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April 30, 2011

Event #211: Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday morning we were puttering around, and our son Stewie came home to get ready for work. As soon as he got upstairs to his bedroom, he called down to us:

A bull statue faces Stewie's bed.

This Texas Longhorn tile sits on Stewie's bed

“Have either of you been in my room and moved stuff around?”
“No!” was the answer yelled up from the kitchen by both Bob and I.
I went up to Stewie’s room to see what had been changed. He showed me a bull statue on his bedside table, sitting on top of a book he was reading (loaned to us by Leann) and now staring at the bed where Stewie would be. The bull had been sitting over in a corner by his computer. And there was one other thing: A Texas Longhorn tile (also a bull) was sitting ON the bed. The tile, Stewie reported, always sits above his computer keyboard.

April 29, 2011

Events 209-210: April 28 – 29, 2011

These are two events in one post, happening April 28th & 29th:

Thursday, April 29, I came home very late from work because it’s my food shopping night. The first thing that I noticed when I came in was that the Maya book that we’d left open on the rocking chair the way that Nuttah had left it, was no longer open. It still laid on the chair, but it is closed. I did not know what to make of that, but Bob could easily have done it, and I would have to ask him. But then when I went into the office, I noticed a subtle change with our characters. (Me & Nuttah)

One of the Turtle rings that Leann found for "the cause"

This event requires a small bit of background first. One night pretty recently, we went out to dinner with Leann, and she offered us some “turtle-objects” to present to Nuttah to see if anything would happen with them. Leann had purchased these items that day at a flea market: little Turtle rings. And in this case, the smallest of them which had been in the office (pictured to the right), now sits on top of the large-floral heart in front of “me”, as pictured below.  So she has been here, and it just remains to be seen if she visited upstairs too…

The pink arrow points at the small turtle ring and where it was placed

Then Friday evening, April 29th, Bob & I came home together, and it was dark already. Bob went to take the dogs out one last time before we put them to bed for the night. He was out in the yard in the dark, but with some house lights on. It was then that Bob reported what he described as a “3-whoosh experience”. He described this like a ‘physical wind’ brushing against him:
“But it’s more than that” he reported. “It’s almost like a physical presence moving past you, you can feel the pressure. Clearly something that you would reflexively move away from or brace yourself –  you can feel it. Duke was barking at it, he saw it and barked at it as it went by; he was aware of it each time.” Bob said.

I can verify this because I was in the office with the window open and heard Duke barking.

Bob continues: “Waffles side-skittered all the way around to the other side of the office from the shed; twice he skittered off, freaked out by this whoosh.”

April 20, 2011

Event #208a: April 20th, 2011 – The pictures

And, as promised, here are the pictures of at least 5 of the 6 events from the previous evening, when Nuttah visited Bob. Sometimes, I think it might be because she is bored waiting around for us to arrive. We are gone so long, she has a lot of time to kill, and she must have this particular night, waiting for Bob to get home. Remember, the events were:

On my lamp-base, a heart-shaped stone with a tiny Evening Primrose bud laid across the top

A chicken figurine, and my Native-American Eagle charm is placed to its right

Bob's stone is stood up leaning against the wolves: "tëme"

A re-shaped necklace into a heart with a turtle in it

The wooden turtle on the dresser was opened.

Then, coming home on Thursday night, April 21st, I opened the car door to what I would describe as a louder than usual “buzz” in the driveway. So loud, it sounds like there is a small motor still running in the car, like a fan under the hood. But then it followed me into the house, and into the bathroom. I heard it upstairs in the bedroom also. Nothing happened afterwards, but it was definitely louder than I normally hear it. I would describe it, and I picture it like a little “Tinkerbell” kind of character buzzing by my ear that I can’t see.

