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January 31, 2013

Drums and Rattles keep us up at night

Lenape-style drums. We heard them loud for two nights in a row.

Lenape-style drums. We heard them loud for two nights in a row.

The next couple of nights, after my last post where Bob’s stone disappeared, were full of “activity” of one sort or another. Nothing earth-shattering, like stuff moving around or visits, but we both noticed the loud noises, and drumming and vibrations.

I wrote this email the morning of January 30th to Bob:  I thought that you would also have some news of an eventful night – I heard the drums so loud when I went to bed, louder than ever really, and then it’s also been awhile since I’ve heard anything at all — but nothing?

Bob did not have anything to report though, so the drumming and noises were not related to anything that Bob was going through.

I imagine that the Lenape (especially the Turtle Tribe) probably had rattles like these

I imagine that the Lenape (especially the Turtle Tribe) probably had rattles like these

The next morning, January 31 at 6:30 AM, Bob wrote this to me: I have been up since 2:00 AM. Awakened by LOUD drums and rattles. Clearest and loudest I have heard them since I don’t know when, but A LONG TIME.  Nothing else happened, but that is more than I have experienced in awhile. The rain was heavy, loud and persistent too last night. Nearly all the way to work, it rained hard. Not that there is any concern about flooding but I looked at the creek before I left and it was rushing but not even high on its banks.

I responded later to Bob:  I didn’t wake for drums last night, they must have started after I fell asleep, but I definitely heard them the night before, really loud, really clear. That’s why I thought you might have had something overnight, but so far… no.

Then the evening of January 31st, Bob reports weird stuff going on when we talk on the phone at about 7:30 PM:

“Niko is completely unsettled”, Bob reports, “Barking inside the house, which he almost never does. Then at one point, he dragged me outside; grabbed me by the sleeve and pulled me toward the door. When we got out there, he was focused and looking at something, looking back toward me as if to say, ‘Can’t you see it? Can’t you see what I see? Why can’t you see it??'”

Bob couldn’t see anything, but Niko was very intent on it. This follows 2 nights of drumming and vibrations that was very clear to both of us. I am hoping that this means that they are celebrating that life has somewhat returned to normal for them. We can only hope that’s what it means, it would be great if they could start to hunt, and burn fires and have their ceremonies and celebrations again.

January 29, 2013

Regret wondering this…

The “big event” of January 3rd was weighing heavily on my mind. I played it often in my head, the way it had been relayed to me by Bob, and it was scary beyond belief. Bob was pretty perturbed by the whole thing too, and he repeatedly talked about himself as if he’d been “used”, or “I was a tool”. He also thought that it meant the end of contact with Nuttah. This made me feel as if there may have been some other agenda involved — or maybe the agenda of someone else. Someone not like Nuttah, that maybe the idea of Nuttah was used to rope us in. I said to Bob at one point, “Perhaps you were used. But maybe it was not Nuttah that was ‘using’ you, but someone else altogether, or maybe even some thing else. Maybe this other force/thing used you for their own gain, maybe they needed you and a certain unique ability to strategize; think and act on your feet? To understand the situation immediately and take the action they needed – so they used you.”

The scenery on our walk

The scenery on our walk

I was ruminating on this one bright, winter afternoon; it was January 28th to be exact, and Bob & I took a walk through some fresh snowfall along the creek.

“What if Nuttah is a ruse?” I wondered out loud. “What if some other force – something darker, more sinister – used her, or at least the idea of her, knowing they could get to you through her? And to me? Sucked us into the “story” knowing that it was something we would both be able to relate to and might be drawn to.”

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this; I guess I was just kind of expanding on Bob’s seeming feelings of negativity, now that he thought the whole thing might be over? Bob then reminded me about things that happened in the very early days that would make my theory impossible. He, of course, was in a much better position to really understand and relate to Nuttah as a true “being”; as the girl/woman that she is, as a young Lenape Indian. I regretted my doubt almost immediately, especially having voiced it out loud. I knew, as I verbalized what my possible theory was to Bob, that there would be repercussions. Not necessarily vengeance, but she does get angry, and she doesn’t like to be doubted, as I have learned in the past. Her responses have ranged from playful to downright angry. There was the time very early on in our events when I kind of “messed with her”, testing her (not knowing at that time what our entity even was), by constantly moving the remote around, and hiding it in a certain tall wicker cabinet we had in our bedroom. One day when I’d done this, I came home to find the wicker piece of furniture moved all the way to the other side of the room. I labeled this post: “Event #21: Wed. January 10, 2010”, that’s how long ago this was. We’re more than THREE years later now, and it’s still going on. In my heart I really did not doubt Nuttah’s existence, but as you can imagine, I do often question our sanity, and try to look at these events from different angles. But it always comes back to her.

