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February 24, 2011

Event #190: Thursday night, Feb. 24, 2011

A couple of new changes on the dresser: the wolves and the meteor-stone

I’m skipping ahead here to a recent event, because I came home to it last night. I’m pretty close to being caught up, so we’ll just fill in the rest as time allows. I’ve been anxious to post the new stuff too. Bob had reported Joe being all out-of-sorts, scurrying from one hiding place to another when Bob came up to the bedroom, so I pretty much knew that something was going on. I looked around when I got home later, and the first thing I checked was the bureau. A couple things were different, and I’ve included a picture to the left.

One of the stones shaped like a heart appears on my lamp-base.

Then I found a change on my bedside table too, on the lamp base. One of the stone hearts was moved over to point at me, and I’m pretty sure that this one had to come from inside the drawer. At any rate, I couldn’t tell you where in the room it had been. There weren’t any other changes that I found in the bedroom, but after I changed, I headed down to the office for a little bit of work. And off to the right, where I’d placed Nuttah’s character and myself, there was a change there as well. Nuttah has moved herself closer to me, kind of turned inward toward me, and all 3 heart shapes are lined up in front of us – the flowery one is pointing at me, the silver heart at Nuttah, and a turtle-heart charm is off to the left. Bob’s character is still missing, but I think if I produced a new Bob-character, he would figure into some of these scenarios again. Maybe it’s time to get a new Bob-character. Maybe it’s time we all had a new character.
I am still back-posting, and will fill in Events 184- 189, which cover mid-February up to now.  I think it might take me about another week, and we’ll be all caught up and current.

Nuttah sits next to me in the office; she brought over all the hearts to point at us

February 15, 2011

Event #183: Feb. 14-16, 2011

Morning: Feb. 14

My email: No new movements anywhere that I notice, but for some reason, last night the vibration was intense! I almost didn’t think that I was going to sleep because of it. I really felt like she was around last night, cause of that strong buzz.

Now me narrating: Since about the 14th, for 3 days in a row now, I’ve experienced the buzz-hum-vibration every night when I come home, more intense than “usual”.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My character and Nuttah moved to the left of my desk with a heart pointing at me

I got home very late tonight, I had stayed to help the office manager clean up after a meeting that went very late. So I am basically just getting home, and it’s well after 11 pm. I noticed a sound as soon as I shut off the engine in the driveway. I looked around the truck to see what motor might still be running – I had the keys in my hand, so I knew I had shut it off, but it almost didn’t sound like it. I looked around to see if a fan was running or something, because there seemed to be a sound coming from somewhere. I was thinking in the back of my mind though, “Has she greeted me here?” And for the first time, the hum followed me into the house, and into the kitchen, and then upstairs. I looked all over the room, but couldn’t find anything changed. (Just realized that I forgot to check the bedside tables – I probably should have, her presence is really strong). So I got changed, came over here, and just noticed a change to the left of me at my computer station. My character is now placed over there, Nuttah is to my left, and the small silver heart points at me. I took a picture that I have added to the right. What is different about tonight, that her presence is so strong? Was she waiting for me to get home? Judging from the sound in the driveway it would seem so. Perhaps she was concerned because it was so late. Bob later agreed with this theory, that I was arriving so late, she was concerned. I think maybe she also picked up on my concern about being home so late.

February 12, 2011

Event #182a: Later on Sat., Feb.12

Saturday night, Bob had planned for us an early celebration of Valentine’s Day, which this year falls on a Monday. Bob planned dinner out at one of our all-time favorite places. We were having a very enjoyable dinner and at some point, I was telling Bob about the dream and the vision of the previous evening. Bob immediately recognized my description of the kneeling buckskins with the gnarled hands as one of the elders: “The older one, that’s not from here. That’s exactly how he sits”, Bob confirmed. I felt somewhat validated. I can’t always validate or verify these visions that I have as anything in particular, so it was a relief in a way that this one meant something. However, what that meaning is, I don’t know. Just a picture for me to view.

I know that Bob has been feeling ignored by Nuttah, “abandoned”, as he puts it. I have tried to keep assuring him that she would not have gone to all this effort and work, and simply “up and abandoned” him this far into it. I only base that on what I’ve seen over the past year. What else is there? It hardly seems likely that she would just “leave” him. And, after all, there is still some “contact” with me. I think that she will “get over it”, eventually. That’s what I keep telling Bob, but of course he has his doubts. There is something, however, going on with Bob that he divulged to me tonight at dinner, and that I witnessed, but I am not at liberty at this point in time to say what it is. Perhaps at some future time, but I have to leave that up to Bob, and I understand his reticence. A lot of this is pretty hard to absorb, and it is not just anyone that we tell about it. In fact, just tonight, I have added to the blog a poll. It sits in the right-hand column, if you scroll down far enough. The poll question is: “Do you believe Nuttah is a real person in her time?” Feel free to answer with the options I’ve provided, or write in your own. I appreciate the feedback.