April 19, 2011

Event #208: April 19-20, 2011

April 19: When Bob called me at work tonight, he reported Joe being all out of sorts. So when I got home, I did my usual ‘look-around’, and the only change I noticed had to do with the Oaxacan rabbit on the shelf over our mirror in the bathroom. It is no longer leaning over the mirror cabinet looking down, but standing straight up. I did ask Bob about it later, and he said he didn’t do it.

Then Wednesday evening, April 20th, when Bob and I were talking on the phone, he reported that at that moment, and for a good 2 hours of the evening, Nuttah had been with him:
“She’s been around quite awhile; the last couple of hours, in fact.”
“Is she still there?” I asked.
“Yeah.” was Bob’s reply.
“How about Joe? How’s he dealing with it?” I wondered.
“He’s a little weirded-out, but nothing really out of the ordinary – he’s just ‘Joe’ “, was Bob’s reply. “He’s not really even reacting to her.”
“And she’s right there?” I wondered.
“Yeah – she’s either sitting or standing right next to the bed”. Bob said. “She’s been here most of the evening”, Bob continued.
“Was she downstairs, and outside with you?” I wondered.
“Yeah – just being there… being happy to be there. The message coming across seems to be… ‘Appreciate what you have while you have it.’ ”
“How is she getting that across?” I asked.
“I don’t know”, Bob responded. “It’s just…  conveyed, somehow. I’m given an overwhelming sense of it just being ‘gone’ in a moment”.
“Are there any ‘changes’ in the room?” I wondered.
“No.” Bob said, “But that stuff isn’t important to me. Just that she’s here is what’s important. Joe is staring up like she’s standing here next to the bed.”

Then Bob reiterated what had occurred a couple nights before:
“That was pretty wild, how Joe just leaped into the air; at least 3 ft above the bed.” Bob remembered.
“That is pretty high…” I mused. “It’s like a cat on springs! Where was the ‘Whoosh-guy’?” I then asked.
“I don’t know, I can’t tell, he just ‘WHOOSHED’ by as I was laying here in bed. Joe had just settled himself down between our pillows, like he does every night. I had almost drifted off, and all of a sudden there was this feeling of the ‘WHOOSH’… and Joe was so freaked out that he shot up in the air.”
I then wondered, and I’ve thought of this before: “Do you think the presence of Nuttah has opened a ‘pathway’ of some sort, a ‘portal’, as it were, and brought other stuff in with her? And that’s what this ‘whoosh’ is?”
Bob responded: “That’s what I was thinking… an avenue for something else to follow… but I also believe that if it was possible for her to stop something bad, she would not let it happen.”
“Did she indicate if she got my gifts?” I wondered.
“What did you give her?” Bob asked.
“I left her some flower buds in the office.” I responded.
“She didn’t really say…” was Bob’s response.

This conversation had taken place while I was still at work, so when I got home, I checked around and found at least six changes, all in the bedroom:

1. The heart-turtle necklace is ‘shaped up’ back into a heart shape
2. The wooden turtle is open
3. Bob’s stone is stood up against the wolves
4. The owl is turned to face the bed.
5. The egg and the eagle are moved – the eagle is over with the array of farm animals.
6. On my bedside table is a heart-stone with the tiny little (evening primrose?) flower bud on top of it.

Don’t think I’ll have time for all the pictures in the morning, so I’m recording it in writing now in case anything moves before Friday morning, which will be the first chance that I’ll have to address it.

I confess, as of this actual date of publishing, it is now May 3rd, and I’m slipping behind again. What a busy spring it has been so far. But events are still happening, and I have about 4 more to record before I am caught up… pictures to add, etc. So stay tuned please.

April 14, 2011

Event #207: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Email excerpt from Bob, April 15, 6 AM:
I woke last night with a start when Joe the Cat rocketed straight up into the air from beside me and then I had that “whoosh” of someone/thing going past me. Did you notice anything last night when you came in? I think this was around 10:40, but not real certain of that. I went right back to sleep apparently. I am extremely tired this morning, don’t know if there is a connection, but I feel unslept.