Bob's 'special' stone sat on his clock radio until our discussion of 1/28.

Bob’s ‘special’ stone sat on his clock radio until our discussion of 1/28.

It was shortly after this that I noticed Bob’s special stone was missing from where it had been on his clock radio. I looked all around the room for it when I first noticed this, and found it nowhere. Not on the floor either, or under the bed or behind the bedside table. Bob then asked me about it later, and I told him I’d been looking for it too. It was just MISSING.

On January 29, Bob wrote me this email: “Did you find my stupey stone? I looked around under the bed with a flashlight, no sign. A lot of dust, guess I should go further under when I vacuum.”

Me, writing back to Bob later:  “I did not find your stone, although I have looked around as well. Hope that is not one of the repercussions from our discussion. I know I should never doubt. I never will again.”

Had she taken it because of what I’d said, or did it truly mean that things were “over”, done with, she was gone; took the stone back with her that she’d given Bob? I sure hoped not…

January 16, 2013

A person from Bob’s past wonders if he is in danger…

On January 16, in the middle of the afternoon, while we’re both at work, I got a very interesting text from Bob. I will publish that below. Later, when we talked on the phone about it, Bob related what happened:

“I never answer the plant phone. I just happened to pick it up, because it had been ringing for awhile and the secretary wasn’t in. A person says, ‘May I speak to Bob Jones?’ (I’m obviously not using Bob’s real name, but the caller did ask for him by his real name).

It was a woman, and she continued, “Are you the Bob Jones that went to? (and she named his high school and the class he graduated in). After he said that it was he, she continued, “I’m Helene Fell (not her real name), do you remember me, we used to go out in middle school?

Bob did remember her, and told her yes.

Helene continued, “I know this is kind of weird that I’m calling you like this; I did an internet search for your name and this number came up on your company web site. But what I want to ask you is, has anything been going on with you that is… that is different? Have you done something dangerous? Are you in any kind of trouble?”

Bob kind of hesitated with his response, because there was no way he could know exactly what she was referring to at this point. He vaguely said, “Well, no, not really, why?”

“Well, because I’ve been having these dreams. In them, I keep seeing you doing something with people that are not from this time. And you are not really who you are in them, you are someone else, but then it’s also clearly you. And you’re in a different time and a different place, and it’s something really dangerous. You almost lost your life. I know this sounds really crazy, but I’ve been having them for awhile, and they seem so real… and my husband finally convinced me I should try to find you to see what it might be about, and to see if you’re okay.”

Bob is now of course thinking about early January when the big event went down. How could she know? What does she know? He had to be evasive, not tell her what it was. She would think he was totally nuts. It just wasn’t the right time to divulge things.

“Well”, Bob said, “There was something that I can’t really get into, but it’s all resolved, and the problem is over.”

“Are you sure?”, she asked.

“Yes, absolutely sure.” he stated. They talked some more, just casual talk; kids, jobs, marriage, she was in California, Bob here. And that was basically the end of it.

Then Bob sent me this text:

Bob, 1/16, 12:01 PM: “I just got a phone call on company phone, it was from an old girlfriend (8th grade), she said she was having strange dreams about me lately, that I was in a different place, a different person that went through something dangerous and significant, she doesn’t know why, she felt compelled to find me and call me, she doesn’t know what for. Her husband told her to find me because it was causing anxiety for her. Weird conversation for both of us. I didn’t tell her anything. By the way, she is more than ¾’s Native American.”

Me, 2:24 PM: That is pretty insane! How much did she know?

Bob, 2:26 PM: She was cautious and a little freaked out. She knew it was something to do with Native America but was very hesitant to say much more.

Me, 2:46 PM: Give her the blog address, that ought to freak her out.

Is this going to be the weirdest phone call I ever make?