Tonight (coincidentally on Valentine's Day), Bob has a heart on his lamp-base

Then later on Monday, February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day!):
Something happened today/tonight, that I noticed when I came home from work. Bob has a heart on his lamp-base! This is the first thing that’s officially happened “to” Bob, since his character got turned to the wall, and then disappeared. He didn’t believe me at first, so I sent him this picture in an email. That’s his clock-radio in the bottom front. So, she apparently has not totally abandoned Bob. And as soon as I get a moment, I am going to give us all new characters — 2-sided characters. On one side, will be the people that we are today – Bob & Lois. And then on the other side, I will find a Lenape character to represent us in that era. Just curious to see how she will “play” with the new dolls…. got to get busy. Please answer the new poll. I figured that out tonight, and it took some doing. Thank you!

February 12, 2011

Event #182: Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011

I had a dream overnight that was so much like a vision or some kind of experience that I just have to log it here as an “event”. Although, Bob has reported some “dreams” that were in fact visitations from Nuttah, so regardless of dream or event I will report it. It started with me and Bob, and we were both in the bed, and I thought that I noticed something in the room move. I said to Bob, “Did you see that, over there, look, I swear I saw something move.” We both looked in the direction of the TV, which now sat on a table with legs, rather than on the dresser it does sit on. I thought I had seen a very small figure dash from the right to the left under the table, and as I was describing it to Bob, there it was again, clearly a small little being, running underneath this table. Then Bob saw it too. “There! Did you see it then?” “Yeah”, he says as he sits up more and now the being is over by the window (the same window that figured into our “Early Days” events that looked out onto the work being done. The being, a girl or young woman, now sat over there; she was doing something, I couldn’t tell what, just that she was there, and Bob and I were both sitting up in the bed now watching intently. Then I started to see something begin to happen, and it started just as creeping streams of smoke, and then a dark orange flame joined the smoke, and it was behind her, but creeping up around the furniture, and the closet over there, and I started to get up to address it so that our house didn’t burn down, but Bob stopped me. “Don’t,” he said, “It’s not real, it’s not really happening, it’s just a vision – we’re seeing something.” He said. “Is it her?” I wondered. “Yeah, I think so.”

There wasn’t much else to this vision, just the being, and the fire, and the clarity of the “vision”. But then in a later awake state, I was “delivered” yet again, another image. I always want to say “delivered” because these visions so clearly seem to “come to me” from somewhere else. There is no logic to them, no association with anything else that is going on in my head, and sometimes, the clarity of them is such that I feel like I am looking at this thing in real life. However, I cannot say that I can always identify what I’m being shown.

The knees & hands of an old Lenape man, credit to Native Stock Pictures (

This one looked like somebody’s knees, as if they were kneeling. It was just the rounded part of the knees, which were covered in buckskin and possibly, the hands resting on the knees. I think the hands were gnarly and wrinkled, definitely a darker skin color, but the gnarled-ness may have actually been the fabric all wrinkled up too, but it did seem more like the hands. And that was it. It was brief, it was clear, and it was a flash, and gone just like that. I do try to zero in on more, or hold it there longer to see more, but that is never up to me. Then, when I got up this morning, I heard the buzz/hum in my ear in the room for the first time in a while. She has not been around much of late, and has more or less “abandoned” Bob (that’s how he describes it) altogether, ever since their last encounter in the living room, and since Bob’s character is missing in action.

I forgot to mention that before that vision popped in, I’d been getting a couple flashes in the darkness of my “closed-eye” vision of the bright star that I’ve come to interpret as her presence.

When I went up to the bedroom later, I heard the buzz-sound, but it sounded really distant and far away; it sounded like an airplane flying outside but far away. As I focused in on that sound though, it seemed to come closer to me (or become more apparent) and by the time I was finished in the bedroom it was again right in my ear, as I’m used to hearing it.

February 9, 2011

February 9, 2011

Excerpts of our emails of today:

From Bob:
I have been thinking, since Nuttah has abandoned me, about events that led us to where we are. I know we have talked about it in the past, all the coincidences that took place, but I don’t think we mentioned a couple other things.  One, getting associated with the realtor that brought us to this house. The other was me always half joking that I didn’t want much; just privacy, a view and a trout stream in our back yard. Not much to ask. Then lastly, coincidently, we saw and bid on the property before it was even on the market. I know we were looking, but still…

And my email back: Yes, those are interesting “coincidences”. I have thought about them too. I think at some point, I wrote that stuff up, something along the lines of “were we brought here?” I may launch about 5 new updates to the blog tonight, if I can get them all finished. She was here in the office — a heart points at me, the rabbit, and at her. I thought I “heard” her upstairs in the bedroom as well.