Joe leaps from the bed in fright from the "Whoosh"!

And my email to Bob:
I didn’t sense anything other than the usual when I got home, which was around… 11 something, as best I can recall. I’m having an amusing vision of Joe rocketing straight into the air. Anyway, I heard the buzz, as usual now, even in the driveway, but no changes anywhere that I saw. You sensed that it was not Nuttah, but the other entity?

Bob’s email back:
Joe the Cat was not amused, I’m just glad I didn’t get clawed in the incident. He didn’t run as far as I remember, just jumped about 3′ in the air. I was only awake briefly, I don’t recall Nuttah being there, but in the commotion of the moment I may have not noticed her. Joe is a cat.

Me narrating: Obviously I don’t have a picture of Joe rocketing into the air, so I did this brief sketch of what this might have looked like. With my apologies to Joe. It really is a good thing that Joe is a cat. Any other animal with an ounce of brains, having seen what Joe has seen over the past year and some months would probably not be able to take it. Joe has a very short memory-span, thankfully for him. By the time he landed back down on the bed, the incident was forgotten, I am sure. The bigger issue of course, though, is what on earth is this “Whoosh” thing? I’m a little worried about it, but Bob keeps assuring me that “Nuttah would not let anything bad happen”.

April 12, 2011

Event #206: Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bob didn’t mention anything when we talked on the phone at 8 pm, so I assume that what I found when I got home took place after we hung up. There were 3 changes on the dresser – new (thin) heart arrangements, and Bob’s stone was in a different place. The heart-necklace arrangements again have turtle charms inside them. Maybe I will hear tomorrow if there was anything else.

Then the next morning, here is an excerpt from Bob’s email:

This was a long, thin heart-shaped necklace with a turtle inside pointing toward Bob on the bed

Nuttah was clearly in the room last night. She is again, concerned about something. I don’t know what. I think it has something to do with her place. I never have a clear sense, but it seems to be trepidation. Not just for herself, but the community. She didn’t stay long, at least not that I am aware of, Joe the cat was aware but just sat next to me looking at where I think she was standing, beside the bed on my side. This was around 9:50, I think. Not that it matters. Any sense of her being about when you came home?

Remember the Lesser Celandine that showed up underneath my computer monitor on March 26th

And then my email to Bob:
Yes, Nuttah was clearly in the room, cause she left her “calling card”. The necklace-hearts were re-formed again – they are very long and tall hearts this time; again with the turtle charms inside them. There are 2 on the dresser and they both point at you. I heard the buzz too; experimented with asking a couple direct questions to see if I could ‘thought-talk” to her. Results are inconclusive. Pretty sure my own head answers me.

Bob sent an additional email later with this comment:
Flowers are blooming at her place too, but no lesser selendine, or however it is spelled.

And I emailed back:
How do you know, did you go there?? (re: celandine not growing there)

And Bob replied: No, didn’t go, she just mentioned it to tell An’na. Just forgot to put it in initial email.

Now me narrating: Lesser Celandine is considered to be an invasive weed in our watershed. I’m not sure when it was brought here, but evidently after Nuttah’s time.

April 9, 2011

Event #205: Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 2nd Maya book appears on the rocking chair seat: "Maya History & Religion"

Saturday night, we went out to eat and when we came home, I immediately noticed a change as I passed through the sun room, where we have the bookshelves and the rocking chair. For the second time, there was a book laying open on the seat of the chair, right in front of the book shelf from which it came. (The previous book that showed up on the rocking chair is still missing).

