did? Are you sure it won’t energize them (the bad ones), and they will seek revenge? I hope this means that it is over, I don’t know how Nuttah and a baby can be surviving in this cold without being able to make a fire. Tell me more about what happened last night and your part in it. Thank God it went that way. What do you think will happen now? Anything from the Lao woman?

Bob replied: The Lao woman dreamed she was with ” the girl” (meaning Nuttah) and that she was scared but also thought that this night could be the end of all the madness. She knew something was happening, but she didn’t know what.

So was it over? Was this what Nuttah had contacted Bob originally to achieve? We didn’t know for sure. Time would tell. But the “evil one” that was haunting and taunting Bob all summer, that decimated Nuttah’s tribe; killing, ransacking, stealing and rampaging, is removed, thanks to a successful strategy and to Tëme/Dukey/Keme/Niko for helping to carry it out. Two of those animals live, two are spirits. I think the energy/spirit of all 4 was required to pull this off.

And now, what about the followers of the “evil one”, when they awake in the morning and find their leader gone? Will they retaliate? Or will they vacate? One can only hope the latter…