February 6, 2011

Event #181: Later on Sun., Feb. 6, 2011

Later on Sunday night: Tonight, we went over to Dan & Elaine’s; we have what has become an annual tradition of watching the SuperBowl together. Yay! Green Bay won! Hoo ooh! And when I came home (Bob had left earlier due to having to get up at 4 a.m.), I went upstairs just to let him know I’d arrived home safely. Bob was still awake, and asked me about two little “stalks” on my bedside table lamp-base. “Oh, the berries, you mean?” (They are still there from back on December 11)

“No.” was the answer, “These thin little green stalks.” Bob said.

“WHAT?!” I asked, running over to turn on the light and check it out.

“Oh!… what are these!?”, I exclaimed, trying to pick up these thin little anemic stalks as carefully as I could so as not to break or damage them. I brought them up to under the light, close to the bulb.

“Wow”… I exclaimed. “They’re alive.”

“What are they?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know… but they’re green, and they were growing – they look like sprouts. Some kind of green sprout. Let me check the closet too.” But there was nothing new in the closet. Just these 2 very small, thin, fragile beyond belief green sprouts. I delicately and as carefully as I could placed them in some water, and I have them down here on the desk with me. I suppose that she could have gotten these from inside our house—after all, I do have plants growing all over the place – INSIDE. If that was the case, these would have to be a seed that germinated that had been laying dormant in one of the pots.

My email about it Feb. 7th: What do you think of those plant pieces? (left on my lamp-base) They didn’t fare real well overnight — not well at all. And I wonder if maybe they came out of something downstairs, you know, some little sprout that’s growing out of a stray seed. But is it possible that they did something no one knows about, and somehow had hot-houses?

Bob: What do you mean by the sprouts coming from downstairs? Like growing in the living room?

This picture is very similar to the 2 sprouts that were left on my lamp-base

Me: By the sprouts coming from downstairs, I just mean that they could be growing out of any one of the pots we have brought inside — they could even be sunflower sprouts growing in the basement in one of the outdoor (now indoor) plants. Either way, it is cute!

Bob: I suppose that is possible, are they too far gone to revive?

Me: Yes, too far gone to revive. This is the same thing that happens when I pull them out of the ground. They fade right away and are not revivable. Even in water, they look pretty bad this morning. But, I’m guessing there are more where these came from. But maybe they did grow winter sprouts! Wouldn’t that be something.

Now me just narrating: I was never able to find any sprout in any of my potted plants that looked similar to this. They faded very rapidly, and I was never able to get a good picture of them. However, here is a picture I grabbed from the internet of one that looked relatively similar to what had been laying there, before they began to wilt and fade.

February 6, 2011

Event #180: Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nuttah and I seem to be playing this game of “hearts”. (Funny, I play that game a lot on the computer – “Hearts” – it’s a card game) I point one of the hearts at her, and then I come back to my desk and find one pointing at “me”! This has happened 3 times in the past 2 days, including just recently while Bob and I were in the other room.

Overnight: when I laid down last night, which was actually still Saturday night, I heard the “Buzz” in my ear unusually loudly. And it was rhythmic, almost musical (but more or less monotone). When I got up this morning to tell Bob about it, I related it as if I was possibly overhearing (was it “leaking” through?) a ceremony, where they were drumming and doing rhythmic chanting. It kind of had that sound, but I hear it as a vibration. Maybe if you were deaf, and you could feel a vibration or hear a dim vibration of music being performed, but not the music itself, perhaps that is what it would sound like.

Similar to what I see in my vision; this is from ""

Then, when I shut my eyes, for the first time in awhile, there were colors and fluidity in my vision; the liquid motion. Bright royal blue blobs, turning to a deep purple blob, sometimes a flash of white brightness. Any color was always in the deep purple to blue range, very fluid. Sometimes, I would also get vision flashes like I was moving through a corridor with windows, and the windows faced out onto something outside of the corridor that I didn’t have time to look at. And then, for the first time, I also had this other sensation as I “looked” into the scene of motion in my closed-eye vision. I felt that if I could train my eyes to focus in a certain way, that within that scene of fluidity, was what I really wanted to be seeing. It was dark, but there seemed to be some stillness to it, like I was looking at a scene on the ground. What it was, I could not make out. All I can really say about it, is that it seemed to be there. And my eye needed to be better trained. Or my brain… one or the other, or perhaps even both. Sometimes, I can’t get away from that sensation that I just don’t have the knowledge or skill to achieve these … That slowly, slowly, she is trying to train me, my brain, to pick up on things. For instance, a year ago, I did not hear that sound at all. And only towards the end of the summer did I begin to pick up the visions. And each time it happens, I try to notice more – is there a difference to the sound this time, am I hearing it somewhere else in the house? Does it have a rhythm, a cadence, and what might that remind me of? Reminding me of something is almost impossible, as these are life experiences that have not happened in this lifetime.