The folded piece of paper that marked the pages of the Maya book open on the chair

There was a small folded up piece of notebook paper laid on the open right hand side of the book. I picked up the paper, and it must have been what Bob, at his last reading (probably many years ago) had been using as a bookmark. It looks much yellower after I scanned it, than it does laying on the page of the book. The scanner must have picked up its ‘age’. It is uncertain if the bookmark was still at these particular pages, or if Nuttah removed the paper from somewhere else in the book and placed it here. I carefully unfolded the notebook paper because there was writing on it. It is in Bob’s handwriting, that looks like his college-age writing style. It said this, and I’ve included a picture below as well:

The unfolded piece of paper that was laying on the open pages

Earliest Maya
1) Possibly as far back as 2600 BC.
a. This makes the early formative Maya culture among the old-
est settled societies in the New World.

The book laying on the chair is called, “Maya History and Religion” by J. Eric S. Thompson and it was laid open to pages 208-209. There were 2 almost full-page Maya graphics on both the open pages, and they had to do with a deity of maize, otherwise known as corn.

Maybe this is a good time to mention something else. Bob has been feeling some degree of  ‘pressure’ from Nuttah to ‘grow our own’. That we should become less dependent on the commercial aspects of our society and function more independently. The first step is our own vegetable garden. Well, actually, that’s more like step 2, we’ve been heating the house with wood for a couple of years now. And yes, the vegetables should include corn, as it is one of the Lenape “Three Sisters”: Corn, Beans, Squash. I have even already purchased the corn seeds. And here, below, is the first of the pictures of our little beginner garden to grow our “Three Sisters”. The future garden is outlined in a rectangle by the wooden 6×6’s. The actual dimensions are about 8 ft. x 16 ft. Things still look a little rough, as we’re still in the process of the spring-cleanup. We have limited sunlight on our property, and this is one of the few places that will hopefully get the amount of sun needed. Funny, I actually have three sisters.

Picture 1 of our small vegetable garden; missing is the soil and plants, but it's a start

April 6, 2011

Event #204: April 6, 2011

Bob’s email, April 6, AM: Kept having dreams about what I was shown last night, not very restful. I am not sure what I am to take from what I have seen, hopefully it is not a warning.

Then Wed. night at work; April 6 while Bob and I were on the phone. He was still downstairs sitting in the front living room. We were idly talking about events of the day, when Bob says, “WHAT was THAT!?”

“Was it a sound, bug, or other”, I wondered.
“OTHER.” came a rather adamant answer.
“Holy F@*K. Holy F*@K”, Bob said twice, audibly concerned. I was getting a little freaked myself, sitting in an office nearly 40 miles away.
“Something just walked through the room.” Bob continued. “I’m shaking like a leaf.”
“Was it the ‘whoosh’?” I asked anxiously, thinking about this new ‘entity’ that had ‘whooshed’ by Bob on the stairs to the bedroom awhile back.
“No. Something just walked right by me. It was visual too. I don’t know… it was dark… the thing was… whatever it was, was dark. It’s not the same as the entity that I’ve now encountered a couple of other times. It’s something different. It walked right by me and up the stairs.” Bob explained, as he got up from the chair and started to walk towards the stairs.
“How big was it?”, I wondered.
“Man-sized.” Bob answered.
I did and didn’t want him to, but Bob insisted on going up the stairs to check out the upper bedrooms. I was hoping I was not going to be calling 911 from work and have the police sent to the house. Bob found nothing amiss upstairs, and no longer ‘saw’ anything, nor felt any kind of presence.
“That was f-ing weird.” he stated with emphasis.
I had to agree. I was a little scared coming home, as my office is in this part of the house, and I often sit here after I get home and work on stuff. The room where this ‘entity’ walked through is right behind me.

Bob and I talked about this again the next night:
“The only reason I was freaked out was because I saw something walk through the room. But if I was really afraid that it meant harm, I would not have walked upstairs and looked around the upstairs rooms.” Bob explained.
“Was it aware of you?” I wondered.
“I don’t think so.” was Bob’s answer. “I think that there is a family of people living in the house in an overlapping time-frame, and every once in awhile, they ‘bleed’ through.” Bob continued.
“That kind of makes sense.” I said, thinking about the ‘Ghost’ book that I’d read about our area that talked about these kind of happenings all the time. For what if  ‘ghosts’ are not dead people or ‘visitations’ but are actually people just living out their own lives in a different time-frame? And perhaps Nuttah has opened up our ability to ‘see’ this, or to pick it up. I’ve seen nothing yet though, I just hear things.