Is this going to be the weirdest phone call I ever make?

The next morning, 1/17, I got this email from Bob: “I was thinking about the situation with my 8th grade girlfriend last night. I feel bad for her, she has to be thinking she is going nuts, although she is mostly Native American, so maybe she is more accepting of this type thing. I know I was absolutely sure I was going off the deep end, still have that thought at times. I’m just glad Joe got to experience it before he left the program.”

I’m not sure how I would have handled this. I might have spilled the beans. Or not. I guess it would depend. But what has me thinking is that she might be only one that has contacted Bob, and that this might be going on with others that either haven’t found a way to find him, or perhaps just stop themselves short of making that call. If it happened to me, would I make that call? I don’t know, but kind of doubt it. Interesting, that she was being encouraged to do so by her husband, who wanted her to put her mind at ease. Also interesting that she is mostly Native American. Having gone to high school with Bob, means that she was probably from this area, and she could very well be of Lenape heritage. If she only knew what was really happening!

January 14, 2013

Nuttah has a warning, and furniture moves in the house.

The morning of January 14, Bob sent this email: We had a visit from Nuttah last night, I don’t think you were even in bed yet, but not sure. She was on your side of bed and just sitting. She then said something that kind of unsettled me, something to the effect that “I can go several more times”. She actually had an exact amount but I was unsure of what it was, and after that, if I go I will not come back. Not nice. She seemed happy and very (not sure how to describe) proud, ecstatic, awed, not sure. I guess about their return to normalcy. Baby is well. Not much else.

Me, 1/14: I thought you might have something to report, because I came up last night to the first change on the table in a while. Just minor movement, but a change nevertheless. Glad to know they are doing so much better, and baby is well, the other part is pretty disturbing. It was definitely before I was in bed.

That night when Bob was home and talking to me on the phone while I’m still at work, he exclaimed about a loud noise coming from somewhere else in the house.

“Geez… what was that!?”, he exclaimed.

“What!!??”, I wanted to know.

While I waited on the phone, Bob went to investigate. He went out to where it sounded like the noise came from, our laundry area on the first floor. There, in the center of the floor, moved out about 2 feet from the wall, was our big wooden laundry “hamper”. It’s actually kind of a big storage bench with a lid, we use it for the dirty laundry. It’s not light, especially fully loaded. And there is was, moved. By who, and why?

Bob heard the same sound again later, but this time, couldn’t find anything moved. Here is a picture below of the laundry chest in the middle of the floor. You can see the dust on the floor where it had been.

A 100 lb. or better laundry chest, completely full. Bob hears a loud noise while on the phone with me, and finds it in the center of the floor!

A 100 lb. or better laundry chest, completely full. Bob hears a loud noise while on the phone with me, and finds it in the center of the floor!

January 13, 2013

“A Perfect Breeding Ground” for Trout

This was my reply to Bob’s email about the vision he saw in the last post:
Jan. 11, 9:06 AM: I have to run my car to the repair shop, then I will be back, and I will write a proper email. You said something last night, clear as day, but in your sleep, because I responded back to you and you didn’t say anything. What you said was:

“It’s a perfect breeding ground”.

I said “What is?”, and you rolled over away from me and apparently were never awake. This was about midnight, 12:30 maybe.

I knew there was a presence as I heard the vibration. Actually, I still do this morning. Don’t like the sound of your “vision” very much.

blackfoot-river-pictureBob, later, 9:28 AM:
“Wow,you heard the statement??!! It was in English?! obviously!! It was not English when I said it to Nuttah, it was in Lenape. It was a reference to the land they showed me. It was a perfect setting for the spawning of trout, the way the land sloped and the large pebble-bottomed pools of easy running water in the river, perfect spawning grounds, perfect shelter/structure. It appears to be in the west, which makes sense. I am not feeling good about this at all.”

Me: Yes, you said it clear as day in English. There was no question to me what you said, and I glanced at the commercial that was on to see if you were responding to that and had been awake — but you weren’t. Course I didn’t know WHAT you were talking about, and then I thought, well, he couldn’t be “there” because you said it in English. But you didn’t there, that’s interesting. I plugged in your two words as a phrase at “” and got nothing, so I plugged each Lenape word in separately. The first word is “a pretty place (such as a park)”, or “good land”. The 2nd is “Freedom”. Just like you said. You got the spelling perfectly. When you say in the west, are you talking western US or western PA? With everything else that has happened I know we have to pay attention to this “dream”, but don’t know how. How was it made clear to you that we’d have to leave? How is Nuttah and baby doing?