When I sat down at my desk this morning, my character, next to Nuttah to the side of me here was the way I’d left us last night, and I’d pointed all 3 hearts at her. They stayed that way as I sat at my desk all morning, and about an hour ago, I got up and made some breakfast for everybody, and I’m just now getting back here… the silver heart now points at “me”.

February 4, 2011

Event #179: February 4, 2011

On my desk, next to my keyboard - and a heart was turned to point at me

I had been keeping all of “us” in the drawer, so as not to depress Bob, and also, to see if she’d be motivated to “bring us out” as she had in the past. But every night, I’ve opened the drawer when I get home, and except for the fact that Bob is still missing (“Probably threw me in the creek so I could drown again”) there has been no change. So last night, I decided to try something. Every night that I come home, I spend some time sitting here at my computer. It used to be to update these events, but since there hasn’t been much of that lately, I work on updating this blog and trying to bring it up to current day, and/or a new blog that I have also started to showcase my photos. So last night was no different, except that I brought Nuttah and “me” down (with the big floral heart also) to sit beside me at my desk. Okay, I felt, if you’re not doing anything in our room, maybe you’ll join me down there? It’s not like nothing has ever happened at my desk before – little sprigs of flowers, a rabbit suddenly appearing to sit with me… so, that is what I did. I pointed the heart at Nuttah. And this morning, as I just noticed, the heart points at ME! It is a very deliberate turn towards “me”, my character on the desk. Photo included. I set one of the rabbits next to her too. So she does visit me here. The sound I continue to hear every night upstairs (last night really loud in my ear as I went to bed) is not in my imagination, and perhaps does indicate that she is still “with me”. On a side note, I slept so late this morning that I managed to let the fire burn out in the stove on our side of the house. But she didn’t wake me up to take care of that. It kept upstairs in the 70’s though, even with a temperature of 8 degrees during the night.

February 1, 2011

Event #178: Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“Bob is Missing”

Tonight, Bob sounded really depressed on the phone, but I knew better than to ask about “her”. He is really concerned, and he thinks that she has left [him]. He feels that the event that happened the last time they “communicated” was final. “She left in a very final way, like a door slammed.” was how he said it. And yet, 4 days ago, on the 27th, she moved her character over to be closer to Bob. Monday, when I left for work, I wanted to arrange everybody closer together, in a classic “Nuttah” configuration, with hearts pointing at us, etc. But I was afraid that Bob would come home Monday night and think that she had visited, and I didn’t want to unnecessarily get Bob’s hopes up. All I was really trying to do was to get Nuttah to rearrange things “her” way. My actions often would spark new actions on her part. But I didn’t want to disappoint Bob and have to tell him it was me doing it, and not her. I know he is pretty desperate at this point for some contact, however, I am still getting the buzz in my ear every night. The way Bob describes this, is that I still have a “connection”. The “thread” is connected to me. He feels that with him, it has been severed, and that he is at fault for that. Although, I am at a loss to explain or understand why it would be severed with Bob and not me too. Aren’t we in this together? Anyway, back to what I did on the dresser. So rather than disappoint Bob, I put everyone in the drawer. The same drawer I have used all the other times that I have had to put “us” away. I also put all the hearts in a small box, and her stone in it too. I arranged things with Bob to the far right, Nuttah next, and then me, and then Kate, and then the wolves. We were all touching. I spoke to Bob at work Monday night, and I asked him if anyone was out on the dresser – we were not. He was depressed, I could tell. Then this morning, when I left for work, I adjusted everyone in the drawer, to make sure we were all face up, Nuttah was between us, Bob’s arm was touching her… and when Bob and I spoke on the phone tonight, I did not even ask if there was a change on the dresser – and, as I discovered when I got home, there wasn’t. However, I opened the drawer to check on us, and there is an obvious and glaring change in the drawer: Bob is gone. His character is not in there. I looked everywhere for him. I’m there, Nuttah is there, Kate is there – but no Bob. He isn’t in any of the obvious places in the room either, like our bedside tables, or even in the bedside table drawers. A true mystery. But maybe this explains Bob’s mood on the phone earlier. Perhaps he knows something that I don’t?