April 5, 2011

Event #203: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Email Bob wrote of Tues. April 5th,  morning:
BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.

Then tonight, April 5, 2011, this is an excerpt of Bob’s email:

Nuttah has re-arranged us like this - she no longer leans against 'me'; a heart points at each of us

I was sitting outside with the puppies having a brew, and had just finished talking to Kate on the phone. Just after hanging up and just sitting with the pups drinking a Double Dog watching the water, I suddenly was in a tunnel of light, then, just as suddenly in the sweat lodge/hut. The elder gents are there and looking very earnest, just got a severe chill writing this.

Bob was then given a “vision” of how “we” – he and I – were THEN. Then, as soon as that vision was gone, he was shown us as we are now:
“Sitting in the creek on chairs having a brew, with a definite connection to each other and the water, and just as I had a thought about not being as happy as we/they were I was told it was because we have lost our way but we are on the correct trail now, not to lose sight, not to give up, to have a sense of urgency, this may end in an instant. Enjoy each other while you are together. That is it, I was back with the pups on the deck. Scared out of my mind. I love you Wup An’na

Now me narrating again: When I got home, there was again a buzz in the driveway and a re-arrangement of my character with Nuttah in the office. She is no longer leaning against me, but standing straight up and a heart points at me, and one at her. I’ve included a picture of this to the right.

April 4, 2011

Event #202: Monday night, April 4, 2011

A picture from the internet of what a local pair of merganser ducks look like

Before I get to Monday night’s happening, I should mention that over the weekend Bob reported another White Bird sighting. This one was right here on our property, in the creek. He looked over the wall and saw 3 Mergansers. (Mergansers are ducks that are native to the area). Mergansers themselves are not that unusual, at least a few times every year we have Merganser sightings. But what was unusual about the 3 of them, is that 2 were a normal male/female pair, as in the picture to the right, and the 3rd was solid white.

A rare white merganser (albino?)-- credit Mike Dee photography,

Could it have been an albino Merganser? Does such a thing even exist? I’ve never seen one, if it does, and certainly not here. I was only able to find one picture searching the internet for images of a white merganser, and I’ve added it here. Bob verifies that the bird he saw, although sitting IN the creek and not flying, was similar to this photo. I don’t really know what we should read into this, but it is, without a doubt, a White Bird sighting, and an unusual one at that.

Then, Monday night, when Bob and I talked at work, the first thing that he told me was how he had found Joe in the bedroom:

“Hiding behind the planter by the window”, was the report.
“You mean like cowering? Literally hiding”? I wondered.
“Yeah, he was freaked.” Bob answered.

We ended our call at about 8:45 or so Monday night. Then Bob wrote me this email Tuesday morning:

The "heart-necklace" arrangement on the dresser now has Bob's stone & the wolves

BtW, had a strong sense of activity, or at least a presence a little after 9 when I was about to fall asleep. Definitely Nuttah and, I think, the pups, but not sure, it wasn’t the same as the “presence” that has been stopping in, or I could have just been in a somnolent state and it was nothing.

After Bob had told me about Joe’s behavior, hiding behind the plant in the bedroom, I came home to look around as usual. There was a strong buzz in the driveway. I kind of knew that I’d be coming in to something, and sure enough, here is my follow up email to Bob’s:

Me: Well, considering the wolves were rearranged on the dresser, it’s pretty clear your senses were correct. Also, your stone comes into play there too, it is arranged inside the heart-turtle necklace she had pointing at you before. And then there is Joe’s behavior, so she and the wolves must have been there before you came up. I didn’t see anything else out of place.