A couple of days later, there was movement of the objects that were on my bedside table. I don’t seem to have a picture of that, but I guess it involved the flowers that she arranged there in December, the tiny little white asters. I don’t really know what to make of Bob’s dream/vision, or the “perfect breeding ground”. I had not initially realized how detailed his vision had been of where we are supposed to be going, eventually. I just hope that this is not a reality in the semi-immediate future, we’re pretty comfortable here where we are, and I hate to even imagine what might precipitate this.

January 11, 2013

Will we have to leave the “Land of the Turtles”?

A couple of days later, Bob sent me this email:

1/11/13, 8:15 AM Bob: Had a disturbing “dream” at some point last night, woke very upset. Saw a preliminary “planning session”, more like a sweat lodge stint. It was followed by a ceremony in the main long house to “listen to the ancestors” via smoke and ornaments placed at the four directional points. There was a meditation involving Nuttah and some “leaders” that I have not seen before. The purpose of this was to get direction on how to properly honor the ancestors/spirits involved in the freeing of their land and people from my “buddy”.

Then it got depressing. They showed me some pretty disturbing stuff, not unlike what I have seen before for our area. Different this time because it was made clear that we may likely have to leave, (this is an approximation) Tulpehakink, (“the land of the turtles”) which, I think, is where we live (their land) and go to, funny, as I am writing this I am hearing the words in my mind:

welakamike nihelatamweokan (well-ah-ka-mee-kay/ Nigh-la-tom-wee-o-kan)

I am not sure what it means exactly, but it is essentially escaping our land to freedom/safety. It is  pretty disturbing, a sense of foreboding has been with me all the way in and is still, I was listening to C2C and it is like the dream was tied to this show. I had to turn it off because it was too disconcerting. Niko was clearly disturbed this morning, waiting on the stairs when I came down, growling at something. He had pooped on the floor in basement, I cleaned that up (roughly). I let them both out, Stupey would not come out of crate, literally had to drag her by collar, don’t know if that was because it was a routine change or whether the presence/sensation was so strong that even she felt it. Enough of that, too unnerving.

An Indian Migration

Me just narrating: Bob’s first Lenape word there, “welakamike” translates literally (from the site ““) as: “a pretty place (such as a park); good land”.
The second word “nihelatamweokan“, translates as “Freedom”.
Used together, I am guessing that this phrase means a place of “good land” where we can still be free. But “the land of the turtles”, or Tulpehocken / Tulpehakink will have to be abandoned. Unfortunately, this is completely in line with guests that I hear on Coast-to-Coast. I still resist becoming one of those “preppers”, but how long can we ignore the clues? The messages have been repetitive, and they have been clear. And it is not one single source that they come from, but several.

I looked up the “Coast” program that Bob refers to in his email, and found that it was about this:

“Author and researcher Larry Kelley joined John B. Wells to discuss scenarios preceding the decline and demise of great civilizations, such as the United States, and how lessons from history can provide solutions needed to reverse the downward trend.”

If we can.

January 9, 2013

Bob gets to visit with dogs of the past

It was the next day, and Bob sent me this email. The reference to “Pink and Dukey” below, is about two of our dogs that have since passed on:

1/9/13, 7:50 AM:  Had some time with Pink and Dukey last night. It is always so natural and so real, I don’t immediately realize how privileged I am, when I do it is overwhelming. It didn’t last long, but at least it happened. All seems to be well with Nuttah and her group, which seems to be a blending of several small groups that were affected by my buddy and his “friendly guys”. They are planning a new ceremony to commemorate the event and to honor those involved. It will be performed every year at this time. I can’t help thinking this is all coming to a close. Very mixed feeling about this.

Me, 9:30 AM: I thought there might be some activity last night, the drums were really loud. Quiet when I first came up, later, louder than I’ve heard yet. I don’t think things will stop, you are a hero to them, why would it? She will not just abandon you now like a tool to dispose of, I don’t know what indication you would have to even think that way, the way the past 3 years have been. Glad you got to see Dukey, Pink last night, how are they doing? Where is the group right now? Are they where they were when all this started? What will the ceremony be and what will it entail? I wonder if current-day Lenape still perform it?

Bob responded with this email: I don’t know that I am a “hero”. It was just part of the big picture.
I don’t know where exactly the encampment is, it is not their camp along our creek, that was completely destroyed, it will be cleansed and rebuilt in the spring. I have no idea what the ceremony will entail, but it will be an honoring ceremony and a ceremony of thanks for saving the people and culture. Dukey and Pink were wonderful. Their coats have a shine, aura like, a radiance that lights the area around them, they are just wonderful to see. Overwhelming to even write about. I so wish I could share this with you, it seems unfair.

Then the night of January 9th, when Bob got home, he told me that Niko had gone berserk in the basement and completely shredded his bed. Something seemed to have spooked him, but what? There were no changes in the house when I got home, but just a mild buzzing.

I think Nuttah wanted to do something nice for Bob after all these events and his key role in making them happen. Giving him an opportunity to visit with Dukey and Pink was the perfect thing. I’m glad he got to do that; don’t know how it happens, but I don’t question anymore anything that Nuttah can do. I don’t know what Niko shredding his bed was about, maybe there were “visitors” during the day. My overall feeling about how things will go from here, is that she will continue to have contact with us. I hope there is nothing else on the horizon for them that is so destructive. But that’s kind of stupid to say, we all know how it went in the years to come. But I disagree with Bob that it will just abruptly end, I don’t think that he was just a “tool”. But some thoughts were formulating in my head at this point that I verbalized to Bob a little later in the month, and regretted it immediately. But there is more to report before that.

January 8, 2013

Is it Over?

Later that morning, I replied to Bob:

Well, they WERE led and possessed by ancestors and spirits, you – Kitchi – Duke – Niko – Teme, probably the elders too, and others we don’t know about. Good that they (the bad ones) didn’t see you because it just adds to the mystical quality of the event. Wow, what an outcome. I’m so glad she’s safe. It all kind of makes sense now, and maybe in some other time line/event, the outcome didn’t go like this, and you had to be there to “change history”. It has such enormous implications, I’m just not getting all of it. It was 3 years ago now that she first started hinting about this – how could she have known about what was to come, what they were fighting?  It seems even Niko and his presence here was part of the “plan”. How was what you saw last night shown to you? Let me know if you hear anything from the Lao woman, I’m curious if she was shown the same.

Now me just narrating: It was such a relief that Nuttah, who now had a nearly 2 month old baby, could live in relative peace, and enjoy heat and food for the rest of the winter. It is amazing that they survived, given the circumstances. I don’t know how she did it, with her newborn. It just goes to show their resilience, her incredible constitution, and their strong will. With some help from “others” added in. Has this happened other times in history? Where “help” from those (people and animals) living in a different time line was needed to achieve a goal? Was history changed here and perhaps along some other timeline it went an entirely different way? No way of knowing. At least no way for ME to know. I’ve been listening to some “Coast” episodes over the past few months that are finally giving me a better idea of this “information matrix”, as it were. I have to try to pull all that together to add to the blog, it’s all starting to make some degree of sense, better than what I had 3 years ago when all this started. But first, I must continue to try to get caught up.

Lenape-Family-Scene-2The next day, Bob wrote this email:
1/8/13, 7:50 AM, Bob: The Lao woman had the same dream; she feels great relief, she thinks the contact is over, she is quite happy about that. I think she (her culture) has a much greater similarity to the mindset/wiring of the Lenape than I/we do, so the results seemed perfectly reasonable to her. At any rate she doesn’t think she will have any more contact. I have a similar sense, I have accomplished what they needed (almost feel like I was used as a tool) and the job is done. It was/is a big culture-changing, watershed event for them, something that will be added to their folklore, but I fear it is done, not sure how I feel about that.

I responded to Bob later that morning, 9:13 AM: I find it kind of hard to believe that the way Nuttah has been, the contact would just “end”. I’m not sure it was all a ruse to get you to help them, but that she has some real feeling and interest. Anyway, that’s my theory, I think we will see, hear, feel something, maybe when all settles down. I would be rather perturbed if there was nothing. What does the Lao woman think of the whole thing? Have we figured out what her involvement is in it, or why she was involved? All pretty strange, pretty strange. I don’t even know how I write this part up. Might make a good book.

Later that night, coming home from work, I heard a loud buzzing in the house, but there was nothing else. It was very hard for me to believe that it was over. I was having a hard time with that.

January 7, 2013

The Aftermath: Finally, an update

It was not until January 7th, a full 3 days (nights) later, that Bob was to know what was going on. He wrote it up for me in this email:

Mayan-God-Camazotz 1/7/13, 5:50 AM: There has been a major massacre. The result of the removal of my “buddy” has had major consequences. Since no one saw what happened, and the one witness that is alive, the girl in the longhouse with my buddy, is traumatized and only really saw Teme and a brief look at my guy in the doorway. The result at this point is that it is being interpreted as a supernatural event, the totem/ancestors of the wolf tribe took its/their revenge. The event has taken on a mythic quality. The original group that came from the west as well as the local men that joined my buddy have seen it as an event that is a judgement on what they have done. The local guys that had joined as well as the local men that have been in hiding turned on the foreign guys (they are under the belief that they are being hunted by the ancestors, so mindset is fear and defeat), the foreign guys tried to flee, but it didn’t work out, even though they outnumbered the local guys their own fear led them to be unable to fight as they normally would, they are, for the most, dead. The few that remain are on the run.

The situation has turned 180 degrees. Nuttah, baby and the others have moved into the encampment of the bad guys who have vacated (which was a local tribe encampment prior to this anyway). They have shelter, fire, food. The locals that joined the bad guys have submitted to the judgement of the tribes. Won’t be easy for them, but this is being seen as supernatural intervention by all, even those directly involved. They believe they were led and possessed by ancestors/spirits. I think this is what all this was leading up to, all the statements that were said that didn’t make sense or that I couldn’t figure out, or the whole thing with having to keep the fire going so they could watch us, the many statements of being afraid that Nuttah made, the wish for me to stay, the remarks about being able to do more, the witnessing of rituals along the creek, and other things I have forgotten, I think were all related to this one event. I think my usefulness may be over, not sure, but I don’t think I am necessary anymore (my opinion is, I wasn’t necessary period). We’ll see, but at least for now, things seem to be okay; Nuttah and baby were warm and safe for the first time in awhile, that felt good to see. Back to work for me. Exciting. Weird ride in this morning after last night.

My hope is that things have settled down to look more like this. Credit to this site:

My hope is that things have settled down to look more like this. Credit to this site:

January 4, 2013

After the Big “Event”

Later on January 3, 2013, Bob wrote me an email with more details of the “final event”. Again, I can’t provide the word-for-word account, but suffice it to say, the job got done as outlined in the last post.

My response: Geeeeeeeeezzzzz, that is just nuts. What would you tell me if it wasn’t the cleaned up version? Do you have any sense of whether Nuttah’s baby is okay, or does the Lao woman? What about any sense of the 100’s left? Are they vacating the area? It would be great if they could get back to normal life. It pains me to think of how she’s been living trying to take of the baby in the cold. Ktaholël- glad the mission was a success, can’t imagine what would have happened if it hadn’t been.

The next day, Jan. 4th, 6:17 AM, Bob wrote this email: I was hoping that I would get some sort of update last night on how things are playing out, I would assume it is chaotic right now for everyone.  Hopefully it will work for the return to normal life. I don’t think Nuttah and baby can survive the entire winter without fire and ability to hunt freely. I don’t think it can be any worse than it was with my “buddy” around. Pretty wild scene, it sends adrenaline racing through me when I think about it. I get even more freaked when I think of how it could have gone.

1/4, 9:17, Me: I was hoping you’d get some sort of update too, after what happened, I hope all is okay. Did the Lao woman have any report about Nuttah’s baby?

It had been a life-altering event for Bob (and for others, of course). Yet it occurred in another time-line, so he had no way to follow up with the outcome without Nuttah’s help. We were just left to wonder until, or if, Nuttah could let us know what was going on. My hope is that they can return to life soon as in the scene in the picture below. It’s been since last August that they’ve had any semblance of this at all. Nuttah’s baby was born November 17; not even 2 months old at this point.